Tervueren – long haired Belgian Shepherd Dog

The Tervueren is a variety of Belgian Longhair Fawn Sheepdog, characterized by high loyalty, alertness, and a strong thread of understanding with their owner. They learn easily, although monotonous training may bore them.

Belgian Shepherds have several varieties, notable among them being the tervueren dogs. This is a fawn variety of Belgian Longhair Sheepdog – a very intelligent dog, which becomes a faithful friend of man with proper training and early socialization. What is its character and for whom such a pet will be best suited?

Appearance of the tervueren

The long-haired, fawn-colored Belgian Shepherd Dog tervueren is a large dog with a proportional, muscular body structure. It has a well-defined withers and a straight back. A lightly grazed rump and broad loins complete the image of an elegant dog that moves with great grace. The tervueren’s tail is heavily furred and its limbs are heavily muscled, allowing it to reach high speeds. The eyes of the long-haired Belgian Shepherd are brown, and the ears are triangular, stiff, and set high. The nose is black, with wide nostrils.

The body weight of an adult tervueren is approximately 25-32 kg. The long-haired Belgian Shepherd dog at the withers is 60 to 65 cm, and bitches reach 55 to 60 cm.

It is necessary to indicate the coat color of tervueren sheepdogs. They have a two-layered coat, which includes undercoat – dense and soft, and long, straight pile hair. The coat of these dogs can be fawn or gray. Black-haired Belgian Sheepdogs are usually of the Groenendael variety. Tervueren, on the other hand, have only a dark tip of hair in their coat, which can give the impression of blackening on the back, shoulder blades or chest. Tervuerens have particularly long hair on their neck, as well as on their tail. On the head, ears and legs, on the other hand, the hair is noticeably shorter.

Despite the fact that according to the breed standard the tervueren has a fawn coat, there are also black masks and the so-called tarring.

Character of the tervueren

Due to the fact that the Belgian Shepherd Dog tervueren is derived from herding dogs, it will be an excellent watchdog and at the same time is adapted to obey the commands of the owner. First, however, he must be properly trained – with this you should not have many problems, because Belgian long-haired sheepdogs are characterized by above-average intelligence.

Perhaps this is what makes these dogs understand more than we think. For this reason, you must be careful, patient and consistent when raising tervueren pets. Puppies should be treated with the right amount of gentleness because of their sensitivity. If they feel offended, such as by their owner’s yelling, they may simply refuse to cooperate with their guardian. However, if you give the Belgian Longhair Sheepdog affection from an early age, it will return the favor with loyalty and affection.

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In terms of temperament, the tervueren is characterized by high energy. He is an alert and active dog, so he will guard you and your home diligently. On the other hand, there is no trace of fear or aggression in its character, making it a poised and proud pet.

Is this breed healthy?

In general, long-haired Belgian Shepherds are immune to various diseases and are rather healthy dogs. They rarely get sick, even with a cold. However, there are cases of conditions such as:

  • epilepsy;
  • hip dysplasia;
  • hereditary eye diseases;
  • food allergies.

A serious problem that occurs in a certain percentage of Belgian Longhair Sheepdogs is stomach cancer.

Grooming – what does a tervueren need?

The long-hairedBelgian She pherd Dog needs special care for its coat to keep it looking perfect . However, it is enough to brush it once a week on average. In addition, during the moulting period, you must thoroughly comb the undercoat of the animal to reduce the loss of hair throughout the house.

Breeding Belgian Shepherd Dogs Tervueren

In Poland, the breed of these dogs is not very widespread. Such animals are bred to be man’s best friend, but also for all kinds of dog sports. The kennel of Belgian Tervueren sheepdogs should provide the buyer with a certificate or pedigree of the purchased dog. Puppies must be already vaccinated and dewormed twice. They are given to their new homes at the earliest when they are 8 weeks old

Price of tervueren dogs

When buying a dog from a reputable kennel registered with the Polish Kennel Club and FCI, you have to pay for it even a few thousand zlotys. How much does a Belgian Tervueren Sheepdog really cost? The price ranges from 2.5 to 3 thousand zlotys.

History of the breed

Belgian Sheepdogs most likely originated from shepherd dogs living in central Europe during the Bronze Age. Another theory says that they come from a cross between a local mastiff and a deerhound. Flemish monks brought them to England in the 13th century

Initially, Belgian Shepherds were used as utility dogs for various types of work. In 1981, Professor Adolf Reul began to create a catalog of standards for the different types of these animals. The Tervueren, or long-haired Belgian Shepherd, was one of them. At the same time, the first club of this breed was formed. Since 1898, there have been the following four varieties of animals:

  • Groenendael – black long-haired sheepdog;
  • Laekenois – rough-haired fawn sheepdog;
  • Malinois – short-haired, fawn sheepdog;
  • Tervueren – long-haired fawn sheepdog.
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Why did the longhaired sheepdog variety get the name “tervueren”? It comes from the name of a small town in Belgium where the brewer Corbell lived. He owned two fawn Belgian Shepherds – a dog named Tom and a bitch named Poes. The litter of this pair consisted, among others, of a female Miss de Tervueren, and her owner M. Danhieux then covered her with a black-haired four-legged dog – Duc de Groenendael. This resulted in the birth of the protoplast of the long-haired, fawn-coated variety of Belgian Shepherd Dog in 1897, which was named Milsart.

For whom would this dog be a suitable companion?

Even tervueren puppies require from the owner consistency in training and attention to proper positioning to listen to man in the future. Left to its own devices, the long-haired Belgian Shepherd may tend to be stubborn, independent and behave in a dominant manner. An experienced dog lover, who has time for varied training and is able to provide the sheepdog with a solid dose of outdoor exercise every day, can take care of this breed.

You can not leave him alone in the apartment for many hours, because he can not stand loneliness. Alone, he can destroy furniture or other trinkets in the house – mainly because of boredom. So if you are rarely present at home, choose another breed for a friend.

The tervueren sheepdog is suitable for keeping in a home where there are children, although you should never leave an adult animal with small children. Long-haired Belgian Sheepdogs tend to be friendly to household members and become very attached to their owners. However, they are more suitable for keeping in a house with a large yard than for a small apartment in a multi-family block.

Interesting facts about the tervueren

Because of their great ability to train and learn new skills, tervueren sheepdogs are used as rescue, police and military dogs. They will do well as a guide for the blind

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