Cheapest dog breed. Which breed of dog costs the least?

What is the cheapest breed of dog? A mutt! If you are looking for a dog that will give you a lot of love and is also quite cheap, then adopting a mutt is the best choice. However, if you are dreaming of a dog with a pedigree, see what influences its price.
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Prices of pedigree dogs depend primarily on the popularity the trend for the species is higher, the price for a puppy will be proportionally higher. In addition to the cost of buying a dog you need to take into account the maintenance of the dog, and this will not always fit in 100-200 zloty per month.

The cheapest dog breed – how much does a dog cost?

As mentioned at the beginning, the cheapest breed of dog is simply a mongrel. Contrary to appearances, these are some of the healthiest and best dog breeds, from which descend the desirable representatives of the quadrupeds in the kynological associations. However, hybrids, as they are popularly called, are not recognized by the world associations, which means they don’t have pedigrees, so they can’t take part in exhibitions or reproductions.

Pedigree – what is it?

A pedigreedog comes from a kennel, which has to issue a pedigree – it is a kind of certificate that confirms the breed membership and, in most cases, allows the dog to participate in various types of shows and competitions. Each dog breed has its own purpose – some dogs are simply couch pets, others have predispositions for hunting or herding or are extremely helpful in rescue operations. These special characteristics, popularity, as well as the cost of breeding ultimately affect the price of the puppy.

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Breed dogs. How much does the cheapest breed of dog cost?

When choosing a pet dog, you need to get acquainted with its character. Small dogs such as Maltese, mops and shih tzu are quite popular, especially among people who appreciate their couch potato lifestyle. A puppy of a small breed of dog can cost from 1000 zloty upwards. The final amount depends on the breeder himself, as well as the purpose of the breed. Dogs that will appear in dog shows or be sires are generally a bit more expensive.

Among the most popular dog breeds is certainly the golden retriever. Similarly, as in the case of the German Shepherd, also this representative of large breeds can cost from 2000 zloty to even 8000 zloty!

Does a cheap puppy definitely mean that it is the cheapest dog breed?

The relatively cheap dog breeds include the border collie, which is the representative of the shepherd dogs, as well as terriers, which are great hunting dogs as well as sociable. However, buying a dog is not its total cost. Before making a final decision, it is necessary to know the needs of the dogs of the breed you are interested in.

What costs do you have to deal with when buying a dog?

You need to check what genetic diseases they face and what will significantly affect the cost of their veterinary care. Representatives of different breeds have different needs – herding dogs, such as border collie require almost continuous training and exercise, while spitzes require adequate and daily care. Also important is dog food, which should be selected according to its needs, and each breed has different requirements. If you are planning to buy a dog, remember that large breeds have a much higher calorific requirement and therefore maintaining adult dogs can be more expensive than young dogs!

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