Smaland bayonet – born dog for the hunter. What distinguishes this breed?

Smaland Mountain Dog is a breed rarely seen in Poland, but very popular in its country of origin, Sweden. It’s a born hunting dog, but it won’t work in every home. Check what his character is and what he looks like.
gończy smalandzki

Some breeds, despite the passage of hundreds of years since their creation, still serve the same function. This is the case with many hunting dogs, such as the Slovak MP and the Polish MP. The Smalland Pointers, a Swedish breed with roots dating back to the 13th century, also belongs to this group. Get to know it better!

Smaland Pointers – history of the breed

This breed of hunting dogs originated in Smaland, the land of Sweden. This is where the name Smålandsstövare comes from. Cynologists believe that the first dogs of this type were created as early as the 13th century and were used for hunting hares and foxes. However, they were definitely mentioned in the 16th century, because that’s when the Smålands hunting dogs appeared as working quadrupeds during war. However, the breed standard was not stabilized until 1921.

Description of the breed of Smaland dogs

According to the FCI classification, the Smalland Mountain Dog belongs to the group of Mockingbirds and Sharpshiners, the section of medium-sized Mocking Dogs. The breed is used in hunting, so work trials are required.

The Smalland HuntingDog has a characteristic short tail and a dense, clinging coat. The compact build works well for hunting small game. The dog is muscular and looks athletic. It grows up to 50 cm at the withers and 18 kg in body weight.

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Standard coat

This dog comes in only one coat version. It is black with tan patches on the paws, muzzle and eyebrows. White markings are possible, mainly on the feet and the tip of the tail.

Care and feeding of the Smaland Mongrel

Among the different breeds of dogs, this one stands out for its good condition and health. As a rule it is not affected by any genetic disorders. It requires proper care based primarily on regular combing of the coat and removal of dead hair. It is worth paying attention to broken, slightly hanging ears, where inflammation can develop.

The Smalland Gentleman is an active dog, which requires appropriate food. Ideally, one that provides him with a supply of calories adequate to physical activity.

Smalaland Welsh Mountain Dog – character

This is a friendly dog with a gentle character. It is not aggressive towards strangers and makes friends with them easily. However, remember that you must take care of training your dog. These animals are active, require a constant portion of movement, as well as occupation. For this reason, they are not suitable for everyone. They are not recommended for homes where no one has experience with raising hunting breeds.

How much does a puppy of this breed cost in FCI breeding?

Smaland puppies can cost around 1000 euros, but the final price depends mainly on the litter and the reputation of the kennel. In the Polish Kennel Club it is difficult to get a puppy of this breed. You have to look for a breeder abroad, preferably in Sweden, where the breed comes from. Remember that this generates additional costs associated with, among others, making out international documents for the dog, as well as transport. What’s more, not every breeder will want to sell a dog to someone other than a hunter. All because of temperament and purpose of these four-legged dogs.

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This breed is related to other hounds, including those from Poland. The animals are demanding and active. Keep this in mind before you decide to get a puppy.

Illustration photo: Canarian via Flickr, CC BY-SA 3.0

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