• Basic Living Skills
  • Circus Dog
  • Barn Hunting
  • Nose Work
  • Perception Modification for Reactive Dogs
  • Dog Sport Mental Performance Coaching for Both Dog & Handler Teams
  • Canine Good Citizen

Great Dogs


Companion Dog Training and Behavior Modification
BD Malone specializes in companion dog behavior, utilizing positive, reward based coaching for dogs and their people. Using a simple, easy approach, you and your canine partner develop the...

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Is your dog living in the Land of No?  Does the picture of a devoted dog by your side match the reality in your home?  If the dog you want and the dog you have, are at opposite ends of the spectrum, it's time to let Beastie Darlings show you how to achieve your goals. Before you "Go Alpha" all over your best buddy, let Beastie Darlings enrich your relationship instead and you'll learn how to say YES to your dog!

BD Malone specializes in companion dog behavior, utilizing  reward based coaching for dogs and their people. Using a simple, easy  approach, you and your canine partner develop the ability to communicate, cooperate and respect one another.  You learn to coach your companion and reward the behavior you want, while your beastie darling learns how to make good decisions and manage themselves.

Voted a "Top Trainer" in Atlanta by Atlanta Magazine readers.  Voted the #1 Dog Trainer in Atlanta by FoxAtlanta City Voters. Featured on the FoxAtlanta "Hot List" in  the top 5 Pet Service Providers of all kinds in Atlanta.

As well as working with family dogs, BD is well known within the dog sport  community, for transforming numerous “out of control” dogs into well behaved, thinking, canine athletes with her Behavior Modification Program.