Dalmatians – breeding. Where to buy pedigree spotted puppies?

One of the most recognizable dogs in the world are Dalmatians. Breeding these animals is not as popular as it was a dozen years ago. Nevertheless, it is still possible to buy a Dalmatian (puppy) with a good pedigree – also in Poland. Check where to find one
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Most of us remember the cult movie 101 Dalmatians. Its huge international popularity meant that the breed boomed all over the world. Today, there are far fewer Dalmatians on the streets. However, breeders are still struggling with the problems that the huge demand for this breed generated years ago. How to buy a purebred Dalmatian with good character?

Dalmatian puppy – where to buy it?

Dalmatian is a breed recognized by the International Kennel Federation, which has approved its official standard. That’s why the safest solution will be to buy a Dalmatian puppy from a kennel FCI

In our country, pedigrees of this organization is granted only by the Kennel Club in Poland. You can buy a Dalmatian which conforms to the breed standard in terms of character and appearance in a kennel registered with the Kennel Club.

Breeding problems of Dalmatians

Dalmatians in many circles are considered to be disobedient and even aggressive dogs . However, the breed standard assumes a stable character. Why such a mismatch between theory and practice? The reason is the wild popularity of Dalmatians decades ago. This is still a serious problem for breeders

Large demand for the breed led to the creation of many pseudo-breeders. Irresponsible breeding causes undesirable character traits to be reproduced in the breed – instability, fearfulness or tendency to aggressive behavior. To avoid these, it is worth choosing stable lines and responsible breeders affiliated with appropriate organizations

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Breeding Dalmatians – what to watch out for?

Buying puppies from an unverified source is a very bad idea with any breed. Here are some characteristics that will make it easier for you to spot an untrustworthy breeder

  • Dalmatian kennel is not registered with the Polish Kennel Club
  • the breeder gives you the puppy directly or even brings it to your home, without allowing you to inspect the breeding conditions;
  • lack of information about genetic testing and x-ray for hip dysplasia;
  • avoidance of contact or ignoring your questions.

Dalmatian – breeding. Where to look for it?

Check all dalmatian kennels registered with Polish Kennel Club (ZKwP)

If you start looking for a kennel for Dalmatians, the best solution is to visit the website of the Polish Kennel Club. There you will find a list of all registered kennels

If you’re not far from home, you can call your local branch and ask if there’s a dalmatian kennel near where you live. Unfortunately, you often have to wait a long time for puppies or drive many kilometers to a kennel

Ask breed lovers

A good practice is to visit a thematic forum or group of dalmatian lovers. They usually have experience and up-to-date knowledge about which kennels are really worth working with

What about ad portals?

Breeders often advertise the sale of their current litters on classifieds portals. There are no obstacles against using such channels. However before contacting them check in which association the breeder is registered. Organizations other than the Polish Kennel Club (ZKwP) are better left out

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Remember also that photos do not reflect the conditions in which dogs live. A good practice is to visit the kennel before buying a puppy

Dalmatians – breeding. Summary

Dalmatians are wonderful and beautiful dogs. If you want healthy individual, which will be consistent with the breed standard, be sure to choose proven and trustworthy FCI kennel. All kennels should be verified before starting cooperation, so be sure to pay attention to the signs listed above, which may indicate that the seller is not a person with whom to work

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