Long-haired Toy, Borzoi or Caucasian Sheepdog – Russian dog breeds recognized by FCI

Russia is a large country with a rather harsh climate. Russian dog breeds were used for hunting, guarding and defense. Today, Russian dogs are known almost all over the world. Read our list of dog breeds and see what they are!
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Russian dog breeds differ greatly not only in appearance, but mainly because of their different breeding purposes. Without a doubt, every animal lover will find his dream friend among Russian dogs. Although nearly 20 breeds originate from Russia, in this article we will focus only on the descriptions of the quadrupeds that have been recognized by the FCI, an international cynological organization based in Belgium. Get to know the Russian four-legged dogs and choose the right breed for you!

The Russian Borzoi hound – the oldest hunting dog

It is the world’s first registered breed of dog. The history of the borzoi dates back to the 13th century, these dogs were already bred by the Celts and used mainly to help with hunting. They are related to both the Irish Wolfhound and the Greyhound. The FCI recognized the breed in 1956. Currently, these dogs are considered typical companion animals. A few individuals take part in sporting competitions (e.g., chasing a mechanical rabbit).


Borzoi have a very high demand for movement and physical activity. They need frequent and long walks and a place to run around. Russian Greyhounds have a strong hunting instinct, they are hunting dogs . However, if properly socialized, they can achieve a balanced gentleness, allowing this dog to be a caring family dog.

Black Russian Terrier – obedient utility dog

This is a relatively young breed that was not officially recognized by the FCI until 1984. These dogs are adapted to work in really difficult conditions. The utility dog is used by prison services, police, border guards and even military establishments. Terriers are distinguished by their excellent ability to cooperate with humans and their absolute obedience.

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Representatives of this breed are very strong mentally. Black Russian Terriers are defense dogs, which are characterized by an extremely monumental appearance and ease of learning new information. However, they can successfully serve as companion dogs, as they are protective and affectionate to their caregivers.

Caucasian Sheepdog

Caucasian Sheepdogs are very difficult to raise and if not well-mannered they can cause problems for their owners. The breed has been included in the Polish list of aggressive dogs. These dogs don’t tolerate strangers, other animals or even too much noise. They should not live in homes with small children.

Moscow guard dog – stubborn utility dog

It belongs to the group of utility dogs used for state services. It is a cross between a Caucasian breed and a St. Bernard. It can react with aggression towards strangers and other animals. These service dogs are extremely stubborn, independent and strong. The Moscow dog becomes very attached to its owner, but requires obedience training.

South Russian Sheepdog Alreadyak – Russian guard dog

It is a representative of large breed dogs. The standard of the kynological association indicates that the dog should have long, white hair and a massive body. Height at withers does not exceed 65 cm. TheYuzak is a distrustful dog used for guarding and protecting property. It requires proper socialization and training.

Central Asian Shepherd Dog

The Central Asian representative is a shepherd dog whose country of origin is Russia. Although these dogs excel at defending and guarding flocks, they are increasingly being used for work in government services. Owning a dog of this breed requires proper training to shape its naturally occurring predispositions for defense, independence and perseverance.

Samoyed – Russian Stud Dog

Samoyeds are spitz-type dogs. They are characterized by their white or whitish-biscuit color. Their coat is thick and long. According to the standard of the Polish Kennel Club, the height of the male dog should not exceed 60 cm and the female 56 cm. The Russian Samoyed needs a lot of exercise and time spent with its owner. These dogs were willingly used for hunting and sledding.

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Samoyed characteristics

Representatives of the Samoyed dog breed are extremely open, friendly, and eagerly interacting animals. They learn easily and quickly, and they enjoy learning new commands. The Samoyed has constantly raised corners of its lips, making it appear as if it is smiling all the time. It is the perfect dog for the home, and will bond easily with adults and children alike.

Russian-European Lapdog

Dogs recognized in 1952. They are medium-sized dogs that are mainly used for hunting birds and wild animals. Lajk are independent and self-reliant dogs, but they become quickly and very attached to their owners.

East Siberian Spitz

Medium-sized dogs classified as spitzes. East Siberian lapdogs are subject to work trials. They are strong, energetic and tenacious. They should not be bred in cities, as they feel most comfortable in large, open areas.

Russian long-haired toy – miniature family dog

The Russian toy is a representative of small dog breeds. It is the smallest miniature dog in the world. The breed is classified in the section of miniature spaniels. The Russian to y is a small pet, weighing a maximum of 3 kg, which is friendly and loves playing and walking. Both the long-haired and the short-haired versions have no undercoat, which is why they are a popular choice for families with children.

Every dog is unique and has its own unique personality. However, there are certain instincts and behaviors that are assigned to a particular breed. Among the Russian breeds, anyone can find a pet that will become a best friend and will fit all the preferences of its new owner.

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