How much does a doberman from Polish breeding cost?

How much does a doberman cost? Several years ago dobermans were very popular dogs. Although today it is a bit more difficult to meet them on walks, you can still easily find a kennel of these muscular dogs.
ile kosztuje doberman

Dobermans are really great dogs! Due to their high intelligence, they are very amenable to training. Unfortunately, due to their use for fighting and improper handling, they are considered an aggressive breed. However, this is not true. All you need to do before buying a new companion is to carefully check the history of the kennel and make sure that it belongs to the Polish Kennel Club. How much does a Doberman cost? Check it!

Doberman – price for proven breeding

In the case of purebred dogs, it is very important to check the kennel from which you intend to buy your pet. Firstly, trade in pedigree dogs without a pedigree is illegal in Poland and secondly, a pedigree dog always comes with a pedigree. An animal that does not have this document is not a purebred. This way you will buy a dog, which may not grow into a Doberman. The price, on the other hand, is not low enough to risk.

In the case of dogs like the doberman, verification of the place of purchase is very important. Poorly treated dogs, kept in poor conditions, reinforce their negative traits, including aggression, and this can end in tragedy. And although the price of a doberman from a kennel is not the lowest, it is worth paying it. All this to make sure that the dog you have at home is happy, healthy and gentle.

What should you do if you find a pseudo breeder? Be sure to report it to the authorities. Dogs in such places often live in very poor conditions – they are kept in small cages. Litters are brought to order only for the time of sale, to look good. Most often dogs are not under the care of a veterinarian, so it happens that they suffer from serious diseases. When you know how much a doberman costs, any price that is too low should be a warning sign for you.

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How much does a doberman puppy cost?

If you are wondering how much a pedigreed doberman costs, you need to know that the price depends on the kennel. Each of them should be registered with the Polish Kennel Club. However, the more reputable ones, operating longer and having titled dogs, will have more expensive puppies for sale. How much does a doberman puppy cost in such a case? The price is often even 9 000 zloty.

Smaller kennels that are just trying to build their history sell puppies from 6 000 zl. How much a doberman costs also depends on whether in the future the dog will participate in dog shows or will only become your companion. The former will usually be a bit more expensive.

Every dog from a kennel receives a health book. In it you will find all the treatments he has undergone so far, as well as his vaccinations. The breeder will also inform you when the castration should be done and what ailments to pay attention to during the next visit to the vet.

Blue doberman – price

Although when looking for a dog like the doberman, you’ve certainly familiarized yourself with the breed’s pattern, you need to remember that there are no dogs like the doberman blue. The gene for this coat color does not appear among dobermans. Moreover, a dog with it is often prone to genetic diseases. And how much does a doberman blue cost? Often huge amounts, especially looking at the fact that it is not a purebred dog.

How much does it cost to keep a doberman?

You already know how much a doberman costs, however, just buying a dog is not enough. This breed requires proper guidance and therefore training. This cost depends on the city, but it should not exceed 2 000 PLN. Important are also veterinary visits, which depending on the treatments and medicines can cost an average of about 200 zł. Feeding a Doberman is not expensive – its cost closes in the amount of about 400 zł per month. Dobermans are very intelligent dogs which require proper training. It is thanks to it that they establish bond with the owner. For many years, this breed was used in fights, hence the misconception that these dogs are dangerous. Dobermans work great as guard dogs, but they can also easily become companion dogs, if you take care of a dose of exercise and learning. How much a Doberman costs is not a small amount. However, it is worth to trust a proven breeding.

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