Lapinporokoira- a conservative and intelligent northern shepherd dog

Since the 17th century, Lapinporokoira dogs have been used in northern Finland to herd reindeer. Not much has changed in this area over the years. Read about what this breed of dog is like and who is especially recommended to buy one.

Classified as a spitz and primitive breed, the Lapinporokoira is a worthy pet. His shrewdness, intelligence, and resistance to cold were used when guarding reindeer herds. Over the years, its popularity has spread beyond the borders of northern Finland.

The Sami shepherd dog – appearance and conformation

The Sami Shepherd Dog is a medium sized dog with a significantly longer body than the height at the withers. It is characterized by a muscular build and stable thick bones. Dogs are usually about 10 cm taller than bitches, and the maximum size of both sexes reaches 55 and 46 cm respectively. The weight fluctuates between 25-30 kg. This dog is characterized by widely spaced eyes with a distinctly oval shape. Ears are also not close together, wider at the base, pointed at the ends. A pronounced tail with thick and long hair falls towards the paws.

The coat of the dog is usually dark and cool. The dominant colors are black, gray and dark brown. The Lapinporocoira has a dense undercoat that protects against frost and a rather rough medium-long coat. White spots are allowed around the chest, neck and around the limbs. In other areas they are not welcome.

The Lapland Spitz and its character

It is a dog that is definitely conservative in affection and somewhat withdrawn. It is used to lead reindeer herds, so it has a very good bark. It is not aggressive, even towards strangers, which does not mean that it will not bark at them. Lapinporokoira has a very good sense of smell, but it is not used for hunting. It is definitely better as a shepherd’s helper, as well as a guarding and alarming dog. It is important to remember to secure the area carefully when leaving the dog outside. A dog of this breed neglected in terms of physical activity is prone to running away.

Lapinporokoira and relationships with people

On the one hand, it is difficult to call this dog a house pet. He is rather reserved in exaggerating his affection to the household members. It gives clear signs of independence. However, what is very interesting? strongly attached to its family and does not tolerate loneliness. Relationships are built on trust rather than petting. However, if he is part of a family with small children or teenagers, he will enjoy interacting with them. In doing so, he values shared activities and the respect of others for his gentle withdrawal. The Lapinporokoira can be a companion for the elderly provided they do not lead a sedentary lifestyle.

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The Sami Shepherd Dog and interaction with other animals

This four-legged dog is not overly dominant and understands other dogs well. For this reason, it will be a good member of a family that already has another dog. It is a bit different with cats. Although the Lapland Spitz does not have an overdeveloped hunting instinct, cats may disturb it. Therefore, for their peaceful life together, it is recommended to introduce them to each other at the earliest possible age.

Lapinporokoira – health and most common diseases

As befits a dog from the far north, the Lapinporokoira is very hardy and resilient. It finds itself well in winter conditions, but it doesn’t mind high temperatures either. This dog usually lives up to 12 years and is not burdened with any common diseases. It is a primitive breed dog, so it is also not prone to genetic defects that could arise from unsuitable crosses.

What is the grooming and feeding of the Lapinporokoir?

For some people it can be a nuisance to lose a lot of hair during the moulting period. Then you need to brush the animal almost every day to make it easier to get rid of hair. Outside this period you should comb your pet usually once a week. Then his coat will retain its beautiful shine.

In terms of meals, Lapinporokoira is also not overly demanding. It will be happy with industrial food if the quality is high and the ingredients include animal protein, vegetables and grains. By maintaining the right activity level for the breed, you can avoid his excessive weight gain.

Lapinporokoira breeding and puppy price

This breed is most popular within Finland. In the south, a register of bitches is often kept, while in the north, owners of reindeer herds do not always document subsequent individuals. Although modern machines have now displaced animals from their use in herding reindeer herds and other game, they still perform an important function. Lapinporokoira need to keep busy, so as a herding dog they live primarily in the north.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of breeding and the limited location of the dog, it is difficult to put a price on it.However, it can be expected that a puppy witha pedigree will cost about 2000 PLN. In turn, the monthly cost of maintenance should not exceed 100-120 zł.

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Lapinporokoira – history of the dog breed

Hundreds of years ago, the Lapinporokoira Finnish lapphund were considered a single breed. However, after a close look at the individuals of these two varieties, they were rightly considered separate. Although references to the lapin shepherd dog date back to the 17th century, it was not until the second half of the 20th century that a standard for this beautiful four-legged dog was approved. Despite the introduction of snowmobiles for herding reindeer, herding dogs still contribute to this work in Lapland. However, in the southern regions of Finland, they usually fulfill themselves as rescue dogs, also guarding and companion dogs.

For whom is the Lapinporokoira suitable?

A dog deprived of exercise will quickly become bored. It is therefore not suitable for a sedentary lifestyle. He is advised against living in a city, unless it is a place with access to free running. Lapinporokoira is recommended especially to active people, families with children who like to choose active forms of recreation and daily walks. It’s not just about the occasional outing outside, but many hours of trips to the forest or other free green areas. It is also an effective guard dog and a sociable pet.

If you are looking for your first dog, the Lapinporokoira may not be the best choice. This is because it needs proper grooming, especially if it is to serve as a working dog. Its very high need for exercise requires the owner to give it a lot of attention. This dog also appreciates intellectual activities and running alone will not satisfy its expectations.

Interesting facts about the Lapinporokoira dog

Once confused with the Finnish lapphund, it has only been considered a full-fledged and separate dog breed since 1996. He is very good at herding reindeer that are more powerful than him. Although he is a winter-loving dog, also hot summers do not prevent him from functioning on a daily basis. This may encourage you to buy a representative of this breed to live and develop in Poland. However, the difficulty is in buying the animal itself, as these dogs are rare outside Finland.

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