West highland white terrier – breeding. Where to find a pedigreed Westie?

Joyful and charming – these are words that perfectly describe the breed of west highland terrier. Breeding of these dogs is quite easy to find. Before buying an animal, it is worth to verify the breeder and think carefully about your decision
west highland white terrier hodowla

West highland terrier is a very friendly dog. His cute muzzle is not his only advantage. Westies are not as characterful as many other terriers, but they have quite a strong disposition. Despite their small size they need quite a lot of exercise. There are various Westy breeders in Poland. Find out how to choose the best one

White terrier breeding. How to choose a proven one?

West Highland White Terrier puppies are born in many kennels. Finding a really good one can be difficult. Some very important information will make it easier for you

A west highland kennel that deserves your attention should be registered with the Polish Kennel Club. This is the organization that represents the International Kennel Federation in our country. Thanks to this, buying a puppy in such a place gives you the opportunity to receive an FCI pedigree

Westies are a relatively healthy breed. However, you must remember that irresponsible breeding always increases the risk of genetic diseases. This is why buying puppies from an unverified source is always a huge risk. Choosing a breeding Kennel ZKwP significantly reduces the risk that you will fall victim to fraud

West highland terrier – breeding. Why does a pedigree matter?

Very often you can meet an opinion that in the case of pedigree dogs pedigree doesn’t matter. The important thing is that the dog looks a certain way. Documents that confirm its origin are important only in the context of dog shows? This is not true!

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If you want to buy a purebred West Terrier, you must be sure that it is actually a dog that conforms to the breed standard. Otherwise, it is just a type dog – the kind of dog that is found in many shelters and foundations

Pedigree is not just a ticket to dog shows, although of course a dog that conforms to the breed standard can be shown. Treat this document more as a certificate of the animal’s origin and proof that it is healthy and complies with the breed standard

A breeder registered with the Polish Kennel Club (ZKwP) issues certificates for his dogs, in which you can find not only the puppy’s parents but also its further relatives. This document is issued not without a reason. It is a certificate that you are investing in a dog that is truly purebred and that you are not supporting a pseudo-breeding

West Terrier breeding – where to find it?

If you are looking for a good and trustworthy West Highland White Terrier kennel, your first steps should be directed to the Polish Kennel Club. On the Kennel Club website you will find a list of all registered kennels

If you want to find a kennel near where you live, it would be a good idea to contact the local branch of the Kennel Club. There you can find out about the kennels that operate near you

Another good idea is to talk to breed enthusiasts. On thematic forums and groups in social media you will find people who are constantly updated with the functioning of individual kennels. They will surely help you to choose the one that will best fit your expectations

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West terrier – breeding. Summary

West Highland White Terrier kennel should be registered in ZKwP. The breed has been officially recognized by FCI for many years. There is no reason why West Highland White Terrier puppies should be born outside of a registered kennel in a country belonging to the Federation

If you are not sure which FCI kennel to choose, the best solution will be to contact breed enthusiasts. Remember that a good breeder is a person who does not avoid contact. On the contrary – they want to know as much as possible about you and will certainly ask what conditions you can provide for your dog.

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