BD Malone began training dogs professionally in 1999.  After a successful career in the Atlanta convention industry, she combined her people training skills to include dogs and has changed not only her life but the lives of countless dogs and their owners. 

She has been featured in Atlanta Magazine, Atlanta Dog Examiner, and featured on Animal Tails television show.  BD has presented at nose work demonstrations, organized flash mob dog demos obedience demonstrations and presented to the Atlanta Kennel Club.

BD has participated with her dogs in agility, herding, lure coursing, tracking, nose work,  barn and brush hunts and was on the winning team of the first US  Working Trials Rally Competition.  She is currently focused on Barn Hunting with Bella D (RATI, RATCH4, C8G) and Dock Diving and Tricks with Papi.  
BD  volunteered for Canine CellMates  assessing and choosing dogs from the Fulton County Animal Shelter for the program as well as developing protocols and training materials for local trainers to facilitate communication and establish consistency in the program.  She also served on the Board of Directors of the Dogwood Jack Russell Terrier Club.
BD has raised thousands of dollars for Atlanta nonprofit animal organizations. Her  fundraising efforts have benefited, Canine CellMates and the Atlanta Underdog Initiative.  Additionally, she has participated in the Festival of Trees for years raising funds for Atlanta Pet Rescue, Canine CellMates and  Atlanta Underdog Initiative.
She has diligently continued her education throughout her career, studying with the best in the field.  BD has traveled to Sri Lanka where she met with the Chief Inspector of the Kandy Police Dog Kennels, attended military police dog demonstrations and researched elephant training and handling at sanctuaries and in the wild.   She has studied extensively with the world's leading Trainer and  Behaviorist, John Rogerson in Wisconsin, Oregon and  in Vancouver, as well as completing two courses while training for one month in India. While in India, BD successfully completed training in behavior counseling, behavior modification, creative competition training and handling, tracking, detection, guide dog, gun dog and hearing dog work, detection training and handling and evidence recovery from water. 
Additionally, she has completed a third CARAT course with renowned trainer and author, Suzanne Clothier  in pursuit of her CARAT Certification.   She also attended the Society for the Promotion of Applied Research in Canine Science Conference for cutting edge science based studies on canine learning and development. 
BD has attended the  Roger Abrantes  world famous Guinea Pig Camp, honing her training skills and she regularly attends the Association of Professional Dog Trainers Annual Convention.  

BD has expanded her training education to include hosting renowned trainers in Atlanta in order to aid clients and other trainers and expand their understanding of dogs. She has co-hosted Denise Fenzi and John Rogerson,  Andrew Ramsey,  John Rice,  and Suzanne Clothier to enhance the training community in Atlanta.  

BD recently retired and moved from the Atlanta area to Lexington, KY  with her Standard Schnauzer, Bella Divine and Jack Russell, Don Papi Francisco DiMarco, Jack of All Trades, and her husband of 35 years Robert.