Picardy spaniel – what is worth knowing about this rare breed?

The Picardy spaniel is not as popular as, for example, American and English cocker spaniels or British varieties of these dogs. However, it’s a breed worth keeping an eye on, as it can prove to be a great companion at work and for the family.
spaniel pikardyjski

Spaniels are one group of hunting dogs, often used in bird hunting. Unlike other breeds, such as large and small terriers, which chased or herded game, these varieties of quadrupeds had completely different tasks. Their duties included herding water birds out of rushes. They would fly into the air where they were easy prey for hunters. The dogs were later to bring the prey to the hunter. For this reason, spaniels are mostly excellent swimmers. In modern times, the Picardy spaniel can also hunt, although it is equally fulfilled as a family companion.

A short history of Picardy Spaniels in Europe

As the name suggests, this breed originated in the Picardy region, which is the northern part of France in the English Channel area. The Picardy spaniel is still most common there today. It is closely related to the French spaniel, along with which it was considered the same breed. Until 1907, they were shown together at dog shows, so it only achieved full independence about a century ago. Used by French hunters to hunt waterfowl, today it primarily accompanies families who appreciate this dog ‘s gentle nature and attentiveness to all family members.

Blue Picardy spaniel and classic variety – how do they differ?

In addition to the French spaniels, there is another breed that is very similar to the Picardy spaniel. We are talking about the blue variety of these quadrupeds. They are not literally blue, but rather grayish in patches and black spots. It is the coloration that is the only factor that distinguishes these two varieties from each other, as the classic version of this spaniel is brown. In addition, these dogs are characterized by the typical long coat of spaniels and drooping, long ears. They have a rather large, square head and intelligent eyes. They are rather slender and not characterized by a strong build, although they have the stamina of a typical hunting dog.

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What grooming does the Picardy Spaniel require?

Due to its long coat, representatives of this breed require regular brushing. It should be done several times a week, especially after walks in the forest. This is because leaves and twigs can stick to the coat. You also can not lead to the formation of tangles. Special attention should be paid to the ears. Due to the fact that they are hanging down and covered with luxuriant fur, they can become a place of easy infection. Regular check of each part of spaniel’s body will help to protect the animal from diseases.

Most common diseases of Picardy spaniels

The already mentioned susceptibility to ear diseases is the most common ailment of these dogs. Other than that, Picardy spaniels have no major health problems and are characterized by a fairly long life. They usually live up to 13 years. However, the thing you need to pay special attention to is the nutrition of the dogs. Although they don’t need any special products, they tend to get fat. If a spaniel is not given enough exercise and too much food, it will quickly gain weight, which can cause serious diseases.

Picardy spaniel’s character – will it suit everyone?

Spaniels are affectionate animals, focused on contact with people. Deprived of play and affection from the owner, they become lethargic and unhappy. Although they love physical activity, they are quite calm, especially in comparison with other hunting dogs. They are sociable, have no reserve towards strangers and are not best suited as watchdogs. They are also characterized by intelligence, so they will definitely enjoy games and tasks that require them to activate their intellect. They are quiet animals, so they are suitable for apartment living. It is necessary to give them a good portion of exercise and stimulation every day.

Picardy Spaniel and children and other animals

Picardy Spanielsare good companions for playing with children, but they are quite big. While playing, they can unintentionally and unknowingly hurt the youngest member of the family. For this reason, children should be taught how to handle animals beforehand. They are also suitable for the elderly, but only if you can give them exercise. Without a run, dogs will seek entertainment, such as destroying the apartment. A rather unique feature of these spaniels is that they get along well with cats and other animals. Unlike some hunting breeds, they usually do not chase game unless they are trained to do so.

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What kind of training does a Picardy spaniel require?

These are dogs that are recommended to novice pet guardians because they are easy to train, and they are obedient and non-confrontational. They do not dominate the owner, but they listen to his commands and let themselves be led. Because of their intelligence, of course, they require intellectual stimulation, but they don’t cause problems if you provide them with entertainment. They can still accompany hunters, although nowadays they are most often found with their families, to whom they are fully devoted. They will tolerate travel and solitude well, but they need to be accustomed to each of these circumstances beforehand.

Picardy Spaniel – breeding and price of a dog

In Poland this breed is not very popular, so it is hard to find its breeding and puppies. It is similar in case of Picardy Blue Spaniel. For this reason, you should prepare yourself for quite a high price of a puppy, which can be up to 5000 PLN. However, it is worth paying such a sum and buying an animal characterized by good health and impeccable character.

Picardy spaniels are excellent companions for families and hunters. They won the hearts of their owners thanks to their good character and unique appearance.

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