Samoyed – breeding. Where to buy a purebred dog from the north?

One of the most popular northern type dogs is the samoyed. Breeders of these dogs are quite common. However, if you are concerned about finding a really good one, use the following tips.
samojed hodowla

Samoyed is an animal with a beautiful and abundant white coat. If you want your future puppy to have all the physical and mental characteristics suitable for this breed, you need to choose the right breeding. We suggest how to do it

Samoyed – a few words about the breed

The Samoyed is a medium-sized dog with a typical Spitz build. It is very versatile and learns quickly. Currently, it serves primarily as a companion dog. It gets along well with children

Beautiful and majestic samoyeds require consistency in training from their owner. If treated too harshly, they may exhibit serious behavioral problems. Remember never to buy a puppy from an unverified source! You may find that your dog will have really serious problems both physically and mentally!

Samoyed breeding – from which association?

When choosing a kennel, always suggest its membership in the appropriate Kennel Club. The best recommendation is always the Kennel Club in Poland, or ZKwP. This is the only organization that has the right to issue FCI pedigrees to puppies.

The International Kennel Federation associates almost a hundred countries, including our country. It organizes exhibitions and grants breeding authorizations. FCI also approves official breed standards. Buying a dog from a kennel associated with the Kennel Club gives you the assurance that it will actually conform to the canon, both in terms of appearance and character.

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Samoyed breeding – only with FCI

Currently in Poland anyone can register a kennel club. Pseudo-breeders increasingly often circumvent the law by registering organizations that exist only on paper. That’s why it’s worth to treat belonging to the Kennel Club as the first and most important filter of breeding.

What distinguishes a good samoyed breeder?

In theory all kennels associated in the Kennel Club are trustworthy.Unfortunately the practice often shows that not all of them are equally good . We are talking here not only about the achievements of dogs with specific nicknames

Remember about necessary tests

It is very important that dogs from a given kennel go through all the necessary genetic tests. This is necessary to minimize the risk of diseases appearing in a given litter. Samoyeds especially often suffer from eye problems such as progressive retinal atrophy or cataracts

Pay a visit to the chosen kennel

A good breeder starts socializing puppies from the first weeks of their life. Before buying a puppy, be sure to visit the kennel. You should see with your own eyes in what condition your future dog and his parents are

Dogs should not live in a pen or shed. From the beginning of their lives they should be brought up at home, have contact with people and other animals. It is in the kennel that the first stage of important primary socialization begins. Its neglect will have serious consequences in the dog’s later life

What should arouse your vigilance?

If the breeder refuses to visit you at the kennel, this is a very important signal that something is wrong. Also, never believe people who say that a pedigree is not important if you are looking for a companion dog

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If you actually want to buy a samoyed, then it should have a tag and a pedigree to prove its origin. Otherwise, it is just a very expensive breed type dog

Samoyed – breeding. Remember about it!

There are several very good samoyed kennels in Poland. It may not be the most sought after breed, but you should have no problem finding a good kennel and thus – your dream dog friend.

If you have decided to buy this wonderful dog, be sure to choose those that are affiliated and belong to the FCI. A tag and a pedigree will tell you that your dog is in accordance with the model, has a stable character and all the best features typical for his breed.

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