Goldendoodle – what does a golden retriever and poodle mix look like?

Mixing dog breeds to obtain individuals with specific characteristics is a task for experienced breeders. Among other things, they created the goldendoodle, a breed that combines the characteristics of a golden retriever and a poodle. These dogs are easy to raise and are great for families.

Crossing two breeds of dogs with each other results in hybrids, called mongrels. In special cases, when crossbreeding is done under strict control of experienced breeders, new breeds are created. One of these is the goldendoodle, which was created by combining a golden retriever and a poodle. Part of the name is taken from the golden retriever, while the other part is taken from the poodle (doodle). Learn about the larger dogs as well as the mini goldendoodle. Breeding, character and appearance of the hybrid breed are just some of the topics we cover in our article. Read more about this adorable pooch that can be a good companion for allergy sufferers!

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Goldendoodle – the look of a friendly shaggy dog

What are the characteristics of the goldendoodle dog breed? Here are its appearance:

  • shaggy coat – straight (like a golden retriever) or curly or wavy (like a poodle)
  • coat color – varies from white, cream and gold to chocolate and black. As a rule it is uniform
  • the size of a goldendoodle is the size of an average golden, which means it is slightly smaller than a twin labradoodle;
  • goldendoodle dogs reach about 61-66 cm at the withers, and females are slightly smaller – 56-58 cm tall. They weigh between 14-21 kg.

Character of goldendoodle dogs

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The goldendoodle dog is usually found to be friendly and sociable. It has a gentle disposition and is loyal. It will be very devoted, which is why it is considered a perfect breed for the whole family. Because of the poodle traits found in the goldendoodle dog breed, puppies and adult dogs are amenable to training and show considerable intelligence.

Doodle – an active and energetic dog

The goldendoodle loves to spend time with its owner. He is eager to play and becomes a full-fledged member of the family, growing up with children in the home. Goldendoodle puppies progress smoothly through the stages of their socialization.

It is important that you provide your goldendoodle puppy with the right amount of exercise to run around. This is important from the point of view of the ancestors from which these quadrupeds are descended, namely hunting dogs.

What influences the character of a goldendoodle dog?

How to be sure that the goldendoodle puppy you buy will be characterized by the indicated character traits? You should choose proven breeders. The right breeder guarantees that the animal will have a balanced disposition, although this cannot be determined with one hundred percent certainty. A lot also depends on the upbringing of the dog. Ensure proper training so that he is obedient and willing to cooperate with humans.

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Goldendoodle and its health

goldendoodle szczeniak w doniczce

Goldendoodles are not typically predisposed to certain genetic diseases specific to poodles and golden retrievers. Goldendoodles live to be 10 to 15 years old. This also does not mean that they do not get sick at all.

Sometimes they suffer from allergies, so even prophylactically it is worth excluding wheat, soy and corn from their diet. Their diet should include high-quality dry food, and meals prepared by the owner must be devoid of grains and potentially allergenic products. It is best to give your dog good meat and whole vegetables.

Goldendoodle dog diseases

There is some (albeit small) risk that goldendoodle dogs may suffer from the same diseases that are common in poodles or golden retrievers. Among these are:

  • hip and elbow dysplasia;
  • eye problems (glaucoma, cataracts, progressive retinal atrophy or dysplasia);
  • osteochondrosis,
  • enostosis
  • allergies;
  • inflammation of the ears,
  • gastric dilatation and torsion.

As a preventive measure, when you visit the veterinary office with your goldendoodle dog, a hip joint examination may be performed. It is ordered by the vet. The same is true for a check-up of the eyes.

Care and diet of the goldendoodle dog

The coat of the goldendoodle dog breed can be really different, which makes it impossible to clearly define how their grooming should be done on a daily basis. These animals do not shed excessively, so they do not need to be combed very often, despite their dense coat. It is best to brush their fur e.g. twice a week, so that it has a healthy shine and does not tangle.

Bathing and basic grooming your goldendoodle

Also, you should bathe your dog every few months. Use the right pet stencil and moisturizing products to keep your pet’s skin in good condition.

A dog groomer should take care of trimming the fur where it is too long, such as between the toes. As part of goldendoodle grooming, the inside of the ears should be cleaned thoroughly to prevent infections, including fungal infections. Teeth can be groomed with treats that are used to remove plaque in pets.

Goldendoodle – nutrition

Goldendoodle dogs can have a tendency to get fat, so be careful about giving them treats as a reward for good behavior or learning new skills during training. It is better to replace them (at least to some extent) with playing and petting your four-legged pet.

Goldendoodle breeding

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What is responsible breeding of a goldendoodle? It is based on mixing together dogs that come from two unrelated individuals with a very pure breed line. Goldendoodle quadrupeds are first generation crossbred animals that show hybrid viability – they are healthier and develop better compared to their parents from the so-called line.

What is the effect of skillfully crossing royal poodle and golden retriever dogs together? Breeders can obtain individuals in which they can minimize or completely eliminate genetic diseases that strongly affect the so-called old breeds.

Goldendoodle – price

How much do you have to pay for a goldendoodle? A puppy may cost up to several thousand zlotys, but such a price is appropriate for dogs from good, reputable kennels located outside Polish borders. In the country it is much cheaper. The price is a few thousand zloty. You have to keep in mind that this breed is not very popular in Poland, so finding a goldendoodle dog for yourself will be problematic

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Background of buying a goldendoodle dog

When you buy a goldendoodle puppy from a good kennel that is run by responsible people, you can take it home about 8 weeks after birth. By this time, the breeder should make sure that he is dewormed 2-3 times and even vaccinated twice and implanted with a chip. As a new owner you should receive a certificate of the animal

History of the goldendoodle breed

The goldendoodledog breed does not have a very long history. The first individual was bred in 1969. The popularity of these quadrupeds gradually grew, especially with the establishment of large centers in Australia dedicated to breeding goldendoodles. At the same time, another hybrid breed was created, the labradoodle (a combination of labrador and poodle). It was successful, so attempts were made to create other crossbreeds using poodles.

The goldendoodle breed and its recent history

Over time, the goldendoodle dog breed became widespread in the United States. Nevertheless, it was not recognized by the FCI (International Kennel Federation). In the late 1990s, crossbreeding of the two breeds began in earnest in the United States, and the reason for this decision was the belief that the hybrid would, on the one hand, have the hypoallergenic qualities of a poodle’s coat and, on the other hand, prove as friendly as a golden retriever.

Goldendoodle and its nomenclature

Sometimes goldendoodles are named in a slightly different way. You may come across the names “goldie poos”, “groodles” or “golden poos”. Due to the fact that there is no breed standard for the goldendoodle yet, it is not entirely clear what such a dog should look like and what character traits it must have

Who is a goldendoodle hybrid dog for?

Who should opt for the goldendoodle breed? Puppies and later adult dogs are seen as ideal pets for the family. Such a pet will be a great playmate for the little ones. In addition, he learns quickly, so he can also do responsible work. He will be a tracking dog, a guide or a water rescuer, because representatives of this breed swim very well. They are also hunting animals, which are good at fetching and tracking.

Where does the goldendoodle feel most comfortable?

Mini goldendoodles will feel comfortable even in apartments. Large dogs of the same breed should do well in a home with a yard where they can expend their energy outdoors.

The Goldendoodle is a hybrid that does not yet have an official pattern, but it is undoubtedly very interesting. Crossing a poodle with a golden retriever gave very good results and dogs of this breed can fulfill many roles. If you are interested in this cross, look for reputable kennels.

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