Italian Spitz – volpino italiano, a dog with a great sense of humor

The Italian Spitz is assumed to be one of the descendants of the European Spitz, and its cousin is the German Spitz. It’s not a very popular dog, even in its home country. Is it suitable for living in a block of apartments? What are its characteristics?
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Once used for guarding and protection, today its main task is to provide companionship to family members. The Italian Spitz is an extremely temperamental and noisy dog, even though its size does not attract much attention. It attaches itself strongly to its guardian, loves its entire family, but is distrustful of the slightest rustle from behind the door.

How does Spitz look like?

Exuberant character is not everything – this dog also has an original structure. If you look at him, you will notice that almost 40% of his body size is his head. This is not a large dog, because regardless of sex he weighs about 5 kg. The height at withers reaches 28 cm in bitches and 30 cm in dogs. The Spitz is therefore a small breed and its size is enhanced by its long hair, which grows away from the body. It is rough to the touch and is not accepted to be permanently attached to the trunk. Usually its coat is white or red, sometimes champagne, but this color is not best accepted.

This dog has a distinctive pyramid-shaped head. Its eyes are round and clear, with a pleasant gaze. The ears are erect, somewhat close together, triangular and not very large. Legs rather dry, with small bones and not muscular. The tail curls constantly over the back and is an extension of the rump and its length is slightly less than the height of the dog at the withers.

What character does the Spitz have?

The Italian Spitz is called the Italian fox for a reason. It has a lot of the cunning of this animal, but it is also very affectionate and eager to please. He loves all members of his human family and enjoys playing with all of them. However, he doesn’t like too intensive petting. He is a dog with unusually indefatigable energy and basically all the time could be in motion. As a representative of the Spitz breed he can show his owner a sample of his independence. However, when he is trained from a puppy he is known as an obedient and devoted dog, which doesn’t like independence. He used to take part in circus shows, which proves his ability to learn.

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The Italian Spitz and living with others

Although this pet is very mobile and loves to play, it can easily tolerate solitude for several hours a day. Of course, you have to get him used to it from the beginning, but even in an apartment he will do well. The Italian Spitz is the soul of the company, so much so that he likes to draw attention to himself. He often puts on a show to make others eagerly look at him. On the other hand, he is very distrustful of strangers and intruders. His barking may disturb the neighbors, but in the garden he will do well as a watchdog.

Does Spitz accept other animals?

It happens that the life of a dog and a cat together is not very successful. In order for a Spitz to get along with other furry family members, it must be accustomed to such a life from its youth. A sudden encounter between an adult dog and a small or larger cat can end in an unpleasant incident. It is even more difficult with other dogs, because this pet has difficulty getting along with representatives of the same species.

Health and diseases of the Italian Spitz

Counted among the descendants of primitive breeds, the Italian Spitz is characterized by endurance and longevity. It usually survives up to 15 years. There are no obvious signs that he is suffering from any breed-specific ailments. This is mainly due to its endurance, but also to its small population and few reports of typical disease entities. However, it happens that this dog suffers from dislocation of the patella and retinaculum. He is not a typical glutton, and sometimes it is even difficult to satisfy his dietary requirements. As a result, he is unlikely to gain weight.

Grooming of the Spitz

Considering its coat type, the Spitz can be demanding when it comes to regular grooming. It requires frequent brushing, which should be done at least a few times a week. By doing so, you will help him maintain the proper shine of his coat and not allow it to become tangled. His hair is coarse, which, if the dog is very active, means that he can often bring plants home on himself. For his hygiene, you need to bathe him regularly, which should usually be once a month.

Forget about the fact that average quality food from the supermarket will satisfy the palate of this pet. You should prepare your own meals based on raw meat. Add cereals and vegetables to them as well. As a last resort, your Spitz will also eat premium food. Although the nutritional requirements of the animal are considerable, its appetite is not too large. Its monthly maintenance should therefore not exceed 100 PLN.

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Breeding and price of the Italian Spitz

If you are interested in buying this dog, you need to be patient. His population does not exceed a few hundred around the world, making the availability scarce and prices high. The best chance to find him is, of course, in Italy. Be sure that the puppy coming into your home is at least 8 weeks old, dewormed and vaccinated. Also insist on proper pedigree documentation. The price of this dog is usually at least 4000 PLN.

A brief history of the Italian Spitz breed

Despite its negligible popularity today, the Italian Spitz was once highly prized by many people. One of them was even Michelangelo’s pet. It belongs to a breed liked not only by people living in villages, but also in noble palaces. For hundreds of years it has been an integral part of the idyll of people from the upper and slightly lower classes. Today it is treated mainly as a family companion and a sport dog, for example for agility.

Who is the Spitz for?

Despite the fact that it is a noisy fidget, the Spitz will do well in the homes of elderly people. The condition is their physical activity at the right level. Italian Spitz is a good companion for singles, as long as they are not withdrawn, but rather inclined to show emotions and feelings. It is mainly reached by families, even those with children. However, it is not recommended that they are left with little kids as they may accost them with biting.

Interesting facts about the Italian Spitz

The sweet, playful and smart dog is not always very popular. Currently, the Italian Spitz breed numbers just over 300 individuals and is extremely rare even in Italy, where it originated. Much more famous is its cousin, the German Spitz. The Italian Spitz is small in size, but is characterized by its great barking. Even a falling leaf is capable of triggering his urge to bark loudly. Take this into consideration before inviting him to live in an apartment building.

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