Hungarian Hunting Dog – an amazing hunting dog. Get to know the breed description!

The Hungarian Hunting Dog is a hunting dog that is great at tracking big game. It quickly becomes attached to its owner and is a faithful companion. What activities does it enjoy the most? Read the text and learn more about this interesting breed of dog!
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The Hungarian Gentian Dog is extremely intelligent, fast, agile, as well as friendly, lovable and playful, but can it be considered a dog for everyone? If you are looking for a smart, loyal companion that you can lavish with love, the Transylvanian Gentian will be a great choice. Will this pet with the soul of a hunter turn out to be a good pet only for active people? What conditions does it require? Is his character problematic and how to shape it? You can find answers to these and many other questions right now. We invite you to read!

Hungarian Hunting Dog – history of the breed

This dog breed originates from Hungarian, Polish and Magyar dogs. It was created for hunting in difficult weather conditions and on various difficult terrains. Its representatives are extremely hardy and clever animals that track bison, roe deer, deer and foxes. In ancient times it was mongrel dogs that were adored by Hungarian kings and aristocracy. The breed was still in danger of extinction in the early 20th century and it wasn’t until 1968 that breeding of these four-legged dogs resumed. Currently, Hungary and Romania are the countries where the breeding of Hungarian Hunting Dogs is popular.

The appearance of the Hungarian Hunting Dog – coat color

Wondering what the dogs of the discussed breed look like? It can be said that both their appearance and attitude can inspire awe. They are medium-sized dogs. Adults reach from 55 to 65 cm, while the weight varies from 25 to 30 kg. Representatives of this breed have a short coat of black and red, and the eyes are dark brown. There used to be two varieties of these dogs (short-legged and tall-legged), but nowadays the first one is rarely seen.

Hungarian Gentleman characteristics

The Hungarian Gentleman is a dog that is definitely awe-inspiring, but when you get to know it better, it turns out to be very friendly and sociable. It’s high time to learn more about the temperament of these animals.

Hungarian Gentleman’s skills

There is no denying that this breed was created for hunting. They are extremely tenacious, intelligent, fast, alert and determined dogs. They excel at their job and nothing can distract them. Despite their innate desire to track and hunt, these animals quickly become attached to their owner and love spending time with them. Remember, however, that they are hunting dogs and have a strong hunting instinct as well as a great sense of smell, so it is essential to take them for long walks every day. This is an opportunity for them to freely sniff selected places. They need a lot of activity, fun and proper training.

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Raising a Hungarian Hunting Dog

If you decide to buy a dog from a kennel or take a pet from a shelter, you must remember that raising your pet is extremely important. In the case of Hungarian Gentian puppies, the stage of socialization and familiarization of the little one with different situations, animals and other people is very important. This is also the time to learn basic commands. Your four-legged pet must know the rules from the very first days in your home. If you do not know how to raise your dog, you can go with him to a doggy daycare. There, under the supervision of qualified trainers, you will be able to participate in training together. The dogs we describe are friendly towards children and other dogs, provided they have been well brought up, of course. They keep a certain distance from strangers.

Health of dogs of this breed

Every owner of a four-legged friend wants their pet to live as long as possible and enjoy good health. Unfortunately, some breeds are more prone to certain health conditions. When it comes to the health of Hungarian Gentian dogs, it can be said that they are immune to various ailments and very rarely get sick. However, the hip dysplasia, which is typical for other breeds, may appear. Representatives of this breed live up to about 10 to 12 years.

How to take care of the shape of such a pet?

Difficult weather conditions are not a challenge for them, but during hot weather, just like other pets, they should have constant access to water and shade where they can hide. Due to its huge reserves of energy, the Great Dane easily stays in good shape. All you need to do is to provide your companion with a good food that provides all the necessary nutrients, as well as make sure that he gets plenty of exercise and playtime.

Hungarian Mountain Goose Dog grooming

Proper grooming is essential, regardless of the breed of dog you decide on. Due to the short coat of the Hungarian Hunting Dog, grooming this breed doesn’t require special attention and a lot of time. It does not need to be combed often, although this is recommended during periods of increased shedding. A rubber glove with special tabs will work very well for grooming. Much more attention should be paid to control the state of the ears, because due to poor ventilation, infections sometimes develop. Of course, it’s nothing dangerous, but in such cases it’s worth seeing a veterinarian.

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Hungarian Hunting Dog – for whom is this breed?

Hungarian Hunting Dog is a dog, which will be a great companion for all lovers of hunting, because of its predisposition to hunt. However, such a pet will also go very well with a family that does not have this kind of interest. Dogs of this breed may be suitable for people who like physical activity, long trips, walks and running. The Hunting Dog will certainly be happy to accompany its owner in such activities. The need for exercise is also important during training, so be sure to give your pet space and time.

Will your Gentleman like other animals and children?

There is nothing to prevent a Gentian from joining a family with children and other animals. However, you must remember that these dogs have a strong need to dominate, so it is crucial to properly raise your pet from the first weeks of life. Also keep in mind that an adult should always control the relationship between the dog and the child and exercise caution.

If you are looking for a faithful companion who enjoys exercise and outdoor play, you can definitely bet on the Hungarian Mongrel breed. Your pooch will be happy to accompany you in your daily activities while satisfying its need for exercise. If your relationship is based on trust and care, he will surely become your best friend in no time. The Hungarian hunting dogs we have described are not only intelligent, hardy, and cunning, but also friendly to people, cheerful, and active. Remember, however, that the decision to take such a pet under your roof can not be hasty. A dog is a living being that requires your attention. You have to remember not only about feeding, daily walks, playing, training, but also about care and visits to the vet.

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