Foksterier – is this dog suitable for everyone? History, description and character of the breed

The Foxtrot is one of the best known and oldest varieties of terrier. In the past they were used for hunting, and nowadays they are popular family companions. However, they are quite demanding pets, so it’s worth learning more about their characteristics.

There are many varieties of terriers. These dogs were originally used for hunting as versatile hunting helpers. They proved themselves to be good as hunters, but also as burrowers. They were tasked with herding animals such as badgers, foxes, otters and, in the case of domesticated dogs, rats out of their burrows. Their use depended primarily on the size of the variety, but also on demand. Boxers were perfect in both situations.

Historical background of the oldest variety of terriers

These dogs originate from Great Britain, where they were bred and raised as hunting companions from the very beginning. The first mention of them dates back to 1760, however, the first organization associating breeders of these dogs was the Fox Terrier Club, founded only in 1876. The popularity of these pets grew rapidly after Queen Victoria became interested in them and got herself a Foxtrot. Since then, dogs of this breed are widely known and liked. Nowadays, they accompany families more often than hunters.

Wirehaired and Shorthaired Foxtrot

This quadruped can be found in two hair varieties. Few people know that the short-haired and the coarse-haired Foxtrot are two separate breeds with different patterns. Of course, the most differentiating feature is the type of coat. In the first case, it is short and close to the body hair. Rough-haired dogs have a longer and curly coat that is cut to resemble a rectangle on the muzzle. This version of the Foxtrot is also much more popular than its shorthaired cousin, which is not seen very often. Both dogs also require different care and grooming, although their characters are similar.

foksterier - szorstkowłosa i krótkowłosa rasa psa foksterier

Distinctive appearance – the hallmark of the Foxtrot

The Foxtrot is a small dog that won’t grow taller than 40 centimeters and weighs less than 10 kilograms. It has a compact and narrow build, ideally suited both for long distance runs and for diving into burrows where foxes or badgers hide. The coarse-haired variety has distinctive legs covered with thick fur that give the impression of thick, woolly pants. Regardless of the coat, a characteristic feature of these dogs is a short and thick tail, usually wagging. They are also distinguished by their folded, triangular ears that give them a wry look.

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The Foxtrot, an exceptionally healthy and sturdy dog

Foxters are usually true specimens of health. They are not afraid of harsh weather conditions and don’t suffer from diseases such as hip dysplasia or stomach torsion. Unfortunately they are exposed to several genetic disorders such as congenital dilatation of esophagus or epilepsy. Animals may also suffer from skin conditions, especially atopic dermatitis. Another group of diseases are those affecting the eyes, especially cataracts and lens dislocation. Other conditions can be eliminated with the right diet and exercise.

foksterier - wyjątkowo zdrowy i wytrzymały pies

Watch out for food! Nutrition for the Foxtrot

Boxer dogs are prone to allergies to certain food ingredients. Therefore, you should always check its composition carefully. The food should include carefully selected ingredients, not random and mixed leftovers. A major concern with terriers is their tendency to gain weight. They can eat much more than they should, so you need to keep a special eye on the size of their food portions. Being overweight can seriously damage the health of these animals. To avoid twisting your dog’s stomach, ensure that he gets a rest after eating.

Are foxhounds easy to groom?

It may seem that the rough-haired variety requires advanced grooming. In reality, these dogs only need regular grooming – short-haired dogs only need to be groomed once, while coarse-haired dogs need to be groomed 2-3 times a week. Apart from that, about three times a year it’s worth taking them to a groomer for trimming and bathing, or do it yourself. However, this requires a lot of attention and experience.

Foxtrot – a puppy with exceptional temperament

Like most terriers, this one is also characterized by great intelligence. It loves games which stimulate its development or its intellect, as well as any physical activity. It needs contact with its owner, to whom it shows affection (sometimes very effusively) and to whom it attaches itself. It needs some time to get used to strangers, as it is distrustful and insecure by nature. Some representatives of the breed will be characterized by a high degree of independence and even stubbornness, so you need to arm yourself with patience during training.

foksterier - szczeniak z wyjątkowym temperamentem

How to train a Foxtrot to be a good companion?

These dogs quickly learn new things and understand the rules of the house. However, they must be consistently guided by an experienced owner who will set clear boundaries. However, you can not use violence against him, because it will only cause negative effects – closing in on themselves, and even aggression. Special attention should be paid to securing the garden against the escape of the pet. As a hunting dog, the Foxtrot will not hesitate to run away when it catches a trail. It can also destroy plants and bark loudly, so a novice dog owner may have trouble controlling it.

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Will the Foxtrot work well in a family with children and other animals?

The Foxtrot is a very active dog that needs to be kept busy. Therefore, they won’t be the best choice for homeschoolers and seniors who can’t keep up with its needs. They are also not fond of small children, towards whom they may not be very gentle. They will also not hesitate to scare them away if they violate boundaries that children are not aware of. They will therefore do well in a home with slightly older kids. To make the Foxtrot accept other animals, it must be raised with them from the very beginning. Introducing a cat into the house will end in chases, and other dogs – even larger than yourself – your pet may simply attack.

foksterier - czy foksterier sprawdzi się w rodzinie z dziećmi i innymi zwierzętami

Foxterrier – the price of a dog from a kennel

Breed dogs are quite expensive. Choosing a reliable kennel, you should expect a price of about 3000 zł, and in the case of exceptionally nice specimens, even miniature sealers, the price is sometimes even 5000 zł. With a secure purchase, however, you can be sure to purchase a healthy animal. Prices offered by pseudo breeding are more attractive, but dogs are housed there in very poor conditions and are sometimes burdened with genetic diseases.

Foxtrot is a good companion for an active and consistent owner.In an unsuitable home will cause problems, so his purchase should be carefully thought out.

foksterier - cena psa z hodowli
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