The Continental Bulldog – what sets this rare family dog breed apart?

The Continental Bulldog is a relatively new breed bred in Switzerland. Its representatives are becoming more and more popular also in Poland. Check what distinguishes these charming dogs
buldog kontynentalny

The creator of the Continental Bulldog breed is a Swiss cynologist Imelda Angehrn. At the beginning of the 21st century she began to work on a breed that would have the character and temperament of the English bulldog, but would be devoid of typical health problems. After two decades, dogs bred by Angehrn conquer the hearts of fans around the world.

Continental Bulldog – breed characteristics and description

The Continental Bulldog is a medium-sized dog with a muscular and compact body. It is somewhat reminiscent of the English Bulldog, but differs from it in several details. The muzzle is short, but not so much as to cause breathing problems. A slight forebite should not be visible and the structure of the limbs allows smooth movement. All colours with a black nose are acceptable. In breeders, dogs are born uniform, brindle with or without a black mask.

Continental Bulldog – breeding in Poland

Since 4 April 2022, the Continental Bulldog is a breed officially recognized by the FCI. Continental bul ldog is a breed popular mainly in Switzerland and Germany, but in the Kennel Club in Poland there are already several kennels where puppies are born. Prices for dogs of this breed are very different. However, you need to be prepared to spend from 5 to even 8 thousand zlotys. Much depends on compliance with the breed standard and experience of the breeder.

Continental bulldog – an alternative to the English bulldog?

Breeding of the Continental Bulldog was initiated by the Swiss Kennel Club as an answer to the increasing degradation of related breeds. For many years, English Bulldogs have been notorious primarily for their numerous health problems. Despite the efforts of breeders, reversing years of neglect is extremely difficult. Continental Bulldogs are amiable and balanced dogs that have inherited all the great character traits from their English cousins. However, they are free from musculoskeletal problems. They are also able to breathe normally and enjoy life without major problems.

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The representative of this breed is most often chosen by families with children. Are you looking for a dog that is moderately active and loving, but a little distant from strangers? It is very possible that one of the newest breeds in the FCI pantheon is just for you.

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