A little known hunting dog or field spaniel

Its close cousin is the cocker spaniel, which is much more popular. Although the field spaniel bears an uncanny resemblance to the cocker spaniel, it is distinguished by its slightly larger size, among other things. Find out what this beautiful hunting dog needs and its history.
field spaniel

When spaniel breeds were attempted in the 19th century, the field spaniel was considered the same dog as the cocker spaniel. It was only over time that they were distinguished by their size. This beautiful dog can impress with its charming look, long ears and deep chocolate coat. However, it is not very well known in Poland and if you want to own a pet of this breed, you will have to be patient. What character traits does he have? Is he suitable for a home with children? How to take care of his long coat and what is the price of a field spaniel? If you care about having him under your roof, you need to know the answers to these questions before buying. .

Field spaniel – breed description

It is a hunting dog with a very noble appearance. It has long ears reaching the nose, on which small curls usually appear, and a moderately marked foot of the head. His muzzle is long and dry, but should not be pointed. His jaws should be strong, with a scissor bite. Deviation from this rule may result in disqualification of the dog in the show ring. The long neck should allow him to fetch without too much effort – these animals should bring a hunter a shot duck without any problem. The desired length of the muscular chest is about ⅔ the length of the dog’s torso. His gait should be unhurried and his stride long and elegant.

Size and coat of a correctly built field spaniel

Both male and female of this breed should measure about 46 cm and weigh about 18-25 kg. This is slightly more than a cocker spaniel, which in most cases does not exceed 15 kg and usually weighs between 9 and 14 kg. The long and smooth hair of these dogs should have a silky texture. It should not be frizzy or rough. Short hair is desirable on the back, elongating on the paws and belly. Multiple breed colorations are acceptable:

● black;

● black toothed;

● blue derby;

● blue derriere with tan;

● liver-brown;

● liver brown-under-fire;

● liveried deresh;

● liver-tanned derby.

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Coats such as golden, orange, or black and white are not acceptable for this breed.

What character should a field spaniel have?

The field spaniel is a very poised and active dog that not only likes exercise, but also enjoys working with humans. However, he also has a bit of independent spirit in him. He is well adapted to life outdoors, but when he gets into the house, he should calm down and adapt to the energy in the house.

So it is not a dog suitable for a pen or a kennel. He is very resilient and does very well as a hunter, even in very difficult conditions. His handler should be firm and experienced enough to cope with the not always easy character of this excellent utility dog. Friendly to both animals and people, he is readily chosen as a family dog.

Field spaniel – is it a healthy dog?

Thebreed description of the field spaniel indicates that it is generally a fairly healthy dog, but like the cocker spaniel, it can suffer from progressive retinal atrophy. It is a disease whose presence can be checked through genetic testing. It is transmitted in a monogenic manner, which means that if the parents of an individual do not have the disease, their offspring will not get it either. It is also a good idea to test dogs for hip and elbow dysplasia. In addition, because of the floppy ears, bacteria that get inside them can spread much easier. For this reason, it’s a good idea to regularly check if there is anything wrong with them.

Field spaniel care – it’s a demanding hair!

The field spaniel’s hair effectively protects it from temperature fluctuations and, thanks to its water repellency, allows the dog to swim comfortably. However, its long coat makes it necessary to comb it regularly. Also, although it has less hair than the cocker spaniel, it will require regular visits to the groomer. Remember to never shave this type of dog! It has an undercoat that provides it with thermoregulation. You will do better if you trim his coat short. Also, trim his claws regularly and take care of the condition of his teeth by brushing them every day. If you neglect this element of care, it may be necessary, unpleasant for the animal, decalcification.

Field spaniel – breeding in Poland

First field spaniels came to Poland relatively recently. For this reason, the number of breeders is very limited and it may be difficult to find such a dog. A better solution may be to try to import a representative of this breed from Great Britain, which, however, will involve much higher costs. If you want to find a national kennel for these dogs, you can visit your branch of the Polish Kennel Club, where you will be directed to people dealing with field spaniels. You can also consult an online forum, asking for a recommendation of a responsible breeder.

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Field spaniel – price difficult to determine

There are only few dogs of this breed in Poland so litters appear very rarely and establishing average price is very difficult. Buying a pedigree dog with Kennel Club certificate, you will probably have to reckon with the cost of more than 4000 PLN. If you can’t find this dog in the country, it may turn out that this amount will increase even several times. For this reason, however, many people decide to buy a similar cocker spaniel or to adopt a dog from a shelter. Remember that this is usually a better solution than buying an animal from an uncertain source.

History of the field spaniel – where did it come from?

The ancestors of dogs of this breed probably came to England from Spain. On the islands, spaniels began to isolate themselves, creating specific varieties used for different fields. The smaller ones were mainly used for working in fields, herding game and fetching. At the very beginning of British cynology, the name “field spaniel” was actually used for two breeds, as it was also considered to be a cocker spaniel. However, enthusiasts of both these long-established breeds saw significant differences between them. For this reason they were separated…

In which house will a field spaniel fit?

There is no doubt that the field spaniel is an excellent hunting dog. If you are involved in hunting, he can prove to be an excellent companion. Moreover, it will work well as a friend for an active family that is looking for a medium-sized, lively and pretty dog. Their friendly nature makes them have a growing number of followers.

Field spaniel does not like loneliness!

Thefield spaniel is a very sociable dog that expects constant human contact. For this reason, you should not keep him in a pen. If you are a person who spends a lot of time out of the house, you should opt for another pet.

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