Pinscher – the most popular varieties and all important information

Pinscher is a term for a group of guarding or hunting dogs that originated in Germany. Within it, there are several more or less popular breeds that are worth getting to know in more detail. We present what you should know about these unique breeds.

It is difficult to determine the exact origin of the name describing this group of animals. The most likely origin is French, since in that language pincer means “to grab” or “to bite”. It’s also hard not to notice the similarity to the English pinch, which means the action of “pinching.” This may have something to do with the history of using dogs that were meant to fight rodents. Larger varieties of pinschers, on the other hand, have proven themselves as outstanding guard dogs . The differences in appearance are mainly seen in the height of each breed. Find out what the different Pinscher breeds are.

What varieties of Pinscher can there be?


Most dogs within a single, especially small section, are characterized by very similar features of appearance and character. For example, setters differ only in the color of their coat and to a small extent in their temperament. The situation is analogous in the case of Pinschers. All representatives of this group were bred as guard dogs and hunting companions. As a result, they have several characteristic features. The following five varieties of Pinschers can be distinguished:

  • miniature Pinscher;
  • monkey Pinscher;
  • medium Pinscher;
  • austrian Pinscher;
  • doberman.

What does a pinscher usually look like?

The so-called ratler is a small dog that reaches a maximum of 30 cm at the withers and weighs no more than 5 kilograms. In appearance, it somewhat resembles the English toy terrier, although it differs from it in its place of origin. Like all Pinschers, the Ratler originated in Germany. These dogs are characterized by a light build, thin limbs and relatively large ears. Their coat is usually black with tan, but they also come in brown. Ears are sometimes copied(it is worth reminding that in Poland this procedure is illegal), and when they are not cut off they hang slightly folded. The tail, naturally long and thin, is also shortened.

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Is the Pinscher a companion animal only?


In the past the purpose of these dogs was to catch rats and other rodents in their holes – hence their small size. Nowadays ratlers are encountered practically only as a companion. Their size is suitable to put into a bag, but it is worth remembering that these dogs can be quite capricious. They are very smart and above average intelligent. Due to a strongly developed guarding instinct, they can also be unfriendly to strangers. They are characterized by high loyalty to one person, although they require consistency. Otherwise, they will step on the owner’s head.

What is worth knowing about the Monkey Pinscher?

Like the ratler, this variety is distinguished by a very slight height. They grow up to 30 cm at the withers and do not exceed a weight of 5 kilograms. What distinguishes them from other breeds is, first of all, the coat. It is almost always completely black and quite long. The name of this breed comes from its characteristic muzzle with moody hair, somewhat resembling a monkey’s head. The coat requires regular grooming, as well as proper trimming and trimming.

Is the Monkey Pinscher a dog for everyone?

Pinschers were originally bred as working dogs: guarding and hunting dogs. The characteristics of this type of animal are reflected, even so cute in appearance, in the Monkey Pinscher. It is courageous and intelligent, but it gets bored quickly. It is therefore necessary to provide him with appropriate activities to stimulate his mind. He must not be allowed to dominate and any urge to test his owner’s patience must be quickly eliminated. These dogs are faithful to their family and may be distrustful of visitors and any strangers.

What distinguishes the medium pinscher?

This variety of dog is taller than the Monkey Pinscher, as it measures up to 50 cm at the withers. It also weighs more, up to 17 kilograms. The medium pinscher was originally intended to exterminate rats, as well as defend the entire farm. Today, he successfully plays the role of a family companion. Most often it is black with underbrush, although brown dogs are also found. A big advantage is the coat, which does not require such frequent grooming. Nowadays these dogs are met quite rarely.

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What is the character of the Middle Pinscher?

Males of this breed can run away and get into fights with other dogs. For this reason, proper socialization and training should be done well in advance. They should not be allowed to run away or be disobedient, as this may have a negative effect on them in the future. Middle Pinschers can be peaceful house companions, but they feel equally at home in a garden. Then you have to reckon with the fact that they will consider the property as their territory and will gladly defend it against strangers.

Doberman – can we call him the king of pinschers?

TheDoberman is by far the largest representative of the Pinscher. It can grow up to 72 cm at the withers and weigh up to 45 kilograms. Still subject to work trials, Dobermans are sometimes used for hunting or to guard the house. However, their aggression must not be allowed to develop, as they will become really dangerous. Properly raised, they will make great family dogs and tender watchdogs. However, a strong hand of an experienced owner is necessary in their upbringing.

What you should know before buying a doberman?

Despite their rather menacing appearance, especially with copy ears, these dogs are exceptionally protective towards the youngest members of the family. They also require close contact with humans, so they are not suitable for a kennel (also due to the lack of undercoat). They need a lot of exercise and varied training.

The Pinscher is an exceptional dog with a strong character. Irrespective of its variety, it will be an excellent guard dog as long as its owner does not encourage aggression in it and trains it properly.

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