Lakeland terrier – sociable and stubborn family dog. Get to know him better!

Lakeland terrier was formerly known as patterdale terrier. It is a very lively and sociable animal, which, as befits a terrier, is characterized by quite a stubbornness. Nevertheless, it can be an excellent companion dog. Read more about this breed!
lakeland terrier

The Lakeland terrier was bred to hunt medium-sized animals – primarily badgers, otters and foxes, but is now more of a companion dog. It is considered to be an excellent companion for children. However, you need to remember that a representative of this breed has all the traits of a terrier – including stubbornness and a strong character. Can you tame him? Find out by reading our article about the breed from England!

Patterdale terrier – breed description and appearance

The Lakeland terrier is a dog with a body structure typical for a high-legged terrier. It is strongly built and its silhouette is square. Its straight back and narrow chest are finished with a straight tail, formerly most often copied. The head is characteristically built and the very wide muzzle is worth mentioning

Lakeland terrier is not big in size. The height at withers in both sexes should not exceed 37 centimeters. The target weight ranges from 6,8 to 7,7 kilograms, depending on the sex and individual features

Coat and colour of Lakeland terrier

Lakeland terriers have a dense coat with water resistant properties. The coat is very hard and the undercoat is dense. The standard allows for a variety of coat colors. These include:

  • black;
  • black toothed;
  • red;
  • fawn;
  • blue;
  • blue tipped.

Lakeland terrier – character and temperament

Lakeland terrier is in many ways a typical representative of the third FCI group. It is distinguished by its extraordinary energy and great need for movement. Varied walks, sniffing games or learning commands should be a permanent part of his life

Lakeland Terrier is very attached to its owner. Dogs of this breed do not tolerate loneliness well. They can also be possessive and jealous of their handler. Terriers may even chase other dogs away from their handler and show their displeasure in this way. These are manifestations of looking at humans as a resource that need to be worked through quickly

Character of the Lakeland terrier and its training

As befits terriers, dogs of this breed are very brave and self-confident. However, it doesn’t mean excessive aggression. A model lakeland terrier should be neither aggressive nor withdrawn. They are very balanced and stable dogs

Lakeland terrier is famous for its stubbornness, that’s why its training is not easy. Nevertheless, it is a very intelligent dog which learns quickly, if it is properly motivated

Lakeland terrier – health and longevity

Lakeland terriers are known for their good health. This breed is long-lived and resistant to difficult weather conditions. Many individuals in good health live up to their sixteenth birthday

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Grooming of the Lakeland terrier

The Lakeland terrier is not the easiest dog to groom. Like most coarse-haired animals, it does not shed, so its coat needs regular trimming. Dead hair must be removed to make room for new and healthy ones. In the beginning, it is worth visiting a groomer who will show you how to take care of this dog’s coat.

In addition to trimming, regular brushing will be necessary to keep the skin and coat in good condition. It is also necessary to control the condition of ears and teeth

Lakeland Terrier – breeding and puppies

Lakeland Terrier is not very popular in our country, that’s why finding an FCI kennel, where puppies are regularly born, can be quite difficult. In practice, you usually have to wait a while for your own doggie. If you care about time, it may be better to look even for a kennel abroad

Why do you need to look for a lakeland terrier dog in a good kennel?

Choose only FCI breeders and never buy a dog from an unproven source. The Lakeland terrier is not as popular a target for pseudo-breeding as its cousin the yorkie. However, it can still be exposed to breeding without proper knowledge, resulting in behavioral problems and diseases

Lakeland terrier – price

Determining the average price for a lakeland terrier puppy is not possible, due to the low popularity of the breed in our country. Prices in Europe range from 1.5 thousand to 3 thousand euro

History of the breed

Lakeland Terrier was bred in XVIII century mainly to fight against foxes, which at that time were wreaking havoc on English farms. Dogs of this type were also very good at hunting rats and other vermin. In some cases they also managed to hunt badgers and even otters.

What is important, the purpose of the lakeland terrier was not so much to track and point out prey, but simply to kill them. Dogs had to be able to kill not only a rat or a worm, but also a fox

Why is the lakeland terrier breed so resilient?

Unlike the foxhound, the lakeland was not carried in a seat bag when hunting. In the mountainous region where it originated, it was not possible to hunt foxes on horseback. The breed’s great endurance is supposed to come from the period when it spent its days chasing game in hard-to-reach places

Lakeland terrier – name of the breed

The breed name comes from the region where these dogs first appeared – the Lake District in north-west England. Today there is a beautiful national park there. Until the early 20th century, working terriers from the Lake District area also functioned under the names Fall Terrier and Patterdale Terrier. Only in 1912 the name was unified.

Lakeland terrier – history in XX century

Lakeland terrier as we know it today is quite different from the original Lake District dogs. In 1925 advanced breeding works started. During that time dogs of this type were crossed with foxster and airedale terrier among others

What’s interesting, there is no complete agreement about when exactly British Kennel Club recognized Lakeland Terrier as a separate breed. The BKC itself declares that it happened in 1921, but according to the Lakeland Terrier Club it was closer to 1928

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Establishment of breed standard and popularity of Lakeland Terriers in Poland

Promoting the breed outside of Great Britain caused that in 1934 it was recognized by American Kennel Club. For the final acceptance of the breed by FCI, however, we had to wait another two decades. The biggest International Kennel Federation recognizes Lakeland Terriers as a separate breed since 1954.

In Poland these dogs enjoy rather moderate popularity. Nevertheless, it has its huge supporters. Unlike many of its cousins, lakeland terrier is relatively not barking

Who is this dog for?

Who will be a suitable guardian for a lakeland terrier? First of all, it is a pet for people who are aware of the specific way of being terriers. On the one hand, they are very loyal and strongly attached to humans and very intelligent. On the other hand, their great need to move is combined with a strong character, temperament and stubbornness

Lakeland terrier and children

Terriers often have quite complicated relations with the youngest members of the family. However, breeders and lovers of lakelanders assure that in comparison with other representatives of this group of breeds they come out really well. They usually get along with children without any problems and are eager to play with them

However, you should remember that dogs of this breed are relatively small in size. Small guardians must be gentle with them and treat them with respect

Lakeland terrier and other animals

In relation to other dogs, the Lakeland Terrier can sometimes behave in an aggressive way, but it should never be aggressive. He needs to be socialized diligently from the first days in his new home. A good solution will be enrolling the lakeland terrier in a doggy daycare, where it will learn to communicate with other representatives of its species

There shouldn’t be big problems with living under one roof with cats. However, it is best if both pets are raised together

Lakeland terrier must be taught obedience

The training of the Lakeland terrier should start as early as possible – preferably already in the kennel. Although it is a relatively small dog, its temperament can become really difficult to handle if the pet is not raised properly. Especially important is learning obedience and how to communicate with other dogs

It is very important not to let the lakeland terrier off the leash if possible. A long line will do well, which will give him freedom, but at the same time will allow you to keep control over the dog. Representatives of this breed are quite imaginative and prone to escape

Lakeland terrier is a small, but very resilient and temperamental dog. It requires consistent training, but is generally cheerful, loyal and gets along very well with children. The breed is relatively unpopular, but definitely worth attention. Just remember to look for good kennels that are associated in FCI.

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