Weimaraner – breeding. Where to buy a pedigree weimaraner?

One of the most distinctive hunting dogs is the Weimaraner gelding. A breeder of these dogs is not difficult to find. However, you need to think carefully about its selection to avoid dishonest breeders
wyżeł weimarski hodowla

A good breeder is not solely focused on profit. His mission is to care for the welfare of animals and the health of the breed. In Poland, there aren’t many kennels of Pointers, so the choice is not as complex as in the case of more popular breeds. Nevertheless, it is worth thinking carefully about choosing the right place.

Weimaraner – breeding. Which one to choose?

A good kennel Weimaraner should be registered in the Kennel Club in Poland. This is a very important criterion, which should be followed. In all 99 member countries of the International Kennel Federation there is exactly one organization operating under its auspices. In Poland it is the Kennel Club

This is a very important issue, because in Poland new cynological organizations are registered every day, whose existence is aimed only at circumventing the provisions of the Act on Animal Protection. These are not reliable institutions and you should approach them with distance

Breeding Weimaraner Pointers – what to watch out for?

The Weimaraner is not a particularly popular breed, so the number of pseudo-breeders is also limited. Nevertheless, it is worth paying attention to certain details that may suggest that the breeder is not trustworthy. These include, above all:

  • avoiding contact;
  • claiming that the pedigree is a meaningless document;
  • unwillingness to visit the kennel;
  • making an appointment to pick up the dog “in town”.
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A good FCI breeder is aware that a new guardian should know his dog’s parents and have the opportunity to visit the place where the puppy grew up. He would also want to know more about what conditions the pet will live in in the new home

Where to find a Weimaraner kennel?

If you are looking for a good Weimaraner kennel, the best solution is to visit the website of the Polish Kennel Club and look through the list of all the breeders registered there

If you want the kennel to be close to where you live, you can make a phone call to the local branch of the Association. However, it is very possible that you will have to travel a bit longer to get your dream dog

Not all FCI breeders have puppies for sale at any time. On the contrary, usually dogs are born once or twice a year. If you don’t want to wait, you’ll need to be prepared to travel to a kennel that may be located far from where you live

Weimaraner kennel reviews

Before you make your final decision, check what kind of reviews the kennel has among breed enthusiasts. Of course, this does not have to be the final criterion for selection, but it’s always worth getting to know the opinion of people who already have a puppy at home coming from a given breeding

Membership in the Kennel Club is a very important criterion, but even within the Association there are kennels with a dubious reputation. The dog will be with you for many years, so the decision to choose a breeding should be as well thought out as possible

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Price of Weimar Pointers from breeding

Breed puppies from FCI breeding are not cheap. Of course, the final price of the dog is affected by many factors – from the show achievements of the parents to compliance with the breed standard. Currently, small Uhlaks cost from 5 to 7 thousand zlotys

Weimar Pointers – breeding. Summary

If you dream of a Weimaraner, the first steps should be directed to FCI breeding. You can find them in the Kennel Club in Poland, which is authorized to issue Federation pedigrees

A good kennel is not only a guarantee of the dog’s health, but also the certainty that you are investing your money in work on improving the breed and its best features.

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