Basic Living Skills

This private class meets in your home and is a five-week beginners course designed to provide basic manners for dogs of all ages.  Aimed at providing owners and dogs with communication, self-control, and cooperation skills, this class meets once a week for one hour.   Dogs experience the pleasures of cooperating with their humans, and owners develop their abilities to provide avenues for positive interaction and recognition. This class is offered in private settings and is designed to fit your specific needs.  Partners may expect:

  • A Communication System
  • Enhanced Self Control
    • Come
    • Wait
    • Sit Maintain
    • Down Maintain
    • Loose Leash  Walking
    • Leave It 
  • Socialization information
  • Relaxation
  • Civilized Living Skills
    • Housetraining
    • Jumping
    • Chewing

Necessary equipment includes:

  • Properly sized buckle collar
  • Six foot leash
  • Toys
  • Treats
  • Desire to succeed


Consultation Assessment 

We meet with you to evaluate your needs.  Your training or behavior goals are assessed and a Plan of Action is determined to provide an individually tailored program designed to fit your specific situation and goals.  Travel charges may apply.




Perception Modification

Perception Modification literally means to change the way a specific stimulus is  perceived.  This Relaxation Recipe  addresses any  behavior that needs a new outlook, and can be used to change undesirable emotional response, whether fear, anger, or aggression.  Success with reactive behaviors, including leash aggression,  fence fighting, fear biting, and dog aggression is now available!  Your efforts and participation produce beasties who can manage themselves when presented with formerly over powering stimulus.

Perception Modification is established in private, distraction free settings; utilizing  communication, and motivation.  No flooding, shocking, submitting or dominating required.  Private consultations for Perception Modification are arranged on an individual basis.  Program duration is determined by need and will vary.


Canine CSI Course

Train your dog to be a super sleuth and solve a heinous crime with Beastie Darlings while participating in Atlanta’s first Canine Crime Scene Investigation Course!

 Participants work in small teams of handlers and dogs, attempting to solve a fun murder mystery. Your canine detective will acquire skills in retrieving, advanced control exercises, scent detection and tracking. They may be looking for explosives, lost articles, or other clues to help you solve the case.

 CCSI is NOT a boring lecture series. It is a hands on adventure with your dog. For three days, you will use your powers of observation and your problem solving skills to sniff out clues that will sort out this crime. Expect the unexpected! ...One of your team mates may accidently get padlocked to a chair...and only your dog will be able to find the key to set them free! Your dog may have to lead you blindfolded through a maze, to retrieve a clue from an area covered with food distractions. But beware, someone could be lurking in the shadows....Will you solve the crime, or be the next victim?

 This seminar is not intended for law enforcement officers and it will not take place at a real crime scene. Real weapons, accelerants, explosives and drugs are NOT used.

It is important that dogs are sociable around dogs and people that they do not know (No aggression or reactivity problems please!) 

Location:                  TBA

Hours:                       9 am – 4 pm

Cost/Participant:     $295, limited to 15 dog/person teams

Cost/Auditor:           $195, limited to 3. Auditors will be actively participating

Circus Dog!

If you've ever considered running away with the circus, now's your chance and you get to bring your dog too!  This 6 week course will have your dog performing in no time.  We'll turn basic skills into fun and exciting routines for the whole family.  

This group class will  culminate in a routine involving the whole class but don't worry there won't be any scary clowns, just lots of laughs.  And tutus are allowed!


OOh That Smell!

Join the exciting new sport of  Nose Work for your dog!  This class allows your dog to develop it's natural scenting abilities by using their desire to hunt.  Utilizing your dog's amazing sense of smell and desire to search, this class is designed for ALL dogs and humans.  By engaging these basic skills,  Nose Work builds confidence, burns off mental and physical energy and enhances the bond between owner and dog.   And, it's the perfect adjunct to Perception Modification!


Hourly Fee $100