Croatian bayonet – cheerful companion for active families

The Croatian bayonet is a hard-working and cheerful tracking dog. It is suitable not only for hunting, but also as a companion on long walks and bike trips. Learn more about this Balkan breed of hunting dogs.
gończy chorwacki

This breed popular in Croatia is little known in Poland. How can it be characterized? Mountain Goon helps hunters in tracking game, but not only. It willingly takes part in long walks and can cope in various disciplines of dog sports. Do you want to check if this is the pet for you? Read the breed description and learn about the character traits of these charming dogs.

The Great Dane and its origins

The Croatian Shorthaired is a breed that was already known in previous centuries, but its official standard was not established until the mid-20th century. The Kras MockingDog, as the breed is called, comes from the Sava Valley in Croatia and is related to Bosnian Mocking Dogs. The breed is popular in the countries of the Balkan Peninsula. In Poland it is difficult to find an official kennel.

What does it look like?

It is a small dog, maximum height 56 cm and weight up to 25 kg. How can we describe his appearance?

  1. It has a strong body, short legs and a slightly elongated muzzle.
  2. It is distinguished by its dangling, triangular ears.
  3. The coat is short and double-layered, consisting of dense undercoat and coarse coats.
  4. The coat is generally red or fawn with white markings on the back and muzzle. The Gentian also has white paws.
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It does not require frequent combing and loses little hair. It is also resistant to low temperatures.

Characteristics of the Adriatic Mountain Dog

This hardy dog will enjoy spending long hours in the woods and on long hikes. It can therefore be used for hunting foxes, hares and wild boar. However, the Croatian bayonet will also work well as a family dog, as it likes children and outdoor activities. It will feel more at home in rural backyards than in the city.

The Croatian Shorthaired Dog is not for everyone

However, it is not suitable for the elderly who lack the strength for long walks and for those who live in cramped apartments in blocks. It will also not do well as a yard watchdog, as it is trusting and friendly to strangers as well. Keep in mind, however, that it does not like cats.

Training and grooming of this breed

The Croatian bay dog is relatively easy to train to be obedient and attached to its handlers. This breed is resistant to diseases, although it is prone to problems with ears, which are covered with auricle and susceptible to bacteria and fungal infections. It is worth taking care not only of the ears, but also regularly clean and wash his nose and eyes with a cotton swab soaked in saline.

A Croatian mongrel dog should repay you for your loving care with loyalty and friendship for many years. This is a pet not only for hunters, because it can prove to be the perfect companion for active families that have adequate space.

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Main photo: Strojovodjazg via Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 4.0

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