The Spanish Proof Dog – an adorable sheep-like dog

The Spanish Proof Dog is a solidly built medium-sized animal. It is distinguished by its woolly coat. It is very cheerful and friendly. This very old breed geographically connected with Andalusia is worth getting to know. Read about it in our text!
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The Spanish water dog is often confused with the lagotto romagnolo. No wonder, these breeds are related to each other. Both breeds love the water, and they resemble little sheep in appearance. What are the distinctive features of the Spanish command dog? What conditions does it need and what kind of guardian will be most suitable? Find out by reading our article!

Spanish Water Dog – appearance and breed standard

Spanish Water Dogs are medium-sized pets, whose height at the withers is unlikely to exceed 50 centimeters. The tiniest bitches can measure as little as 40 centimeters. Weight should range from 14 to 22 pounds, depending on individual characteristics and gender

Spanish Bloodhounds are strongly built. Their back is straight and their withers are well-defined. Sometimes dogs are born with vestigial tails

Spanish Mountain Dog – coat and colouring

The Spanish Walking Dog is distinguished by its very dense curly coat, which grows evenly over its entire body. The coat has water-repellent properties. Representatives of this breed, according to the FCI standard, can be found in two types of color

  • uniform;
  • two-colored.

Acceptable uniform coats are:

  • white;
  • black;
  • brown.

However, bicolored Spanish Proof Dogs come in the coloration of:

  • black-white;
  • white and brown.

Spanish Mountain Dog – character and temperament

Spanish Bloodhounds are known for their very friendly disposition. They are very nice, cordial and always willing to work with a man

However, a feature of the breed is quite shy, so the Spanish Walking Dog requires extensive socialization. The four-legged dog will learn that newly met people and unfamiliar situations don’t have to generate fear in him. Neglecting socialization can result in excessive fearfulness, which is difficult to correct on its own in adult life

Spanish Mountain Dog – training

As befits a working breed, these dogs are very cooperative, clever and extremely versatile. Their training is sheer pleasure. Only excessive shyness may be an obstacle. The right method is to use only positive methods and to strengthen the dog’s self-confidence

Spanish Mountain Dog – health and longevity

The Spanish Bloodhound is one of the very old natural breeds. Breeders have managed to maintain a stable genetic profile, which translates into these dogs rarely getting sick and staying healthy. They will also be resistant to harsh weather conditions

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The average lifespan of the Spanish Proof Dog ranges from 10 to 14 years. There is some tendency for hip dysplasia in the breed. There is also a slight tendency for eye disease. The risk of disease can be reduced by choosing breeders where the dogs are given all the necessary tests

Grooming of the Spanish Sheepdog

The peculiar coat of the Spanish Proof Dog makes these pets require specific grooming. This should be done in accordance with several rules.

  1. First of all, do not brush the Spanish Water Dog. Such treatments destroy the natural curl. Instead, you need to skillfully separate the felted strands with your fingers
  2. The Spanish Water Dog does not shed, and its hair is constantly growing. This is why regular haircuts are necessary. It is very important that at the age of 4-5 months, shave the dog with a razor almost “to zero”. Only in this way will you get rid of the puppy’s woolly coat, which prevents proper thermoregulation.
  3. Bathing is advisable, but not more than once a month. With greater frequency, you can wash away the fatty film that remains naturally on the dog’s skin, which gives a waterproof effect

Spanish Water Dog – Breeding and Puppies

The Spanish Water Dog is a breed that is not particularly popular in our country. Nevertheless, it has many lovers, and there are several really good kennels registered with the Kennel Club

It is very important not to buy a dog from an insecure source. Remember that a pedigree is not a ticket to dog shows, but a certificate of origin of the animal and its compliance with the breed standard. Supporting pseudo-breeding is dangerous and unethical

Spanish Pedigree Dog – price

A Spanish Cavalier Dog with an FCI pedigree is currently an expense of 5 to 7 thousand zlotys

Spanish Mountain Dog – history of the breed

Spanish Bloodhound is a breed that appeared in Europe many centuries ago. There is no consensus among cynological historians as to the exact origin of these dogs

The Spanish Proof Dog and the long history of the breed

Some advocate the theory that they arrived in the Mediterranean with the Phoenicians. Others, on the other hand, claim that they came from Africa with the Moors. It is known, however, that in Spain, which in the early Middle Ages became a real powerhouse of sheep breeding, they served primarily as herding dogs

Due to their great versatility, Spanish bloodhounds were soon used for hunting, guarding and tracking. Evidence of the life and various roles of this type of dog survive in many sources, the oldest of which date back to the 12th century.

The Spanish Water Dog today

Despite its long and storied history, the breed was only officially recognized by the FCI in 1989. This was the result of the efforts of Andalusian breeders who worked for more than a decade to establish the pattern and breeding selection

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Nowadays Spanish Mountain Dog is most popular in Scandinavia. The first representatives of this breed came to Poland only in 2004. Today in our country there are several kennels, but the breed is still relatively little known

Who is this dog for?

Spanish Mountain Dog is undoubtedly a charming dog. It resembles a sheep and in addition is friendly and cheerful, although slightly shy. He makes a wonderful impression, is easy to train and after good socialization loves people. All these facts could prove that we are dealing with a perfect family dog. However, the truth is a bit more complex

The Spanish Water Dog is not afraid of any job

The future owner must be aware that the representative of this breed is first and foremost a working dog. The versatility of the Spanish Water Dog makes it used all over the world for tracking explosives, in rescue or guarding, and sometimes even in hunting. It is an excellent fetcher. So it is definitely a dog worth having an idea for and with which you have to “do something”

The Spanish lead dog as a good sportsman

Nowadays, the Spanish Downward Dog is most often bought by people who want a friendly and relatively easy to train family dog. However, it is worth planning for him to train for cynological sports. In many disciplines Spanish Water Dog does not do worse than border collie or Australian shepherd. However it is definitely easier to lead. This is due to both character traits and relative genetic stability.

The Spanish Bloodhound is a dog with good genes

The Spanish Bloodhound has not yet been affected by the returning like a boomerang kynological fashion. There are not many breeders, and those that do, as a rule, do not have the need to produce puppies “for quantity”. Dogs go to determined people who can plan appropriate conditions for living with them under one roof.

Evidence of enthusiasm for water

As the name of the breed suggests, the Spanish Proof Dog is a true lover of bathing. It has a naturally waterproof coat. You can be sure that he won’t miss a jump into any body of water he comes across during his walk. As a last resort, even a sizable puddle will suffice for him.
An informed guardian who provides the Spanish Water Dog with the right amount of exercise and works with him will make a wonderful companion. These dogs are gentle and get along well with children and other animals. It is a perfect breed for a beginner who can and wants to spend active time with his pet.

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