Greyster – one of the fastest dogs in the world. Get to know him better!

The Greyster is a hybrid breed that has not yet been officially recognized by the FCI. It is very popular with athletes because it was created with physical activity in mind. Get to know the greyster better and see what temperament it has.

Creating a dog that is durable, strong and very fast at the same time has been a dream of many breeders. Coming from Norway, the greyster fits this model very well. He was created from a combination of a German Shorthaired Pointer and a Greyhound. He has not only a great appearance, but also the characteristics of a born sportsman. What else, besides the unique origin, distinguishes him from other breeds?

Greyster – breed description

TheGreyster in appearance most closely resembles the short-haired German Shepherd Dog. He is tall, heavily muscled and has a typically athletic physique. The height at the withers varies from 55 to 70 centimeters, depending on the sex and individual characteristics. The normal weight ranges from 30 to 40 kilograms

The exact appearance of these dogs is difficult to determine, as no single official standard has been developed. Individuals will vary from crossbreed to crossbreed. One very distinctive feature of greysters, however, is their extremely thick paw pads, which are meant to cushion the dog as it runs

This dog comes in several popular coat colors such as:

  • derby;
  • black;
  • spotted;
  • chocolate;
  • brown

Greyster – what character does this dog have?

The Greyster is a dog created for work and sport. It does not tolerate stagnation and needs constant activity – both physical and mental

Usually, as much as ⅔ of the blood in representatives of this breed comes from German GSP. So, we can safely assume that they are extremely intelligent dogs, which love to cooperate with their guardian. At the same time, they retain a certain amount of independence, so typical for hunting dogs

One cannot fail to mention also their – typical for greyhounds – great need to chase the game. A Greyster will chase anything that moves. For this reason he needs proper guarding and very consistent training

However, you can never trust him 100%. This is a result of the hunting instinct that rules the greyster. A dog that does not run races, pull sleds or work must be kept on a leash or a long rope. If it is in the garden on a daily basis, the area should be perfectly secure

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Greyster – what is the health of this breed?

As a typical sprinting dog, the greyster suffers primarily from problems with the musculoskeletal system. With improper training, injuries can also occur.

The greyster’s guardian must be aware that the dog’s activity must be adjusted to his age. It is not allowed to start too intensive trainings with a dog that hasn’t finished growing. Otherwise, the risk of hip and elbow dysplasia increases.

Greyster, which inherited long hanging ears from the groomer, may be prone to various types of infections. It is necessary to check very carefully in which condition the ears are, and if necessary remove the excess secretion accumulating in them

Greyster – care and feeding

The Greyster is a working dog and not a show dog. Taking care of his coat will not take you much time. Brushing is necessary, which will remove dead hair and improve the condition of the skin. However, it is enough to do it once a week.

How to feed a greyster well?

All dogs that work physically need good quality food, the calorie content of which is matched to the activity and lifestyle. If you decide to buy a greyster, you must be aware that its nutrition is not cheap

A well-composed BARF diet will work best. It consists in giving raw meat according to the biological needs of the dog. Additives are offal, vegetables and fruits, as well as eggs and selected supplements. Commercial food, on the other hand, should be high-meat, grain-free and as little processed as possible

Greyster – breeding

The Greyster is not a breed registered with the FCI or any other cynological federation. There is simply no official control over the breeding of these dogs. Therefore, when looking for a kennel, you must be guided by the opinions of the owners and trust the sellers. There is also no information about any breeding kennels of Greysters operating in Poland. You can buy a puppy only abroad.

Greyster price

How much does a greyster cost? The price is difficult to determine due to the lack of a uniform breed standard. These are working dogs, which are priced individually, in terms of performance characteristics. Assuming the cost of transport to Poland, you have to reckon with an expense of 3000 to even 10000 PLN.

Greyster – history of the breed

Greyster is a breed bred in Scandinavia in the 80s of the 20th century. The first greyhound and German Shepherd mixes were born in a Norwegian kennel. The breeder of the breed was a well-known sled racer, Lena Boysen Hillestad. The first dogs created from this combination performed well in sledding

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So far, the breed has not been registered by any cynological federation. At the same time, it is highly valued around the world by people who are looking for extremely hardy and strong sporting dogs. Indeed, in many areas greysters achieve incredible successes that would not be available to other breeds

Greyster – who is this dog for?

This specific and very rare breed is primarily for people who are looking for hardy sporting and working dogs. Lena Boysen Hillestad wanted to create dogs whose main characteristics would be resilience and hardworking. In addition to the two primary breeds, the blood of huskies and other northern dogs was added to the greyster line over time

The greyster is unpopular for a reason. Hybrid breeds have not yet been fully tested for potential genetic defects. There is also no control over their reproduction. So it is safe to assume that this is a niche breed, aimed at a very narrow group of people

Greyster is a typical working animal. However, breed enthusiasts mention its extremely friendly disposition. Do not, however, decide to buy a puppy, which will be only a companion dog.

Greyster – interesting facts

The name of the breed comes from combining the greyhound with the word vorsthser, which is a Norwegian word for the German GSP.

As you can guess, most of the recognized kennels, from which the best dogs of this breed come, are located in Scandinavia. However, some also operate in Germany, the Czech Republic and Russia.

Greyster – summary

The Greyster is a not very popular hybrid breed, bred in Norway. The purpose of these dogs were sled sports. Representatives of the breed achieve outstanding results in various fields, mainly due to their resistance and strength. Unfortunately, it is not possible to buy a greyster dog in Poland. However, a puppy can be reserved in one of the Czech or Scandinavian kennels.

Photo source: Harold Meerveld via Flickr, CC BY 2.0

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