Maltese kennel – we suggest how to find the best place. Check where to take your puppy!

A kennel for Maltese should provide the right conditions for the animals. Food, exercise, but also care and veterinary care are basic. What else should distinguish a good Maltese kennel? Read our article and check it out!
hodowla maltańczyków

To be legal, a Maltese breeding should be registered in the Polish Kennel Club. It is the only organization in Poland which has a membership in the International Kennel Federation. It has been taking care of the purity of the lineage of individual dog breeds since 1938. Every self-respecting kennel of Maltese should therefore apply for registration with the Kennel Club, as this will confirm its credibility. However, this is only one of the requirements that breeders should have. If you are looking for a Maltese for adoption, not from a shelter, but from a kennel, please read our article!

What characteristics should a Maltese have?

Maltese are treated by the International Kennel Federation as a separate breed. Therefore, they have a standard which defines their appearance and character traits. They are small companion dogs, carrying themselves proudly. They have rather large ears, a small head and intelligent brown eyes. The tail is curved and carried quite high. The coat of the Maltese is their calling card. The fur is thick and shiny. It has no waves and falls to the ground and its color is usually pure white. The standard still allows a pale ivory shade and slightly darker traces. However, these are not desirable. Character traits of the Maltese include:

  • sociability;
  • affectionate;
  • gentleness;
  • intelligence;
  • activity.

Is there a miniature Maltese? Breeding versus pseudo-breeding

According to the breed standard, Maltese dogs must not be higher than 26 cm at the withers. There is also a minimum height (18 cm at the withers). All other dogs cannot be treated as pure bred Maltese. Nevertheless, some dishonest breeders offer their clients “Maltese miniatures”. These dogs, which are for example 15 cm tall, are sold with fake papers and have little in common with Maltese. Such a Maltese kennel is a pseudo kennel, which operates due to the popularity and demand for very small dogs. Do not be fooled. Do not support the dishonesty of traders with your money.

Where to look for a Maltese kennel?

Some breeders make their data available on the official website of ZKwP. In the tab with a list of kennels you will find all communities that breed dogs of a given breed. This does not mean, however, that these are all the places registered with the Polish Kennel Club. Some of them have not agreed to publish their data. If you want to find a Maltese kennel that is officially registered, use a general internet search engine and then search the websites of individual kennels. Honest breeders should inform you that their kennel is registered with the Kennel Club as being legal.

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Visiting a Maltese kennel before buying a dog

Before you buy a dog, it is a good idea to visit the kennel of your choice. During the visit, you will check what the conditions are like there. This is the right of every potential owner. Remember that a good breeder will not be reluctant to show the animals. Someone excuses himself from the visit and tries to arrange a meeting outside the place where the dogs live? It may mean that the kennel is being abused. In that case, it’s a good idea to cancel the appointment right away. However, if the breeder invites you, pay attention to the conditions in which the animals are housed and whether their character is consistent with the breed standard. Also assess how the owner treats the pets.

A good Maltese kennel and its features

In a good kennel, the animals have all their natural needs met.

  1. They are regularly fed with good quality food.
  2. They are provided with the right amount of exercise.
  3. They are treated with respect and care

Breeding Maltese should enhance their best qualities, i.e. willingness to play, affection and intelligence. It must also eliminate the tendency to aggression, barkiness or timidity. Breeders should not feed the dogs food they eat themselves (vet formulated diets may be an exception) and allow them to do everything.

Does every Maltese kennel have to issue a pedigree?

Not every dog born in a kennel has to have a pedigree. This document confirms the kinship of the animal up to three generations back and certifies that the animal has the characteristics of the breed. You will need it when you want to take your pet to dog shows or when you plan to start your own Maltese kennel. The certificate gives you the opportunity to do so, but it doesn’t oblige you to do anything. Every dog must have a certificate, which is an equivalent of a human birth certificate. Here you will find information such as:

  • breed;
  • name with a breeding nickname;
  • color;
  • chip number;
  • date of birth;
  • information on the parents;
  • information about the breeder.
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Why is not every Maltese kennel suitable?

Dog breeding may seem like a money-making machine. However, responsible breeders are about much more than that. Their motivations may vary, but very often the goal is to breed the best representatives of the breed. They strive for prestige and recognition at national and international shows. Others wish to contribute to maintaining the purity of a particular strain by selecting and breeding only the best representatives of it. However, this is usually a safe and legal source of obtaining puppies. This is not the case with pseudo-breeders, as their goal is purely profit.

Maltese – breeding and opinions on the Internet

Before buying a puppy, it’s worth looking for opinions on breeding. Previous customers may mention things online that others may miss during a visit. Sometimes they also share some not-so-obvious insights. In addition to this, a Maltese kennel review sometimes includes information about whether the animals turned out to be healthy and free of defects. It’s therefore a good idea to seek advice from people who already have a Maltese dog and are able to tell you more about a specific kennel.

Breeding Maltese and the price of puppies

Maltese do not belong to cheap dog breeds. It is unlikely that you will pay less than 3500 zl for a puppy. However, some individuals can cost much more. For outstanding females you sometimes have to put out as much as 12000 zł. The price depends mainly on the genes of the puppies and their prognosis for the future. Remember that significantly lower prices should arouse suspicion. Extremely cheap dogs most likely come from pseudo-breeding. The savings here are illusory, because sooner or later such a pet will require visits to a vet or behaviorist. Dogs from pseudo-breeders are not pure-bred, but only breed-type.

A Maltese breeder should take care of the animals’ welfare and issue all the necessary documents. In places registered in the Kennel Club, pedigrees are also issued. Before buying a pet, it’s worth contacting the breeder and getting to know him and the animals he takes care of. This should dispel any doubts.

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