Tornjak – the oldest Balkan dog breed

It is a courageous and devoted dog, and it is very resilient. Tornjak is a descendant of animals that lived around the Balkans. This Bosnian-Croatian breed has a wide circle of admirers for good reason. It is a great family dog, which is gaining popularity also in Poland.

This typical mountain molosser belongs rather to large dog breeds. For this reason it is not suitable for everyone. However, it is a devoted and resilient dog, which will be a good pet for people who have a house with a garden. He will be not only a great friend, but also a brave watchdog that will not let unwanted people enter the yard. Thanks to its thick coat, it can live outside all year round. What else do you need to know before a tornado comes under your roof? Where did this breed come from and what are its requirements? Get ready to buy your own pet!

Bosnian-Croatian Sheepdog – how should it look like?

What should immediately strike the eye is the sizeable musculature and proportional structure of the dog. The Tornjak should have a square-shaped body, and in movement should give the impression of a strong dog. The desired ratio of his muzzle to skull is 1:1. His large nose should be well pigmented and his eyes shaped like an almond. The neck must be carried relatively low. The withers must not protrude excessively and the chest of this sheepdog should be very roomy. The short back should be finished with a slightly sloping rump. The legs of the Tornjak should be well angulated and the scapula clearly oblique. According to the breed standard, the angle of the shoulder joint should be about 120°.

Tornjak – its actual size and coat

A dog of this breed should reach 65-70 cm at the withers, while a bitch should reach 60-65 cm. It is reported that it should weigh up to about 50 kg. So it is a really big and heavy dog, which not every human will be able to handle. It has a long coat, which is only shortened around the head and on the legs. Its coat should be straight and close to the body. In winter, the undercoat of the Bosnian-Croatian Sheepdog grows significantly and becomes heavily woolly. Only a mottled coat is allowed, but its patches can be of different colors. However, they must remain uniform in their color. This makes the tornjak recognizable even from a distance.

How does the tornjak behave in everyday life?

It is characterized by a poised, balanced, but also courageous character. These traits make him an excellent family dog. It should be obedient towards its owner, however, it should be remembered that every dog needs a handler who will give it clear signals. Tornjak learns quickly and is characterized by quite high intelligence. He is devoted to his relatives and easily accepts people he knows well. On a daily basis, he is a rather friendly, nice dog that is not too conflictive. It is worth noting his excellent memory, which makes his training much easier. He is also an outstanding guard dog.

Tornjak gets along well with other animals!

Tornjak is famous for its openness towards other animals. He is friendly to them, so a cat in the house should not be a problem. However, if you have the opportunity, try to get your Tornjak acquainted with the species at as young an age as possible. It also usually has no major problems when it comes to interacting with other dogs. However, it is important to note that proper social skills are acquired by dogs while they are still puppies. So if you want a really balanced pet, it should have contact with other pets already at a young age. However, Tornjak will easily adapt to the presence of other pets

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Is the Bosnian-Croatian Shepherd Dog a healthy breed?

As with other large dog breeds, the lifespan of the Tornjak may be slightly shorter than others. It is reported that on average, a dog of this breed will live about 9-11 years. Despite this, it is a really resilient and healthy dog. It can easily cope even in harsh weather conditions. It is resistant to cold, but it also copes quite well with hot weather. The Tornjak is unlikely to suffer from any specific genetic diseases, however, due to its size, its joints are particularly stressed. Thus, some representatives of the breed sometimes suffer from hip dysplasia. So don’t forget about regular examinations of your pet and about providing him with a proper diet. Overweight may have a negative impact on his bones.

Tornjak and its grooming

With its long and relatively soft coat, the Tornjak sometimes gets tangles. For this reason, it should be combed at least 1-2 times a week. Other than that, it is easy to care for and does not require specialized trimming. If it smells unpleasant or is muddy, it should be bathed and then dried very thoroughly. However, if this is not necessary, it is better to avoid this procedure. Washing only damages the dog’s sensitive skin. It’s also a good idea to trim your dog’s claws regularly and brush his teeth to prevent tartar buildup. To take care of his health, you can regularly check his ears. Sometimes the inflammation may appear in them, so if you see redness – go to the vet.

Tornjak in Poland – find your dog

Tornjakis a breed that is commonly found in Poland. It is not very popular, but if you care about such a puppy, you will find it without much trouble. To do it responsibly, you need to find a breeder who understands this breed and provides it with everything it needs. You can ask for reviews online, but it would also be a good idea to contact the nearest branch of the Polish Kennel Club, where you can get information on recommended breeders. Before you buy a tornjak, you can go to a local dog show. Although they do not appear there every time, this is the best chance to come across a representative of this breed and check whether it suits you.

Tornjak – the price of a pedigree dog

Pedigree dogs are rather expensive, and because of the market situation in 2020, their prices have increased even more. For this reason, you are unlikely to manage to buy an animal for less than 3-4 thousand zlotys, although these amounts are usually movable. Tornjak should not be a particularly expensive dog, but you should take into account the fact that the price is determined individually by the breeder. If you think that the proposed amount is too high, there is still the adoption of the dog. Perhaps then he will not be a champion race, and the desired breed may at most slightly resemble, without a doubt, he will be a really devoted companion. Remember that purebred dogs are bred mainly for people who have special requirements for their pet.

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Where did the tornjak come from? History of the breed

The tornjak is probably the oldest dog breed originating from the Balkans. Shepherd dogs have been around since time immemorial, working with humans to care for herds. Historical documents mention animals accompanying people as early as in the 11th century, hence the suspicion that already then man had similar dogs under his care. In 1972, local cynologists made an attempt to recreate the almost extinct breed, looking for dogs of the old type among animals that accompanied shepherds. By 1978, an adequate gene pool had been assembled to begin controlled breeding. In 2013, the breed was officially recognized by the British Kennel Club.

For whom will the tornjak be suitable?

This large dog requires an equally large space. Therefore, if you live in a block of flats, it is better to opt for another pet. However, it is an excellent watchdog, so it will do well in a house with a large garden. The suburbs or the countryside are the places where the Bosnian-Croatian Shepherd Dog will feel most at ease. Due to the fact that it is easy to train, it will be a good dog for a person who doesn’t have much experience with these animals, and due to its gentle character, it will be a great companion for children. Tornjak is not a very active dog, so older people should also enjoy his company, provided that they will be able to keep such a large animal on a leash.

Tornjak – a dog for a working person

It can be described as a moderately active dog. For this reason, the tornjak will also work well as a pet for a working person. If you devote enough time to him, he will also do quite well in a pen. However, since the dog adapts his coat to the temperature around him, try not to invite him home too often during the winter. It might just be too hot for him!

Gentle, but with character! Good protector

The Tornjak is an extremely gentle and affectionate giant towards people close to it. However, it should not be forgotten that it was created to guard flocks of sheep. For this reason, it is extremely alert and has a defensive instinct. So take care that your friends do not approach you in a suspicious, unnatural way. This could trigger a defensive reaction in the tornado, which could end in an unpleasant incident.

It is also called tornjsk, tornijak, tornjam, but this is the result of misreading the breed name or typos.

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