Italian Shorthaired Pointer (Spinone italiano) – description, character and history of the breed

Stubborn hunter or gentle family dog? What is the Rough-Haired Pointer really like? Take a closer look at this four-legged breed and see if it is right for you!
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TheItalian Rough-haired Pointer is an old breed, having been chosen for centuries to hunt smaller animals. Today, however, the nature of its work has changed somewhat. The calm and sociable gelding is increasingly becoming a family companion dog or a dog therapist. What should you know about it before it becomes your pet too?

How does the Shorthaired Pointer look like – characteristics of the breed

The Rough-Haired Pointeris one of the larger dog breeds . It growsto alength of 50-70cm and its weight is usually around 30 kg. The coat of this breed is dense and stiff and there is no undercoat. The hair usually grows to a length of about 4-6 cm, so some breeders recommend trimming it. This is especially true for the very dense eyebrows, mustache and beard.

Dogs are characterized by a square body and strongly developed muscles. Their tails are thick – in the past they were copied at a length of 15-25 cm. Currently in Poland it is not allowed to do it. Since 1997 there has been a complete ban on copying ears and tails of dogs of all breeds.

What coat color does the Italian Pointer have?

The Italian Pointer ismost often characterized by white, derby (white and other colors of hair are mixed) or patched. In the latter case, the colors accepted are brown or orange on a white background.

The character of the rough-haired Pointer

What are the character traits that distinguish the Rough-haired Italian Pointer breed? These hunting dogs are extremely patient, calm, and gentle. They are ideal for families with children – as long as they enjoy the outdoors! The Great Dane will be a great companion, but he needs a lot of exercise. If it doesn’t get it, it will provide its own entertainment, which can end up with many damages… Beware also lovers of gardening and beautiful flowerbeds – GSPs are sometimes keen diggers! Their training should be taken care of from the first days together. Dogs of this breed are easy to train, because they are obedient and love to spend time with their owner. They retrieve very well, also from water!

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How to groom your spinone italiano?

Spinone italiano do not require too many complicated grooming procedures. Dogs should be brushed regularly. If you want, you can also trim your pet’s coat – then it will be easier for you to keep the house in order (GSPs coat all year round). You should pay special attention only to the beard of your pet. It is very thick and long, and GSPs belong to the dogs that drool a lot. This combination can result in a not very pleasant, but strongly noticeable, smell.

Common GSP diseases

Large dogs tend to be susceptible to many different diseases! Fortunately, the Rough-haired GSP is not affected by this too much! These dogs are really hardy – if they do get sick, ear infections are the most common (due to their size and shape). Pointers are also at risk of hip and elbow dysplasia. Their wide chest also makes it worth watching your pet for diseases such as gastric dilatation and torsion.

GSP breeding – how much does a puppy of this breed cost?

Breeding of Italian Rough-haired Pointers is not popular in Poland. Usually dogs are imported from abroad and the cost of a puppy is on average 1-1,5 thousand euro. Before you decide to buy it, check the kennel well. It should be FCI certified. Also, choose a breeder who is patient and willing to answer all your questions – the more you can learn from him, the better for you and your new four-legged friend!

Interesting facts and a little history

The Italian Shorthaired Pointer is an old breed that originated on the Apennine Peninsula. Its roots are believed to date back as far as the 5th century AD. It is not known exactly which breeds were the ancestors of Italian Pointers. It is known, however, that the breed developed in north-western Italy (specifically in Piedmont). Italian Rough-haired Pointers are often considered to be the ancestors of other breeds of Rough-haired Pointers (e.g. French or German Griffons).

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Currently, this breed is most popular in Italy, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Germany and the United States. In Poland, on the other hand, there are not many Italian Pointers.

The Italian Shorthaired Pointer is a representative of an old Italian breed. Although they still have very developed hunting instincts, they are more and more often chosen as faithful companion dogs. And no wonder! As long as you give this breed the right amount of daily exercise, you will gain a patient, devoted companion!

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