Papillon – a dog with butterfly ears. What is worth knowing about this unique breed?

For those familiar with the French language, the first association with the word “papillon” does not necessarily refer to the breed of dog. Interestingly, the word refers to the unusual appearance of the quadruped

Some hunting dogs are great as family companions. The qualities that make them great family pets include obedience, willingness to cooperate with humans, high intelligence and gentleness. These include, among others, papillons.

Among breeds known all over the world are primarily fetchers, such as golden retrievers and labradors. Good companion dogs are also quadrupeds previously used to herd waterfowl out of rushes. These include English and American cocker spaniels and continental spaniels. The latter are more widely known as papillons, and they work well both in the apartment and in the owner’s purse.

Papillon – a breed with a unique name

Papillon – rasa psa z wyjątkową nazwą

The official name of the breed according to the International Kennel Federation standard is “continental spaniel”. However, this terminology is relatively rarely used, as these small companion animals are known by their common name. Papillon (breed dog) in the context of the quadruped breed refers to their distinctive ears, of the French word for butterfly. They are very large in relation to the entire head, covered with thick, hanging fur and shaped like butterfly wings. They give these tiny quadrupeds a unique charm.

Continental spaniels – one of the oldest breeds

Despite the fact that the name of these dogs comes from the French language, the first traces of the animal’s existence should be sought in Italy. Very similar pets appeared in paintings dating back to the 13th century and were often depicted in the paintings of Florentine Renaissance masters. In the mid-16th century, they found their way to the French court, where they quickly gained great popularity. During the French Revolution the papillon breed almost became extinct, as its popularity among the aristocracy rapidly declined. Thanks to the efforts of breeders, however, it was revived in the 19th century and has been successfully maintained ever since.

Papillon or phalène? What is the difference between them?

Pies papillon czy phalène? Jaka jest między nimi różnica?

The Continental Spaniel (papillon) comes in two different varieties that share the same pattern. The only difference in their case is in the shape of the ears. The described papillon is characterized by standing and large ears. The phalène variety is characterized by folded and drooping ears, which are also covered with a dense coat. In no other place do they differ from their cousins. They are much less popular and many people do not even know they exist.

Small dog with large ears and other distinctive features – papillon

In addition to its large ears, the papillon has many other distinctive features. What strikes the eye is the rich coat, slightly wavy and mostly snow-white. There are brownish or black stripes on the back and around the tail, and a mask of the same color on the muzzle, often with a white arrow on the forehead. It covers the ears but skirts the muzzle. The Papillon has a very bushy tail, carried high in such a way that the fur lays over the back. In addition, their notable feature is a small head with relatively large, intelligent eyes. They are not tall – they reach about 28 cm at the withers and do not weigh more than 5 kilograms.

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Is grooming a papillon demanding?

Czy pielęgnacja papillona jest wymagająca?

It may seem that a long and lush coat is extremely difficult to care for. In fact, the opposite is true. They only require regular combing that will prevent tangles in the coat. Additional combing should take place during the moulting period when there is naturally more hair. You should also keep an eye on your Papillon’s eyes and especially his ears. Due to the fact that they are covered with exceptionally thick fur, they require a thorough inspection in order to eliminate possible infections or contamination. If dangers are detected early enough, problems can be eliminated and visits to the vet can be avoided in advance.

Continental spaniel and exercise. Is Papillon a couch potato?

This breed is not characterized by large size, so they are not demanding in terms of training. They work well as typical couch potatoes, but their need for walks should not be underestimated. The Papillon dog is characterized by a rather large temperament. It can be satisfied by walks of an appropriate length or some sports. You can observe this dog most often in agility competitions. Although he is not such a master as, for example, border collie, but he can also be successful in this field.

Papillon – difficult or undemanding character?

Continental spaniels require close contact with humans. They can be somewhat absorbing in this regard. They hate to be left alone, although this can be taught. They like to play and engage in games that require them to think and use their intelligence. They are not very aggressive towards strangers, although they are not particularly affectionate towards them. Most often they keep their distance from others. They are not very barky animals, which makes them different from many other small breeds. However, they are able to inform their owner that someone is approaching the house. A big advantage of the papillon puppy is that they are not prone to running away or destroying the objects of the house, as long as they are provided with enough activities.

What kind of guardian does a papillon need?

Jakiego opiekuna potrzebuje papillon?

This is a very versatile breed that will be suitable for people with different characters. The Papillon will be suitable for a family with young children, although the youngest members of the family should be made aware that the animal is a sentient being and not a toy. They will also be ideal companions for the elderly, to whom they will provide companionship and show a lot of affection. With other pets, they may get into conflicts, even with individuals larger than themselves. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of proper socialization of the puppy. It doesn’t behave badly towards cats, it doesn’t chase or harass them, although it’s best to raise these animals together from a young age.

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What kind of upbringing does the continental papillon spaniel require?

These spaniels will be suitable for people who have never had a pet of their own before. They are docile and gentle, and do not require firm guidance. Instead, they should be treated with consistency, calmness and a lot of love. It is absolutely unacceptable and reprehensible to use violence against them. These small animals need a lot of praise and positive feelings from their owner, not corporal punishment or shouting. If they are adapted to meet other people and animals, they will be wonderful companions for the whole family.

Papillon – puppy or adult dog?

Buying a younger dog in most cases will be the best solution. Then there is a chance to teach the animal the most important rules in a fairly short time. Apart from that, you can easily instill proper behavior patterns in your Continental Spaniel and make him accustomed to e.g. children or other animals. Behaviour of older individuals may be marked by upbringing mistakes of previous owners – some of them are easy to eradicate, others are more difficult. When deciding to buy a puppy, however, one should remember that breed of dog papillon is long-lived – they can live to be 15 years old. Papillon will be your friend for a really long time.

Papillon dog – price in breeding

There is no denying that the breed in question is quite expensive. Deciding on a puppy from a good breeding, you have to reckon with the cost of about 5000 zł. The best representatives of this breed of outstanding parents can reach a price of about 8000 zł. However, it’s not worth saving on the purchase. Good breeding is the key to buying a healthy dog, which will not have genetic defects.

Papilon is a small animal with a huge heart. He will be a faithful companion of the whole family, which should not cause many problems. It is good to decide on him as the so-called first dog, because he is easy to raise and train.

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