Sealyham terrier – hunter of foxes, otters and badgers

The breed was developed specifically for hunting small game. The Sealyham terrier was already extremely popular at the end of the 20th century. Up to 2000 puppies were registered annually! This small dog with a rough coat is a pet worth getting to know.
sealyham terrier

Although he is not very big, he has the heart of a true hunter. The Sealyham terrier is not a very popular dog nowadays, but if it appears on the street, you will definitely pay attention to it. He has a graceful, though slightly elongated body and a friendly disposition. He is unique because he was created through the work of one man. He is a very skilful hunter, who will do very well in hunting, but nowadays he is also very successful as a companion dog. Learn about the diseases occurring in the breed and find out where in Poland you can buy this unique dog.

What does a Sealyham terrier look like?

The Sealyham Terrier is a dog with a rough, almost wire-like coat with a thick layer of undercoat that protects it from the cold. Its coat is white, but can come in several different shades (lemon, brown, blue or badger). However, it should only appear on the head and ears. Its height should not exceed 31 cm and its weight should vary between 8.2-9 kg. It is therefore not a large but relatively heavy dog, which should move freely. His stride should be long and his paws should point forward. Bending them inwards will be considered as a serious disadvantage during a dog show.

Character of sealyham terrier – he is a good friend

As befits a terrier, an animal of this breed should be courageous and tenacious.At the same time, the Sealyham terrier is an extremely alert dog and has an extremely cheerful and friendly character. There is no denying that he simply likes people. He is quite sensitive and is often called the clown among terriers. His charm made him one of the more popular companion dogs in the 20th century. At the same time, this pet has a strong psyche and still requires a certain amount of firmness from its owner. Keep in mind that due to its high self-confidence, it can start fights with other animals.

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The Sealhyam Terrier is a rather healthy breed

The dog of this breed lives on average about 13 years and is known for its really good health. However, it can have a tendency to gain weight, so it is extremely important to follow a proper diet in its case. Occasionally, glaucoma or intestinal problems may occur, but it is hard to point out typical conditions for the breed. Remember, however, that many sealyham terrier diseases can be acquired by accident. Even if you take care of a dog from a proven breeder, you should not expose your puppy to dangerous viruses and bacteria. Always be ready for a possible visit to the veterinarian.

Caring for him is not just about combing

The stiff structure of this dog’s coat protects him well from the cold. At the same time, however, many dried plants, pinecones and other forest or park treasures will stick to it. For this reason, when you take a Sealyham Terrier under your roof, you should be prepared to clean its coat after every walk. You should also be aware that your pet will require regular trimming, which means expensive visits to the groomer.

The breed of sealyham terrier – where can you buy it?

In 2016, only 16 dogs of this breed were registered in Poland, and only three puppies were born. Getting your dream pet may therefore not be easy. However, there are working breeders registered with the Polish Kennel Club. Remember to pay attention to your dog’s ancestors and avoid excessive mating of closely related animals.

How much does a sealyham terrier cost?

The price of a pedigree dog is set only by its breeder and it is difficult to set it permanently, due to a small number of litters in Poland. Currently, you will probably be able to buy a dog with a pedigree at a price ranging from 3 to 4 thousand zlotys upwards. Importing a dog from abroad will be much more expensive, as you’ll have to include in the cost the transport of the pet and the issuing of special documents, such as a passport or an export pedigree.

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Sealyham terrier – one man’s project

Captain John Edwards had one dream – to create the perfect terrier. This one was to be perfect for hunting foxes, otters and badgers. So around 1848 he started trying to create his dream dog. He crossed already existing terriers. The exact list of breeds is unknown, but it is reported that it was, for example, a short-haired foxhound to improve the coat or a welsh corgi to give the ideal size. Sealyham terrier was officially recognized in 1903.

For whom will the sealyham terrier work?

He is an active dog who enjoys spending time with humans and works well as a child’s companion. Therefore, its guardian doesn’t have to be too experienced, but should be a fairly firm and decisive person. Due to its small size, it shouldn’t spend the night outside, so it won’t be suitable as a pen dog. However, if you take proper care of him, he can feel comfortable even in a block of flats. Special attention should be paid to teach him to come on command.

Who was the first to breed this breed in Poland?

The Sealyham terrier has had its lovers in Poland for years. After World War II it was brought to Poland by professor Maciej Mroczkowski. His kennel was called Alba Avis and quickly gained popularity abroad. In the last two decades of the 20th century, in turn, Hanna Bakuniak was well known and active. Her dogs won numerous awards at dog shows and she exported her puppies to many kennels around the world.

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