Croatian Shepherd Dog – the perfect easy-to-train companion

The Croatian Shepherd is an easy-going dog that will be great as the first pet in the family. Find out how this breed was created and what care it requires for its rather specific coat. Is this the perfect pet for you?
owczarek chorwacki

They are affectionate and energetic dogs that become attached to the whole family. Their sincere devotion makes more and more people interested in buying a Croatian Shepherd. Another advantage is undoubtedly their size. They are not too big, so they can also be handled by slightly smaller people. Interestingly, they come in two different sizes in their homeland, so everyone can choose the perfect dog for themselves! Will a Croatian Shepherd be a good companion for you? It is very likely, especially if you like the affectionate and faithful character typical of this group of dogs.

What does the Croatian Shepherd Dog look like?

In the first place, the attention is drawn to the coat color of these dogs. They always have a black color, preferably without any additional markings. However, their coat is also characteristic. On the back it should reach a length of about 7-14 cm, be curly or even wavy, but not woolly. The front part of the muzzle and the ears should be quite short. If a dog has so called white socks on its paws, its price will be reduced during the show. The appearance of markings on the head, trunk and tail will be associated with disqualification of the dog.

Construction and size of the Croatian Shepherd Dog

This is a medium-sized dog, but their height at the withers should be either below 40 cm or above 50 cm. Their silhouette should be rectangular (more longer than taller) and their slight head should be wedge-shaped. A scissor bite is appropriate for this breed, and a brick bite is acceptable, though undesirable. The eyes should be brown or black, almond-shaped, while the ears are triangular in shape. Standing or semi-standing ears are most desirable. The withers of the Croatian Shepherd should be poorly defined, and the neck should flow smoothly into the upper back line.

What is a Croatian Sheepdog – temperament

These sheepdogs are dogs with a punitive nature. Due to the fact that they are extremely obedient by nature, they are easy to train and are often chosen by people starting their adventure with their pet. At the same time they are balanced but quite energetic. Their energy makes most of the commands they carry out willingly and joyfully. For this reason, these dogs are perfect as a family companion. The Croatian Shepherd is very intelligent, which means that sometimes it can show a bit of independence. In most cases, however, this animal is really easy to control. Some representatives of this breed are not fond of strangers, so it is worth socializing them from an early age.

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How does the Croatian sheepdog tolerate loneliness?

Since it is very attached to its owner, the Croatian Shepherd does not tolerate loneliness well. If he is not taught to stay at home, he can turn into a devastator. Therefore, you should start working on this aspect from the very beginning of the dog’s stay at home. He is also quite barky. For this reason, it is well suited to be a watchdog, but can be quite problematic when it comes to keeping it in a block of flats. It often gets along well with cats, but it is best for it to grow up with a similar pet. He is also recommended as a companion for children, but remember that he should never be left alone with them!

What can a Croatian Shepherd Dog suffer from?

This is a healthy breed that lives to an average age of 13 years. It doesn’t have any common illnesses that set these dogs apart from others. However, don’t forget to make regular visits to your veterinarian. Look out for any worrying symptoms and always consult a specialist. It is worth regularly checking the auricles, which should be bright pink, cool and clean. Be careful not to overfeed your dog! Although the Croatian Shepherd does not have a significant tendency to put on weight, improper weight can lead to a number of conditions, such as hip dysplasia. In extreme cases, it can lead to serious movement problems or even the inability to move efficiently.

How to take care of the Croatian Shepherd’s coat?

The rather soft coat of the Croatian Shepherd makes it necessary to comb it quite regularly. This way you will prevent the formation of tangles. You will also remove dead undercoat, which otherwise might settle on clothes or furniture. However, you only need to do this 2-3 times a week. So this is not a particularly difficult breed to groom. When you visit the vet, let him inspect your dog’s claws (if they aren’t rubbing off fast enough, they should be trimmed). Also take care of your pup’s teeth. If you don’t want to brush them every day, you may have to go for a decalcification treatment over time.

Croatian Sheepdog in Poland – can you buy it?

The Croatian Sheepdogis not a very popular breed in Poland. It is usually not easy to find available puppies. However, there are breedings of them and if you really care about such a charge, you can try to buy one. Then it’s worth going to a dog show in your area. Another method is to visit the nearest branch of the Polish Kennel Club. There you will find specialists who will show you a responsible breeder with whom you can contact in order to buy a dog. Take into account, however, that the waiting period for a pet can be really long!

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How much does a Croatian Shepherd cost?

Pedigree dogs are quite expensive, and in 2020 their price has particularly increased. Therefore, if you want to buy such a protégé, you must prepare yourself for a considerable expense. For a Croatian Shepherd you will probably have to pay at least 3 thousand zlotys or more. If you are not able to buy a dog of this breed in Poland, you may have to import him from abroad, which will be associated with a significant increase in costs. More expensive will be not only the transport itself, but also the necessary vaccinations (against rabies) and documents. Every purebred dog sold abroad must have a so-called export pedigree.

History of the Croatian Shepherd Dog – where did it come from?

The first mention of this breed dates back to the 14th century, but to this day there is a dispute as to whether they are definitely dogs that originated in Croatia. It is quite likely that its ancestors may have originated in countries further east. Regular breeding in his native country did not begin until 1935, while the International Kennel Federation recognized these animals in 1969. It is likely that breeds such as the mudi and pumi are strongly related to the Croatian Shepherd. Today, this breed is found in larger numbers in Hungary and Slovenia, among others.

For whom is the Croatian Shepherd suitable?

The Croatian Sheepdog is a versatile, agile dog. It is perfect as a first pet for an inexperienced handler. It is also often chosen as an animal that works well in sports, such as agility. Therefore, if you care about participating in such competitions, this breed is worth considering. It will not do best in a block of flats. However, he is not very resistant to frost and if he is to stay outside, it will be necessary to properly prepare for him a kennel or another warm place where he can hide. He will do well as a guardian of the property and a family dog.

These dogs are sometimes born without… a tail!

Among this breed in particular, there are often cases of dogs that are born without a tail. However, if you don’t want to exhibit your pup, you don’t have to worry about it. There are no studies that confirm that the absence of this body part negatively affects the dog’s spine. Puppies with this defect can be much cheaper instead.

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