Friesian water dog – what is this breed? Description and character of water dogs

Friesian Mountain Dog is a hunting breed originating from the Netherlands. In Poland, it is not very popular, which makes it difficult to find a purebred puppy. Get to know this unique dog before you decide to take him home!
fryzyjski pies dowodny

The medium-sized water dog, called wetterhoun in Dutch, is an excellent hunter. It originates from the province of Friesland and its history begins almost 400 years ago. The breed was recognized in 1942 by the Dutch Kennel Club, but only in 1989 it gained its official standard, which is also valid in the FCI. Check how Friesian Mountain Dog looks like and for whom it will be the perfect pet.

What does the Friesian Mountain Dog look like?

This dog is harmoniously built. Its silhouette is square, strong and stocky, with a proportional skull with a slightly marked foot. Set obliquely, the dark brown eyes mean that the Friesian Proof Dog can appear sullen rather than overly active. The strong body is completed by a slightly sloping croup and a long tail, usually curled upwards. Dogs measure about 59 cm at the withers and weigh up to 20 kg; bitches are slightly smaller.

Coat colour according to the standard

The Friesian Bloodhound has a distinctive hard coat, curled tightly into single curls. In appearance it may appear slightly greasy. This dog breed comes in the following colours:

  • uniformly black;
  • uniformly brown.

In both cases, white markings may appear in the form of crosshatching or dotting.

Friesian Water Dog – character

The Friesian Water Dog is distrustful of strangers, which makes him an excellent watchdog. It is not impulsive – it has a rather calm character. At the same time, he can be excessively stubborn, which makes his training difficult for beginners. It is worth knowing that in case of this hunting dog aggression is a disqualifying trait.

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Uses of the dog

This medium-sized dog was bred primarily for hunting otters. Its distinctive coat does a great job of protecting it from moisture and cold when working in water. Due to its original purpose, it is not likely to be an animal for everyone. It needs work, can be unpleasant to strangers, and is somewhat insubordinate. It needs regular training to use its natural potential and to satisfy its instinct.

Friesian Mountain Dog – breeding and price

This breed is not widespread on Polish territory. In 2021 there was no active breeding of it in the country. This makes it necessary to bring puppies from other countries, most often from the native Netherlands. Although the puppy is relatively cheap, because it costs about 3000 PLN, but you have to add to this the cost of bringing him from another country, as well as arranging all the formalities associated with transport.

On the way to having a dream puppy can stand you also… breeder. Many kennels don’t sell animals to homes other than for use.

Friesian Mountain Dog is a perfect example of a pet with a specific purpose and big needs. Like most hunting breeds, he is not a good companion for a person who values domesticity and does not want to work with a pet. In addition, its import to the country will be associated with high costs.

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