How much does a pedigree Yorkie cost? Check it out!

How much does a yorkie, one of the most popular breeds of recent years, cost? These small dogs have been popularized as mascots, perfect to carry in your purse, with virtually no requirements. However, the truth is quite different. Check out the requirements of the yorkie and its price.
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Few people realize that the yorkie is a hunting dog! Today, these small dogs are associated with typical couch dogs, which are perfect for apartments in blocks of apartments. You can always meet Yorkies on walks and there is nothing strange about it, because they are very cheerful, friendly and loyal dogs, which are great life companions. All this as long as you provide them with the right conditions. Check how much does a Yorkiecost and where to buy it, to be sure that it will not grow into another dog.

How much does a york from a kennel cost?

In the old days this dog was a symbol of… poverty. How much a york dog costs today stands apart from the history of the breed. They were quadrupeds used to exterminate rodents, valued because of their small size and therefore low maintenance cost. With time, however, these uniquely beautiful dogs found their way into human hearts. Today they are very popular, which also affects the number of breedings in Poland. How much does a Yorkie cost? It depends on the kennel you choose.

Yorkies are small dogs, which you can take with you literally everywhere. The popularity of the breed affects their price – the greater the demand for puppies, the higher the amount you have to pay for them. Another factor that determines the value of the dog is the breeder from which it comes. The more reputable, the price is correspondingly higher. Moreover, a litter from champions will cost much more!

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And how much does a miniature Yorkie cost? Beware, because such a breed does not exist at all. Miniaturization of these dogs is a characteristic of pseudo-breeding. Never buy yorkies advertised as miniatures.

How much does a puppy cost?

The popularity of yorkies means that in Poland there are many kennels for these dogs. To make sure that you’re actually buying a purebred dog, you should check the breeder’s affiliation to the Polish Kennel Club. Only breeders affiliated with the association can issue a dog with an international pedigree. Is it only from the Kennel Club that you can buy a Yorkie with a pedigree? How much does a dog without a pedigree cost?

The Yorkie is a breed of dog and must therefore have a three-generation pedigree. The trade in pedigree dogs without a pedigree is illegal in Poland, so every breeder must issue a pedigree dog with a pedigree. How much a york dog costs is not due to the pedigree – this document certifies that the dog belongs to a breed. The price of a puppy is the result of taking care of him, as well as the lineage from which he comes.

Knowing already what affects the price of the dog, it is worth answering the question of how much does a york cost. The price for a puppy starts at 1000 zloty and ends up at several thousand! The more titled ancestors, the higher the cost of buying a dog will be.

York without a pedigree – how much does it cost?

As mentioned above, the trade in pedigree dogs without a pedigree is prohibited in Poland. Such action is unethical not only because of the breeders, but above all – animal welfare. The popularity of the york breed makes it possible to find many advertisements on the Internet offering representatives of this breed at a much lower price. Mostly, however, these are dogs in the type of breed, so they are not considered racial.

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What is more, pseudo-breeders usually abuse animals. They are kept in places without access to water and food. They are not taken out for a walk, because it significantly worsens socialization. Only at the time of selling the litter are they brought to order, so that future owners believe in the welfare of the animals. What a yorkie from a pseudo-breeding costs is the result of not spending enough money to properly maintain it.

In the case of dogs from pseudo-breeding, the health of puppies is also unknown. Breeders choose individuals so as to avoid or even eliminate the chances of occurrence of individual genetic diseases. Because yorkies are very popular companion dogs, in Poland there are many kennels that offer them. Unfortunately, there are just as many pseudo-breeders, who sell dogs at discount prices, hoping to make easy money. This causes suffering to animals, which are kept in poor conditions, without veterinary care. Supporting such practices is unethical. Always check how much a yorkie costs and what the price is based on. Also review all of your puppy’s papers.

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