Parson russell terrier – what do you need to know about this energetic dog?

This small breed of hunting dogs is becoming more and more popular in Poland. Cheerful and full of energy Parson Russell Terrier doesn’t demand too much from its owner, but it can offer him a lot. What distinguishes this breed? Check it out!
parson russell terrier

Parson russell terrier surprises. The small size of this dog can be deceiving. Although it gives the impression of being quite delicate, it amazes with its strength and stamina. Wondering if this variety of terrier will work for you? Check out what a parson terrier needs

What does a parson russell terrier look like?

The Parson russell terrier is dog with quite a characteristic appearance. It is small, but very agile and with its wry face will disarm everyone. The dog reaches a height of up to 38 cm at the withers, and the bitch – up to 35 cm. On average, the Parson weighs about 7 kg, and its characteristic feature is a strong and straight back. A strong tail is another feature typical for this terrier. What else distinguishes him?

Parson russell terriervs. jack russell terrier – don’t confuse these breeds!

Parson russell and jack russell are two terrier breeds that are very popular nowadays. What is the difference between them? Not much. For the layman, the differences between a Parson and a Jack are practically nonexistent. A keen eye will notice in turn that:

  • the silhouette of the parson is more square than that of the jack;
  • the parson is taller than the jack
parson terrier rasa

Parson russell terrier and his coat

The parson’s coat is quite hard and dense. The rough-haired parson russell terrier and the smooth-haired parson russell ter rier are very popular. An important consideration is the coat color of the dog. His coat can be completely white, although it is often decorated with lemon or black patches. Colored markings can’t outweigh white, however, and should be limited to the head and tail.

Parson russell terrier – character

The Parson Russell Terrier is a lively and energetic dog, although his hyperactivity makes him quite difficult to concentrate. However, this is a character trait that you can control. This is a very intelligent pet, and systematic work with him allows you to achieve great results.

It is a curious and stubborn dog, so it needs an owner who manages to resist its sweet face and set some boundaries. Parsons learn quickly, and you can discharge their energy in many ways. Playing, walking or playing sports together are ideal activities for a dog of this breed. Thanks to them, you can control his temper and at the same time have a good time in the dog’s company

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How to take care of this dog’s health?

Parson russell terrier. Jak dbać o zdrowie tego psa

Parson terrier is a breed prone to many diseases. One of the most common of these is muscle wasting. This disease involves significant muscle weakness, and its first symptoms can be seen in puppies around 7 weeks of age. Steroids prescribed by a veterinarian can help to combat the symptoms of the disease

Parson russell terrier also has a congenital tendency to eye diseases. Here one of the biggest threats is lens dislocation, which can even lead to loss of vision. Cataracts and glaucoma are also common problems, so regular eye exams become very important with this breed

If you want to keep your Parson in good shape, you also need to take care of his skin. This will help you avoid problems with fungal infections or keratosis of the skin

Basic grooming rules

If you want your parson terrier to feel good and look great, you should take care of proper grooming. The rules are quite simple. The basis is regular brushing to remove dead hair. Rough-haired Parson Russell additionally requires regular trimming, thanks to which problems with hair loss are less troublesome.

Breeding and its basic principles


Terrier parson is a breed that is becoming increasingly popular. Have you decided to get such a terrier? Check how to find a reliable breeder

How to find a good breeder?

If you want to make sure that your dog will be healthy, find a reliable breeder. The ideal solution will be one that is registered with the Polish Kennel Club or the International Kennel Federation.

How much does a Parson terrier cost?

A parson russell terrier puppy is quite a big expense. The price of a dog depends on many factors, ranging from 2500 to 4000 zloty. You will probably find ads with lower prices, but remember that the current fashion for terriers use many pseudo-breeders. Unfortunately, popular dog breeds often fall victim to them.

Parson terrier – history of the breed

The history of this breed is closely connected with the history of hunting and with the fate of an avid hunter, Pastor Jack Russell. In the nineteenth century, he was among the greatest and most respected experts on terriers, and in the history of cynology went down as the creator of the parson and jack russell

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For what purpose were these breeds created? Parson dreamed of a dog that was small, but fast, agile and tenacious. He succeeded in this goal, and the terriers he bred began to be named after him in the 1930s. With time, however, it was noticed that russell terriers differ in height, so since 2001, the breed began to be divided into parsons (taller and heavier) and jacks (shorter and lighter)

Is the parson russel terrier the dog for you?

Before you take a parson under your roof, check whether you are suitable to be his guardian and whether you can provide him with the right conditions. Don’t like exercise? Do you live according to a routine? Remember that boredom is the greatest enemy for this terrier. However, he can have a lot of fun with children, for whom he becomes a great companion. However, it is not advisable to bring a Parson Terrier into a home with a very young child. Why not? This dog is a volcano of energy, which could accidentally cause him harm.


Did you know that..

The parson terrier is a breed that can surprise you more than once. You should know that:

  • parsons are the favorite dogs of Camilla Parker-Bowles (Duchess of Cornwall);
  • the Parson was created to hunt foxes, hence his penchant for looking into any burrows he encounters;
  • one of the most famous dog travelers was Bothy, a Parson Russell terrier owned by British explorer and polar explorer Ranulph Fiennes. Bothy was the first dog to visit the North and South Poles and made a great mark in the history of polar exploration

The Parson Russell Terrier is a sociable dog that will bring a lot of joy into your home. If you are looking for an active pet who appreciates fun and long walks, this variety of terrier will be a very ideal choice for you.

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