The Austrian Pinscher – an intelligent medium-sized guard dog

The Austrian Pinscher is a cheerful, fun-loving medium-sized dog with caretakers. He makes a great companion for families with children! Get to know this pet better and see if you should choose it as your new friend!
pinczer austriacki

The Austrian Pinscher, although not very popular in Poland, is a versatile dog. When necessary, he will guard the house. If you want to go on a mountain trip, he will faithfully accompany you. He will also play with children with pleasure. Do dogs of this breed have any disadvantages? They can’t stand boredom! Would you like to find out more? Then read on!

The Austrian Pinscher – Appearance

The Austrian Pinscher is distinguished by its massive build. Its head is quite long, its legs strong and its trunk muscular. The body is covered with a short, dense coat in yellow, red, black or gold. Pinschers reach a body length of about 42-50 cm and their weight ranges from 12-18 kg.

Character of Pinschers

The Austrian Pinscher is an excellent watchdog. He is not usually appreciated in this role because of his small size. However, when you let him guard your home, he will do so with great devotion. This breed is distrustful of strangers and will announce their presence with loud barking. However, the Austrian Pinscher’s barking can be problematic (especially if you live in a block of flats) and many Pinschers also show aggressive behavior towards small animals. Therefore, as early as possible, go for training with your pooch to control his natural instincts. And don’t forget that a cheerful Pinscher needs a lot of exercise every day!

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How to groom puppies and adult Pinschers?

The Austrian Pinscher is not a breed that needs too much grooming. A weekly brushing of the short coat is sufficient. It is also good to bathe your pet every 2-3 months.

Breeding Shorthair Pinschers

Before you decide to buy a Pinscher, choose a breeder well. Check if it is registered with the Polish Kennel Club (FCI certified). Only then you can be sure that the kennel is legal and the dogs have the right features of the breed. For an Austrian Pinscher puppy you will have to pay about 3-4 thousand zlotys.

Once the puppy comes to live with you, take care of its health and regularly monitor its condition. Austrian Pinschers are not very sickly. However, it is worth keeping an eye on the puppy for:

  • hip dysplasia;
  • heart disease.

These two diseases affect Pinschers the most.

A little history or the origin of the breed

Pinschers belong to very old breeds of dogs – their ancestors were already known in ancient times. The Austrian Pinscher is a direct descendant of the German Pinscher crossed with local breeds found in Austria. It was bred as a farm dog. It was meant to help farmers and guard livestock from predators. It was also important for the dog to be faithful and loyal to humans. The breed was recognized by the Austrian Kennel Club only in 1928. However, the entry into the FCI was still later.

The Austrian Pinscher has not been treated as a village guard dog for years. Nowadays, it is primarily a joyful companion for families who like to spend their time actively. The pooch is perfect as a “personal trainer” during a morning jog. It will also happily participate in mountain or trekking expeditions. So, if you do outdoor sports or spend a lot of time walking all year round, Pinscher is the perfect companion for you!

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