An indomitable spirit and exceptional speed – the Spanish Greyhound

The Spanish greyhound is no ordinary dog. His elegant movement and sharp look immediately indicate that he is a real aristocrat. But can everyone become his owner? Unfortunately his independent character won’t suit every home.
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There is no denying that greyhounds are unique dogs. It is no different in this case. This large breed representative is not only fast but also quite independent. ? To see if the Spanish greyhound will feel comfortable in your home, you need to know not only his character or frequent health problems, but also understand where his specific character comes from. This is a demanding animal that will expect special attention from its owner, especially during the socialization period.

What does the Spanish Greyhound look like?

The appearance of this dog leaves no illusions. At first glance, the Spanish Greyhound looks like a dignified dog. It has long body lines and an elongated head. His chest is extremely narrow, but at the same time deep and capacious. The head of these dogs must be proportional to the whole body. His eyes are small and obliquely set, but at the same time sharp in expression. The long and slender neck makes this dog look proud and confident. The low-set tail tapers towards the end and its limbs should be parallel to each other.

Coloring and size – this is important for prospective owners

In most cases, it is the size of the dog and its coloration that are the most important e for future owners. The Spanish greyhound is a fairly large dog, which can measure up to 70 cm at the withers, but at the same time remains lightweight. His maximum weight is about 30 kg. He shouldn’t exceed it, because it can have a very negative impact on his entire skeletal system. The coat should be smooth and short, sticking to the body. Animals of this breed can come in several different colors, including:

  • fawn, which are most common;
  • black;
  • patched (black, gray, light);
  • cinnamon;
  • yellow.

In the case of this breed, in fact, all colorations are acceptable, but some are much more common.

What is the Spanish Greyhound like?

In their native country, these greyhounds are often treated as hunting animals. They are expected to run fast and be obedient to their owner. If they do not meet expectations, they are sometimes beaten and even killed.This is one of the reasons for the difficult character of these dogs. Adapted to difficult conditions, they have to cope on their own. For this reason they are quite big individualists, distrustful towards strangers. However, there is no denying that they can show affection and attachment to their owner, although they often keep a physical distance.

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Speed does not equal crazy character

It is worth to pay attention to the fact, that despite of its extraordinary abilities when it comes to developing exceptional speed, Spanish Hound is rather calm and balanced dog. When he is at home he usually sleeps or lazes around quietly. It starts to burst with energy only on a walk. Then the best entertainment for this breed is of course running. As the Spanish Greyhound has a strong hunting instinct, attention should be paid to proper training of its calling. Otherwise, a dog let off the leash may be unstoppable.

Is the Spanish Greyhound a healthy dog?

The life expectancy of animals of this breed is about 12 years. Although they are seemingly fragile, this breed does not have any major genetic diseases at high rates. However, it is important to note that these dogs are not very tolerant of cold temperatures. Therefore, they should not stay in a pen during the winter. In addition, they are very prone to weight gain, so their diet should be composed accordingly. The best thing you can do is to choose a grain-free, high-quality food (dry or wet) or opt for a BARF diet. This way you will provide your pet with the highest quality of life.

Grooming is really easy!

Short dog hair is not liked by everyone. It’s harsh and tough, which often makes it hard to clean it off the couch or clothes. It does, however, make dogs like the Spanish Greyhound very easy to groom. In fact, all you need to do is comb it during the moulting season. You also don’t have to worry about groomer visits. If your dog starts to emit a bad odor, you can give him a bath, but don’t do it too often. Your vet should regularly check the ears and the length of the dog’s claws. You can also brush your pet’s teeth daily to avoid tartar.

It is not easy to find a breeder

The Spanish greyhound is not very popular. Many people, having a choice of different dogs from this group, bet for example on the Polish breed, which is relatively popular in the country. However, this does not mean that there are no kennels where you can buy a puppy of the Spanish greyhound. You can ask on groups or forums in social media or go to your nearest branch of the Polish Kennel Club. There you will meet with professionals who will help you choose the perfect dog for you. Remember to first think about what kind of a greyhound you want to buy – do you want a domestic pet or a show champion?

How much does a Spanish Greyhound cost?

A small number of kennels and the specific situation on the market caused by the events of 2020 make it difficult to give you an exact price for which you can buy a purebred Spanish Greyhound. Without a doubt you have to reckon with the expense of at least several thousand zloty. However, there is no denying that this is only a part of the price. Before you buy a greyhound, you must also prepare a layette, appropriate food or leash. It may also be useful fund set aside for possible treatment of the animal. After all, it is a living creature and you never know whether it will not need the help of a specialist.

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Spanish greyhound comes from… Africa

Thousands of years ago, African greyhounds appeared on the Iberian Peninsula. They most likely came from Africa, as they are related to slough dogs. They were already known by the ancient Romans. It is possible that they are also descendants of ancient Asian greyhounds. Between the 16th and 18th century they were exported in large numbers to other countries.

The modern appearance of the breed was already obtained in Spain. It was bred for hunting hares on the open ground and for this purpose it is still used today. In the past, the greyhound of this type also hunted wild boar, rabbits and foxes. So there’s no denying that it’s a really special hunting dog, whose role was to get to the prey and kill or injure it, so that it could be taken care of by a human.

Who would the Spanish Hound be suitable for?

The Spanish Hound is not an easy dog to train. Its independence makes it need an experienced and confident guardian. In addition, despite its large size, it is not suitable for a pen, at least not in Polish climatic conditions. He has quite a short coat, which means he has to spend winters indoors. For this reason, it is more suitable for people who live in a large house with a garden. This breed should be of interest to people who appreciate an introverted but balanced character among dogs and love long walks. If properly managed, the Spanish Greyhound can also prove itself as a family dog.

Where does the original name of this breed come from?

Spanish Hound is not the most popular name for these dogs at all! Breeders, not only abroad, often know him as Galgo Español. Perhaps this has to do with the (probable) Gallic origin of these animals, but this is only speculation. However, it is by this name that it is worth looking for a puppy both in Poland and abroad. In this way the breeder will immediately know exactly what kind of dog you’re looking for! Fortunately, this breed is becoming more and more popular.

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