Arabian greyhound – a dog descended from ancient breeds

The Arabian Hound is a sociable, fun-loving dog with a muscular, proud physique and a strongly developed hunting instinct. These dogs require a large dose of activity, are a healthy breed and do not require too much grooming. They originate from North Africa.
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The Arabian greyhound, also known as the sloughi dog, is an active pet that loves to play and run around. For whom in particular would this dog be a good companion?

Appearance of the Arabian Greyhound

The first thing that strikes the eye about the Arabian Greyhound is its muscular, slender body. It is classified as a medium-large, short-haired dog. Adult dogs have a height at the withers from 66 to 72 cm, and bitches are slightly lower – from 61 to 68 cm. The average weight of animals of this breed is between 20 and 27 kg. The distinguished posture makes the Arabian Greyhounds are seen as dignified and strong, and this is indeed the case. This four-legged dog comes in many color variations. It is usually brown or cream in color, while the eyes of the dogs are always brown.

The head of the Arabian Greyhound is large, deeply set, the nose is always large and black, regardless of the color. The triangular ears fall and stick to the skull, while the tail of the Arabian Greyhound is thin and curled upward.

Character of the dog

When it comes to the character of the Arabian Greyhound, they are independent, tenacious, stubborn dogs that have an innate instinct for hunting. For this reason, they have been used mainly for hunting purposes over the years. They show fierceness – during hunting they are guided by excellent eyesight. However, nowadays in Poland hunting with greyhounds is forbidden.

On the other hand Arabian Hounds strongly attach to their handlers, are loyal and faithful. They are intelligent dogs, which however like to decide for themselves. Therefore, they require a consistent approach – firm, but at the same time gentle. You cannot expect the Arabian Greyhound to become an unconditionally obedient dog. It assimilates knowledge easily, but does not necessarily always listen to man. He likes to follow his own paths. It is impossible to break his character. Any attempts in this regard will probably not bring the expected effect.

They are distrustful towards strangers, but they are not fearful. They keep strangers at a distance.

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Is the Arabian Greyhound a healthy dog?

Basically, representatives of the Arabian Greyhound breed are usually healthy animals, which are not burdened with the occurrence of genetic disorders. However, as with other breeds, also in their case it is recommended to carry out tests for hereditary eye diseases, which indeed do occur.

The Arabian Greyhound must be under constant vet control from puppyhood. It should be vaccinated, dewormed and kept in a healthy condition through proper nutrition.

Arabian Greyhound dogs need to be fed a well-balanced diet, rich in all major nutrients. They must have constant access to water. Thedog should not be overfed – it is enough to give him a meal at least twice a day.

Arabian greyhounds live from 13 to 15 years.

How to groom a greyhound?

Grooming your Arabian Greyhound should not cause you any problems. These dogs only shed very little and therefore need to be combed once a week. For this purpose you can use not so much a brush, but simply a combing glove.

They can take care of themselves by licking their coat. They are a breed of rather clean, undemanding dogs.

Breeding of the Arabian Greyhound

Arabian greyhound kennels already existed in Europe before the world wars, but armed conflicts led to their destruction. They were rebuilt mostly using imported dogs from Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria.

How much does this breed cost?

Arabian greyhounds are rarely found in Poland. But most representatives of this breed live now in Morocco. If you want to buy an Arabian Greyhound with a pedigree, choose an appropriate, certified, registered kennel. The price of a puppy fluctuates between 3000 and 4000 PLN.

History of the breed

The ancestor of the modern Arabian greyhound are dogs of the type Vertagus, living already in ancient times, as evidenced by numerous mosaics with their images, which archaeologists have discovered in North Africa, including in present-day Tunisia, in El Djem. They are dated to 3000 BC. The mosaics depict a slender dog taking part in a hunt for hares.

It is most likely that the Arabian greyhound breed appeared as a result of crossbreeding slough-type dogs with European dogs in North Africa.

In Europe the first greyhounds appeared thanks to the French in the 1830s. They had colonies in Africa, from where they took some animals to their country. There is a well known case of a Dutch painter, August de Grass, who in 1898 brought three greyhounds from Algeria. They gave rise to breeding in the Netherlands.

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Archaeologists have discovered the mummified remains of dogs resembling Arabian greyhounds in tombs dating back to ancient Egypt.

What kind of owner does an Arabian Greyhound need?

Contrary to appearances, these dogs are not noisy, so theoretically they can be kept in block apartments, of course, if you are able to devote enough time for your Arabian Greyhound to go for a run. It needs physical activity, for that it hates solitude. He is able to stay in his company for a maximum of 3 hours a day. So, if you work full-time and there is no one at home during your absence, buying an Arabian Greyhound will not be a very good choice.

Arabian greyhounds need plenty of activity, preferably in the company of their handler. At least two hours a day they should have the opportunity to run around. However, you must know that in case they see or smell an interesting object, they will chase it. It is difficult to tame their hunting instinct, so it is recommended to train them from an early age. It’s important for them to learn how to listen and react to commands given by the owner.

If you have another pet at home – a dog, cat or rodent, it is not necessarily a good choice to choose the Arabian Greyhound, because he shows rather low tolerance for other animals. If the breeder does not take care of proper socialization of Arabian Greyhound puppies, they will be aggressive towards cats and other animals. They will hunt them. It is also not a good breed for a guard dog.

Interesting facts about the breed

The Arabian Greyhound is a breed of dog especially loved by Bedouins. They decorate their pets with amulets and talismans. They are treated as guests of honor in every house and sometimes they are surrounded by better care than a man. When an Arabian greyhound in Bedouin villages dies, its owner and the human family go through mourning.

Photo source: Romey~commonswiki via Wikipedia, Public Domain

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