Australian Terrier – description of the breed and characteristics of small, charming dogs

Australian Terrier is a unique representative of the group of terriers. It differs from its “cousins” in many respects – both in appearance and character. Why? Read it!
terier australijski

A small, cheerful dog, which is suitable both for a block of flats and a house with a garden is your ideal? Then maybe you will be charmed by the Australian terrier? This unique dog was bred only in the 19th century. Check, for whom it will be a good breed!

Standard breed australian terrier

The breed standard set by the FCI states that the Australian terrier is the smallest of the working terriers. Dogs of this breed reach a maximum height of 25 cm at the withers. An adult Australian terrier weighs about 6.5 kg. The dog’s build is proportional and fairly harmonious. The Australian terrier has a long neck and such a trunk. The skull of the dog is long and flat, the eyes are small, oval. The small ears are pointed and upright (high pitched).

The Australian Terrier is characterized by a rough coat that is longer around the neck than on other parts of the body. There is a soft undercoat under the top coat. According to the breed standard, the coat of the Australian terrier must be maintained in 1 of two acceptable color types. It should be either shades of blue with visible tan or sandy-red. There should be no shading or white spots on it.

The Australian Terrier lives on average from 11 to even 15 years.

Character of the Australian terrier

The AustralianTerrierdog is a cheerful, intelligent human companion that is easy to socialize and train. It will find its way around a family with children, as well as in a home where other animals are also kept. The Terrier quickly adapts to its owner and understands what the owner expects from it. He rarely displays the stubbornness typical of other similar breeds. However, he still shows a strong hunting and territorial instinct. Therefore, from the beginning it is good to teach the dog not to be too barking and possessive towards its territory. On the other hand, during walks it is better not to let the dog off the leash! When it finds mouse or rat burrows, it may not respond to the breeder’s calls.

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The Australian Terrier needs long walks every day and mental exercises – preferably those which involve the sense of smell. After such training, the dog will happily spend the afternoon on the couch.

History of the breed

It is not entirely certain where the breed originated. It is believed that Australian Terrier dogs are descendants of breeds brought (and crossed) from Scotland and northern England to Australia. Most often it is said that the ancestors of dogs were representatives of such breeds as cairn terrier, yorkshire terrier, skye terrier, norwich terrier and dandie dinmont terrier. For the first time a new breed of terrier was presented on the show taking place in Melbourne in 1880. Officially, the first breeding of the dog (along with the definition of the breed standard) was established only in 1921.

Dogs quickly gained popularity due to their attachment to humans, ease of training and usefulness in exterminating mice, rabbits, rats and snakes. They were also used as herding dogs and guard dogs. Despite their small size, Australian Terriers coped perfectly with both of these tasks.

For world recognition Australian Terrier breed had to wait a bit longer. In Great Britain it was recognized only in 1936, and in Canada – in 1938.

Health of dogs

Australian terriers have always been valued also because of their excellent health. These dogs are very rarely ill. However, if they do suffer from any diseases, the most common are progressive retinal atrophy, skin allergies, patella dislocations and diabetes mellitus. The latter is most often the result of overfeeding dogs (and even puppies!). That’s why it’s worth taking care of the right quantity and quality of meals given to your pet from the very beginning.

What to feed Australian terrier?

You can either feed him dry or wet food intended for small dogs (or terriers) or prepare his own meals. Then, the meals should consist mainly of meat, but also giblets, tendons, blood and bones. The diet can be supplemented with raw vegetables and fruits and eggs. However, it is worth remembering two important rules. Firstly, meat should be varied and not just one type of meat. Secondly – give dogs only vegetables and fruits that won’t cause digestive problems. The dog’s diet should not include onions, garlic, grapes or raw potatoes.

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Care and breeding of the Australian terrier

The Australian terrier is an easy to groom dog breed. Simply brushing its coat once a week is enough to get it in shape. Like most coarse-haired breeds, terriers can also be trimmed, which makes grooming much easier. It’s a good idea to let a groomer (dog groomer) do the trimming, but if you want, you can also do it yourself.

Many owners of dogs of this breed are very pleased with the fact that the terrier practically does not lose its hair and the moulting period is practically unnoticeable. Remember, however, to always check the condition of the dog’s eyes and ears when combing. Ear infections can happen to terriers and you will notice them the fastest during your dog’s grooming routine.

Australian Terrier is a cheerful dog, which quickly gets along with children and becomes the whole family’s favorite. According to the FCI standard, the dog is different from other terriers. It is more obedient and has a slightly different body structure. For many owners, these features work in his favor, of course! So if you are looking for a small dog, which will be energetic, sturdy and willing to take part in its owner’s daily walks, pay attention to this breed! Maybe one of its representatives will also live in your home?

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