Italian greyhound – breeding. Where to buy a pedigree puppy of this breed?

The smallest of all the greyhounds is the Italian Greyhound. Breeding this breed in Poland is not particularly popular, but with a bit of patience you can find your dream puppy. However, it is worth choosing only trustworthy kennels
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Italian Greyhounds are tiny dogs, but they are Greyhounds in the full sense of the word. They have a lot of energy and need a lot of exercise. Their small size and lack of fur makes them vulnerable to harsh weather conditions. Choosing a good kennel is crucial here, because greyhounds must not show any signs of dwarfism

Italian greyhound – breeding. Which one to choose?

The Italian Greyhound is a breed that has gone through many ups and downs in its history. At one point there was a strong desire to make the dogs as small as possible, so the breeders crossed individuals dwarfed. This led to disruption of the best features of the breed and an epidemic of various disabilities among its representatives

With time, as a result of numerous breeding works, Italian Greyhounds have been restored to their former glory. The current FCI standard is very strict, that’s why it’s worth to choose only those kennels which receive a pedigree of the Federation. In Poland, the Kennel Club in Poland is authorized to issue them

Greyhound breeding – what to watch out for?

Pseudo breeding can not always be recognized at first glance. Even if the dogs live in filth, are poorly fed and neglected, the seller will make sure that you as a customer will not notice it. Often for a puppy you will be invited to a clean apartment, where the dog has been brought and washed beforehand

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So how can you tell if a breeder is not trustworthy?

  • is not registered with the Kennel Club;
  • doesn’t want to show you the dog’s parents and other animals in the kennel;
  • claims that FCI pedigree is needed only for shows

The above mentioned behaviors are the most characteristic red signals that should make you aware to buy a puppy somewhere else.

Breeding of Italian Greyhounds – where to look for it?

How to locate kennel of ZKwP?

You can find the kennel of Italian Greyhounds, which is registered in ZKwP, on the website of the Association. You can find there a list of all active kennels divided into breeds.

If you are primarily interested in a kennel close to your home, you can call the local branch of the Polish Kennel Club and ask there about those that operate closest to you. However, you must be aware that sometimes you have to wait from a few months to even a year for a puppy

Opinions about individual kennels

If you want to verify the opinions about the FCI kennel you’ve found, the best solution will be to log on to a thematic forum or group in social media, which are dedicated to these dogs. There you will find breed lovers who can help you with your doubts

Of course, opinions about breeding are always subjective, but it’s worth to know them, because sometimes they can be very helpful.

Italian greyhound puppies. Price in breeding

Italian Greyhound puppies from reputable kennels are not cheap. Prices in kennels FCI are on average from 5 to 7 thousand

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The final price is determined by the breeder and depends on very different factors. Definitely more expensive are dogs with less common colors. Ultimately the most important thing is the pedigree. Puppy, which fits perfectly into the pattern of the breed and comes from distinguished parents, will be definitely more expensive than the average greyhound

Italian Greyhound – breeding. Summary

When you buy an Italian Grey hound from a good breeding, you get documents that confirm its origin. In this way you can be sure that the animal is consistent with the breed standard and has no disqualifying features or indications of dwarfism

The choice of the kennel should be well thought out. There is nothing worse than a situation in which you pay for a purebred dog and unknowingly support people who make money on harming animals.

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