Finnish Hunting Dog – the Scandinavian hunter’s helper

The Great Dane is a popular hunting and family dog in Scandinavia. It is not very popular in Central Europe, so it is worth getting to know it better. Read more about it now!
gończy fiński

This breed of hunting dog was created by crossing German, Swiss and English mating dogs. The first breed standard was established in 1932. Finnish Hunting Dogs still help Scandinavian hunters in hunting hares and foxes, as well as other forest animals. It can scare them away, but it can also track down wounded ones, because it is a dog from the posokownik group. This means that it looks for an animal by its paint (blood) marks. Find out what this four-legged dog looks like and what its personality is like!

Finnish Mountain Dog – breed description

This is a medium-sized dog with a strong, upright body and a wise look. The height of dogs is 55-61 cm and bitches 52-58 cm.

  1. It has a tri-colored coat, black coat, white tie, arrow on muzzle and paws, tan underside and legs.
  2. The ears are triangular, hanging down.
  3. The tail is long thin, hanging down or erect when trailing.
  4. The muzzle is elongated with a gentle stop.

The breed is distinguished by an excellent sense of smell and a strong hunting instinct. This makes the Finnish Gentian prone to running away during walks to chase a cat. By barking loudly, dogs of this breed announce that they have just discovered something in the bushes.

Not afraid of winter or long hikes

Dogs of this breed have a dense, short coat, consisting of undercoat and thick, coarse coats. So they don’t get cold even in freezing weather. They love outdoor activities, long walks, running with the possibility of tracking. They also like to do sports together with their owner. Finish is therefore a dog breed not only for hunters. It will be perfect as a companion dog for a family that likes trekking, running and bicycle trips. He will feel best in the countryside, in a large yard, where he can run freely.

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How to raise a Finnish Pinscher to be obedient?

This breed needs to be trained already at the stage of growing up. Dane is an intelligent dog, which willingly learns. However, representatives of the breed need a firm and consistent approach to learn obedience and good relations with the environment. Finish likes children and company of the family. It is quite distrustful towards other dogs. It does not suffer from cats or other small animals. It feels badly in cramped apartments in blocks of apartments. He doesn’t tolerate solitude and silence very well. If he doesn’t have a chance to run, he announces his frustration with howling and destruction of household furniture.

There is no breeding of this breed in Poland. Puppies are mostly bred and trained in Sweden and Finland. It is there that the excellent hunting dog of the Finnish Gentian breed is very well known and appreciated.

Main photo: EtäKärppä via Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0

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