Gascoon Pointer – the largest of the French Pointers. Get to know his character and find out if he is the breed for you

French Pointers are divided into Pyrenees Pointers and Gascon Pointers. In this article, we will focus only on the Great Pyrenees and give you some hints on how to take care of such a pet. Read on and find out if you would be a good owner of a GSP-type dog.
wyżeł gaskoński

The Gascogne Pointer, also called the French Pointing Dog Gascogne type, was originally used primarily as a hunting dog. However, as the popularity of owning a companion dog grew, GSPs increasingly became typical pets. Learn more about this dog breed!

Who was the first? The Great Dane? The Great Pyrenees? Or the French Stallion?

Initially, both the Great Danes and the Great Pyrenees were referred to as French Pointers – which in turn took many characteristics from the Spanish Pointers and Braques. In the 18th century, the Great Danes were extremely popular among the nobility living in the Pyrenees region of southwestern France. With time, they began to be used not only for hunting and became full-fledged household members. It was then, in the twentieth century, that the division was made and two breeds known to us today were distinguished – the larger Gasconian and its smaller cousin the Great Pyrenees.

Appearance, coat and grooming

The Great Dane is a medium-sized dog, with a maximum height at the withers of 69 cm and an optimal weight of 25 kg. It is characterized by a slim but fairly massive body. It is a strong and vigorous animal with an extremely noble appearance. The coat of this breed is thick and compact, and its color usually varies – usually chestnut-brown with white.

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How to groom such a dog? First of all, the GSP should be combed regularly during the moulting period and its claws should be trimmed. He can also be bathed, but if his coat is free of dirt, it is not necessary.

The Great Dane – breed description and character

First of all, it is a hunting dog, so it is characterized by hunting instinct, a good sense of smell and a great need to exercise. Therefore, taking care of the health of the GSP is especially important to provide him with an appropriate dose of activity. If you adopt or buy a dog of this breed, you will quickly see how sociable and loyal he is to the whole family. Unfortunately, this is not just an advantage. The Gascon Pointer doesn’t do well with loneliness, and raising a puppy incorrectly can increase the risk of developing separation anxiety. On the other hand, the dog’s high intelligence makes it cooperative and loves training with its guardian.

GSP nutrition – because a loving owner cares about his dog’s health

The Great Dane is more closely related to its 18th century ancestor than the related Pyrenees. Therefore, if you want your pet to enjoy good health, you should take care of its proper diet. Increasingly popular is BARF, which is feeding your dog raw meat enriched with necessary supplements. However, at home, composing your dog’s meals on your own may prove problematic or even impossible. Then it’s best to reach for ready-made food with high meat content.

GSP-type dogs are quite demanding in maintenance. They’re the type of dog that needs mind and body stimulation that the average homebody can’t provide. Being alone, they are not calm, especially if we don’t take care to use up their huge energy before leaving the house. That is why the future owner of a Gascon GSP should be an active person who appreciates the outdoors. They are generally healthy and do not suffer from typical breed ailments. However, to be sure that the dog is not burdened with genetic defects, always check the competence of the breeder.

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Main photo: Kasiablanka via Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0

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