Norwegian Bulhund – an obedient spitz that the whole family will love!

An intelligent and energetic dog who loves spending time with humans. Sound like a perfect breed description? Get to know the Norwegian Buhund more closely – a breed of dog that originated on the Scandinavian Peninsula. Perhaps the Norwegian Buhund will become your companion?
buhund norweski

Thename Norwegian buhund is derived from a compound of two words , “bu and hund,” which means farm dog. The energetic and courageous buhund dog will be the perfect companion for an active family. Get to know him better!

A dog whose history dates back to the 10th century AD.

The Norwegian Buhund is an old breed originating from the Scandinavian Peninsula. The remains of its representatives, dating back to the 10th century AD, were discovered during excavations carried out in Gokstad in Norway. Norwegian Bulldogs were once bred by the Vikings. They used them as shepherd dogs – guarding flocks of sheep and cattle. Dogs also helped in hunting wolves and bears.

Norwegian Buhund – breed standard, i.e. appearance and weight of the dog

Norwegian Buhund, according to FCI classification, belongs to the group of Spitz and primitive dogs. It is a medium sized animal. Body length of males of this breed reaches up to 47 cm and their weight reaches about 18 kg. Females are not much smaller – they can measure 45 cm and weigh about 16 kg.

Norwegian Bull is a dog with proportional body build. His trunk is short and the head is wedge-shaped and shapely. The whole figure of the dog could be written in the shape of a square. Buhunds come in 2 color varieties: black and the more popular sponge-colored. Eyes of Norsk Buhund are oval with dark irises – the darker they are, the more the dog follows the breed standard.

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Buhunds are sociable, cheerful, energetic and very intelligent dogs. Properly conducted they win awards during agility competitions. However they need to be trained from an early age – they often show a desire to dominate and can be stubborn, so it’s worth to control those features of a dog’s character as early as possible.

Norwegian Bulhounds need active owners

Norwegian Buhund becomes very attached to its owners so it is perfect as a guard dog . However, it is not suitable for families who don’t like to spend time actively. The vigorous bouhund needs a lot of exercise and exertion. If you don’t provide it, the dog will get bored and will look for entertainment in its own way. And this can lead to a lot of destruction in your house!

How to take care of the Norwegian buhund?

Is grooming a Norwegian Buhund difficult? No! The most important thing is to brush the dog’s coat regularly at least once a week. Why? Because they have a very dense coat and thick undercoat, which makes their hair prone to tangling. Periodically buhunds moult – then it is advisable to comb and bathe your pet even more often.

Norsk buhund – the ideal diet

Buhounds, like all dogs, are carnivores. Your dog’s diet should therefore be mostly based on animal ingredients. If you give your dog ready-made food, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for the amount of food. Too much food can cause your pet to gain weight and develop problems with diabetes, which bulls tend to have. Puppies are best fed according to the schedule set by the breeder from whom you bought the puppies. So ask him carefully about the details of the dog’s diet.

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Breeders and prices of the Norwegian Bullrushes

Would you like the Norwegian Bullhound to become your companion? Look for an official kennel that can boast an FCI entry! This will ensure that the appearance and character of your pet meet the criteria set out as a breed standard. Before buying a puppy carefully check the opinions on the chosen breeder and ask him about all the details that interest you.

How much will you have to pay for the puppy? Norwegian Bulhund dogs are not cheap, and their purchase is associated with the additional cost of foreign travel to pick up your favorite. There is currently no registered Norwegian Buhund kennel in Poland.

Dogs used in therapy centers

Dogs of this breed have become the darlings of many homes and companion animals. Sometimes, because of developed great obedience, they are employed as helpers in therapy centers. Norwegian Buhund is sometimes used, for example, to work with people struggling with hearing loss and hearing impairment.

Buhund Norwegian is certainly not a dog for everyone. This lively dog won’t be a good companion for elderly people and busy people, who won’t have time to play and train their dog. However, if you spend your time actively and after work are willing to take care of your pet, you will gain a devoted companion!

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