Labrador breeding. Where to get a purebred puppy from?

One of the most prized companion dogs for years has remained the labrador. Labrador breeding is still quite common and not hard to find. Remember, however, to choose only proven breeders.
hodowla labradorów

Labrador breeding in Poland is not as common as in the U.S. or Great Britain, but finding a puppy should not cause you any problems. Unfortunately, there is still a risk of ending up in a pseudo-breeding. That’s why it’s worth having some information on how to verify the source of the puppies. Below you will find a handful of practical information

Labrador breeding – a few words about the breed

Labrador today is associated primarily with a family dog. However it was created for hunting. It is a fetcher, whose task was to bring the whole shot game. Modern Labradors have retained a great love for fetching

Before you buy a dog of this breed, consider what Labrador breeding will be the most trustworthy. Working with a pseudo breeder, you can get a puppy in the type of breed, which in addition is burdened with dysplasia and other diseases

Labrador breeding – from which association?

Currently, the most trustworthy cynological organization in our country is the Polish Kennel Club (ZKwP). This is the only Polish organization that has the ability to issue FCI pedigrees

The International Kennel Club organizes world dog shows. In addition, sets the canons and binding patterns of breeds

Labradors – breeding worth attention

What distinguishes Labrador breeding, which can be taken into account in the search for a dream dog? First of all, it is a membership of the Polish Kennel Club. Unfortunately, also under the umbrella of the association may operate not very good or even suspicious breeding Labradors. So be sure to pay attention to several important issues

  • The puppy should be socialized from the first weeks of life. In good breeding Labradors live at home and not in a pen or shed
  • parents of the dog and other dogs from the kennel should be examined for hip dysplasia;
  • you should have the opportunity to visit the kennel. This will allow you to see the dog’s parents (or at least the mother) in person and talk to the handlers;
  • a good breeder has the right to ask about issues such as your source of income or experience in training the dog;
  • you have the right to ask about any issues that interest or concern you. Avoiding contact is a very clear warning that should get your attention;
  • in an FCI kennel, dogs always receive certificates and pedigrees. Don’t let yourself be told that a “lap” dog doesn’t need papers. This is the most important certificate of its compliance with the breed standard!
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Labradors – breeders. Where to look for them?

Labrador breeding affiliated with the Polish Kennel Club is listed in the list of breeds on the website of the association. It often happens that you have to go to the other end of Poland to get your dream dog. However, if you care about a specific place, you can call the local branch of the Kennel Club and ask about nearby kennels

Itis also a good idea to check opinions about Labrador breeders on groups and forums that gather breed lovers. In this way you have a chance to meet owners of puppies that were born in the kennel of your choice. You will gain a handful of practical information.

Remember also to approach carefully the advertisements posted on popular portals. Always check if the kennel advertised is registered with the Kennel Club. Other cynological organizations are not trustworthy

Labrador breeding – summary

Labradors are very popular with families with children. They are friendly, smart and sociable dogs. For their character to be consistent with the pattern times, you need to choose a kennel that operates on the basis of FCI standards

However, every breeder should be verified. Especially important is how he treats puppies, whether he raises them at home and introduces the basic elements of primary socialization. Their absence has a negative impact on the later life of the dog.

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