Artesian-Norman Basset – house pet or typical hunter?

The Artesian-Norman Basset Hound is a wonderful dog with short legs and a gently elongated body. It is a typical hunting animal, designed to hunt slightly slower game. Is the artesian basset hound suitable for domestic companionship?
basset artezyjsko normandzki

The artesian-Norman basset originated in France. It is also from this language that the first characteristic word of the name, basset, comes from. “Bass” means “low or low-slung,” which is a great fit for this hunting dog. It attracts attention with its stocky paws, strong legs and sizable body.

Artesian-Norman Basset Hound – Appearance and Characteristics

This dog is classified as a short but stocky quadruped. Despite its small paws it is able to reach a height of 36 cm. Weight of properly groomed representative of the breed oscillates in the range of 15-20 kg. Artesian-NormanBasset has short and tight coat, very nice in touch. His back paws should not angle, unlike his front paws, which can angle at the wrists. In the vast majority of this breed representatives are found in three, rarely two colors. The tail is usually pointed and reaches practically to the ground.

Artesian-Norman Basset and its character

Anyone who has dealt with a hunting dog knows that his instinct is highly developed. For this reason, without proper training, the basset is usually stubborn and disobedient. When choosing him for your home, therefore, you must remember to train him from the very beginning. Reward him for every command he performs that proves his obedience to you. On the other hand, the Artesian-Norman basset hound is a great petter and likes to adopt a couch potato style. Because of his resistance to pain, you can leave him with children without fear.

Health of the dog of this breed

The affliction of short-legged dogs is the sensitivity of the spine to excessive weight and taking high jumps. This can be avoided by making sure to give your dog a good dose of exercise. Also, control the amount of food he eats. It must be properly portioned, as excessive pounds will contribute to a rapid decline in your dog’s fitness and physical health. Apart from the sensitivity of the spine to the factors mentioned above, the Artesian-Norman basset hound is a rather healthy and disease-resistant dog.

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Care for the artesian-Norman basset hound?

The requirements to maintain a good body weight affect the amount of daily exercise. A dog of this breed must be given at least three walks a day, especially when the air temperature exceeds 15-20oC. The best way, which doesn’t interfere with the necessity of going for walks with a dog all the time, is to have a home garden. There the basset hound can roam freely. Since he has no undercoat, wear a sweater or mug for him in winter conditions. Protect his paws from freezing. You can brush his coat once every two weeks, and more often during the moulting period. Besides, remember to clean his ears.

Artesian-Norman Basset Hound – breeding in Poland and Europe

In Poland Artesian-Norman Basset is still quite rare. Its breeding is mainly limited to its native France. What is important, during the World War II the breed became almost completely extinct, however, thanks to the efforts of its admirers, it has been preserved. If you want to come into possession of this charming and lovable dog, you will have to order a puppy early enough and wait patiently for it.

Artesian-Norman Basset – puppy price

The cost of buying a dog is influenced by whether you manage to get it from a Polish or foreign breeder. Usually his price will not exceed 3000 zł (700 euros), but the final amount depends on the cost of bringing a puppy from a legal breeding. Monthly maintenance should not exceed 100-120 PLN.

History of Artesian Basset Hound

The dog of this breed originates from long-legged hounds. So where did its short legs come from? The beginning of the breed was given by the Norman hound and the chien d’Artois. Their crossbreeding with the simultaneous occurrence of mutations in the fetal development of cartilage led to the separation of the Artois and Normande basset. Crossbreeding of the latter two resulted in the Artesian-Norman basset hound. In this way the breed has reached an intermediate size.

Who is the Artesian-Norman Basset Hound for?

This is definitely a dog for families who have time to play together and are able to provide their dog with enough space to romp. A basset hound of this type feels very comfortable in the company of numerous families, also with small children. It needs a lot of exercise, so keeping it in an apartment is not recommended. Older people should rather give up on the Artesian-Norman Basset because of its strength and the need for frequent and long walks. Accustomed to life on the couch, he will be very happy with this. However, he easily gains weight then, which affects the strain on his spine.

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Interesting facts about the breed

The Basset Hound was created through crossbreeding and mutation with the idea of working with the walking hunter. In situations where a dog was needed that did not chase forest game, long-legged hounds did not pass the test. For this reason, the Artesian Basset Hound was perpetuated by breeders and has served as a hunting dog since its inception. He loves movement and activity, but used to the couch, he won’t want to leave it. He is a thermophilic dog, and cold weather requires the owner to provide him with special clothing.

The French Artesian-Norman Basset Hound is a dog that almost became completely extinct. But now it is a favorite, especially in France. In Poland you can also find his legal breeding and buy a puppy with pedigree. If the Artesian basset hound is your goal, remember not to pamper him too much with treats. Although they are useful for teaching him obedience, it is easy to overdo the amount and fatten up your pet. However, by doing so, you will cause him harm due to your pet’s not very resilient backbone.

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