Dachshund – a small dog with hunting instincts

The Dachshund is a breed that has long been used for hunting. Today, however, these dogs most often serve as pets. They have short paws and an elongated torso. Their traits include strong character, liveliness and intelligence. See if Dachshunds are for you!

When choosing a dog for their home or apartment, many people opt for a dachshund. This small dog with an elongated, distinctive body structure adapts easily to family life and socializes easily. You can choose a short-haired, rough-haired or long-haired dachshund. Will such an active and eager dog be suitable for everyone? We answer this question and many others in our article!

Basic information

Sizeheight: 17-25 cm;
weight: up to 10 kg
Coatcoat: short, long or rough;
colour: any colour is allowed, usually tan
Life span12-16 years
Characterclever, stubborn, independent

Dachshund – appearance and description of breed

Jamnik – wygląd

Dachshund according to FCI classification is classified in group 4. Dogs of this breed have different size, determined by the circumference of the chest:

Standard Dachshunds have a circumference according to FCI standards of at least 35 cm, Miniature Dachshunds have a chest circumference between 30 and 35 cm. The smallest dachshunds are by far the rabbit ones, whose girth is no more than 30 cm. While at the withers small dachshunds are from 17 cm in height. They grow to a maximum height of 25 cm – both dogs and bitches.

Their weight ranges from 3 kg (this is the weight of the smallest representatives of this breed) to 9 kg (this is the weight of a standard-sized dog).

Dachshund is an internationally recognized breed because of its elongated body. These dogs have short legs and proportionally long spine, they are muscular and their head is quite flat.

Dachshund – coat color

When it comes to coloration, these dogs can be:

  • single-colored – red, red-yellow, yellow, with or without a black tint;
  • two-coloured – from deep black or brown with tan, through rusty brown or yellow with tan or striped.
Jamnik – umaszczenie

Long-haired Dachshunds are mostly monochromatic, with coat colors ranging from red to yellow. They can also be two-colored, in shades of black, brown with undertones or even marbled.

Length of coat and division of Dachshunds

Dachshunds can be divided into:

  • long-haired – they have long, shiny and smooth coat, which fits well to the body, although it hangs on the underbelly;
  • short-haired – as the name suggests, they have short coat. It is dense and quite hard, but with proper care it will be shiny and smooth. Their undercoat is also hard and dense;
  • rough-haired – in their case the coat hair is mixed with the undercoat, which adheres all over the body. To the touch, the coat is hard.

Dachshund – eye color

Dachshunds have very pretty eyes – some will have almost black eyes, although they can vary in color (from brown-black to brown-red). A black Dachshund with black eyes looks extremely attractive . This breed is characterized by flared, elongated ears that effectively protect the ear canal

Dachshund character and disposition

Jamnik – charakter

When it comes to the Dachshund, the character of this small-sized dog is usually described as impetuous. These dogs are energetic and enjoy movement and long walks. However, it’s best to always have a leash ready, because if the animal feels a rabbit, it will quickly follow it and lose sight of its owner. It’s all because of strongly developed hunting instinct.

Dachshund and other animals

Strange animals on a walk Dachshund treats as enemies and can start to chase his prey. It’s a sign that he has hunting instinct. Courage is certainly one of the characteristics that can be attributed to them. The character of these dogs causes that they show fearlessness also in relation to bigger ones.

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Dachshund as a good watchdog

In relation to people he will be friendly, but rather not so attached to his human family as representatives of other breeds. It usually approaches strangers with great reserve. Due to its distrust, the dachshund can even be used on the property as a guard dog. If someone invades your property, Dachshund will surely let you know about it with his barking.

Dachshunds and their somewhat perverse character

Dachshunds have inborn intelligence that makes them learn quickly and adapt to different life styles. attention: Dachshunds can behave mischievously, which is caused by their strong character and desire for independence. They are barking, curious and sometimes nosy.

Dachshund – health

Jamnik – zdrowie

In terms of health, these animals are exposed to many stresses. They do not have a stable skeleton and joints, so you should not let your Dachshund be overweight.

This breed is also prone to:

  • diabetes;
  • herniated discs;
  • heart disease;
  • cancer;
  • neurological diseases;
  • back problems caused by the length of the spine;
  • spinal degeneration;
  • discopathy

How to take care of health of dachshund?

Representatives of this breed are sturdy and long-lived dogs – they live up to 13 years on average. In middle age these dogs have back problems, but if they don’t weigh too much, such health problems will rather pass them by. You’ll do best if your dachshund doesn’t go up and down stairs. Short paws don’t allow him to overcome such obstacles comfortably. Because of this, he overloads them, as well as his whole body.

Care and diet

After returning from a walk, your pet can be really dirty, especially if it has long hair. Dachshunds love to go into different burrows and bushes, so it is not difficult to catch a tick then. As part of caring for your four-legged pet, you should make sure to browse his body for biting ticks. You must also have a tick removal kit at home.

Pielęgnacja i dieta


If you have a dachshund, be sure to have a well-balanced diet and make sure to give your pet the right sized portions. These dogs are voracious eaters. If you do not begrudge them treats and large meals, they will easily get fat and become overweight. Food for this breed of dog can be wet, dry or semi-dry or home prepared (but well balanced). The food must invariably be of high quality. Ideally, give your pet more smaller meals throughout the day than 3 large meals.

Bathing and grooming dachshunds

Basically, grooming a dog of this breed is an undemanding task, although you need to perform certain procedures systematically. It’s enough that you bathe your pet a maximum of 3 times a year. If you have a long-haired Dachshund at home, you also need to take care of its coat. You should comb it regularly, because this will make it easier to remove dead hair. A rough-haired Dachshund, on the other hand, needs a haircut twice a year. Comb him with a bristle brush or a rubber glove.

You should also take care of your dog’s teeth. This dog may have tartar. So it’s worth giving your pet treats to clean them.

Breeding of dachshunds

Hodowle jamników

First breedings of Dachshunds were established in order to select dogs useful for hunters during hunting. In different parts of the world (about the same time) in the Middle Ages Dachshunds started to be bred to work with hunters. They were especially useful for hunting badgers.

All short-legged breeds, and the Dachshund is precisely one of them, were probably bred when crossing with each other individuals that were burdened with an inherited cartilage malformation. This led to dwarfism of limbs with completely normal development of trunk.

Types of dachshunds

These dogs are bred in several varieties. They are mainly distinguished by the length of their hair, which we’ve presented before. There are also miniature and rabbit dachshunds as well as standard dachshunds.

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How much does a Dachshund cost? The price of a dog with pedigree can be from 1500 to 3500 zloty or even more. Long-haired dogs are more expensive than short-haired and rough-haired ones. It’s best to buy such dogs from a kennel registered with the FCI.

History of the breed

Already in the Middle Ages, mainly in Germany, they were used as hunting dogs. Hunters valued representatives of this typical German breed because of its specific body build. Small dachshund was able to sneak into the burrow of any game. In Germany these animals are called “Dachshund”, which in translation means simply “badger dog”.

Historia rasy

Most likely, the history of this breed begins in Bavaria. There also appeared first breedings of dachshunds. At the same time, the same breed recognized by the FCI was popularized in England, both as a hunting pet and a companion animal. How did the different varieties come into existence?

  • short-haired Dachshund is considered to be the oldest variety;
  • longhaired variety was created in 16th century as a result of crossing with spaniels;
  • rough-haired variety was created in XIX century as a crossbreed of Dachshund with Schnauzer, Dandie Dinsmont Terrier and probably Scottish Terrier.

Dachshund – when was pattern created?

First breed standard was established during german kynologists congress in 1879 and one year later first pedigree book was created in Germany. Since 1881 year there is an organization dedicated only to breeding Dachshunds – English Dachshund Club and in 1888 year similar club was established in Germany.

Dachshund – for whom will be suitable dog?

Are you choosing a dachshund for your home? If you are ready to take him often for walks and give him a lot of exercise outdoors or within the four walls of your apartment, then this pet is suitable for you. Puppy of this breed is very energetic and should not be left alone in the house

Dachshund needs activity and training

Dachshund is not a dog that can be left without training. He needs to be raised correctly, in a consistent and purposeful manner. You can make your dog cooperate if you provide him with appropriate activities – playing with elements of tracking and learning commands. Such animals prefer diverse activities, so they won’t be good for those people who expect a living room dog, only for company.

Dachshund type and its character

Long-haired Dachshunds are the most friendly and gentle towards people and other animals and the most independent ones are rough-haired ones. You can buy a dog of this breed as the first one to your home, but you have to be firm in its upbringing. With his strong personality, he doesn’t give in to training so easily. If you bring him up badly, he can be stubborn, spiteful and subjugate the household members.

Interesting facts about Dachshunds

Ciekawostki o jamnikach
  • Dachshunds were the favorite breed of Queen Victoria.
  • Interestingly, only some Dachshunds come to our homes from breeding. Puppies in mostly 2/3 of whole litter are destined for hunters because these animals accompany them in hunting for years.
  • In 1972 Dachshund was the first mascot of Olympic Games. Due to his athletic physique and courage, he was chosen as a symbol of the Olympic struggle in Munich.
  • It was the first dog to undergo a cloning procedure in England, which was done by specialists from South Korea.

Dachshund is a dog that has been accompanying hunters during hunting for centuries. However, you don’t have to participate in them to make such dog your companion. Remember that he is a dog full of energy, so you need to train him properly, so that his enthusiasm does not turn into destruction. If you give him a lot of attention, you will have a four-legged friend for years!

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