Gascon Basset Hound with great courage, calmness and intelligence

The Gascon Basset Hound is a hunting dog that belongs to the hunting dogs. It is a pet of noble appearance and intriguing character. Get to know information and interesting facts about him now and you will love him in no time!
basset gaskoński

The Gascon Basset, according to the FCI (International Kennel Federation) classification, belongs to the group VI of the dogs and hounds, to the section of hounds. It is subject to work trials. In Poland, this breed is not particularly popular, but everyone who knows this dog, greatly appreciates it for its friendly disposition, courage and perseverance in work. It is a dog with an exceptional sense of smell. His characteristic feature, in addition to very long ears, is … a lot of independence. Get to know this breed and delight in it!

Gascoon Basset – history of the breed

Basset bleu de gascogne is a breed originating from France, just like many other hunting dogs. Its origins are associated with the historical land called Gascony. This basset is a very old breed, about which information can be found in documents from the 12th century. Of course, at that time they were not dogs according to the current pattern, but they gave rise to the breed. Later, as the pastime of hunting began to lose its importance, the population of many hunting dog breeds began to decline. By the beginning of the 20th century, the breed was nearly extinct, but fortunately, it was able to be recreated

The Gascoon Basset Hound – Appearance

The Gascon Basset Hound is a medium sized dog with a weight of 7-9 kg. According to the standard, an adult individual should have a height at the withers between 33 and 38 cm. It is a typical basset with short legs and an elongated body. It is a very fit, sturdy and strong dog. It is not sluggish. The basset’s low-set ears are very long and curl inwards in a characteristic way. The long, strong tail is broader at the base and tapers towards the end. The skin on the front and back paws may be slightly undulating. The diamond-shaped eyes are dark and have a gentle, friendly expression

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Coat and colouring

The Gascon Basset Hound has a short coat consisting of undercoat and undercoat. Its characteristic coat allows to easily distinguish it from other Bassets. According to the standard white should prevail. The coat is black spotted with black patches

The Gascon Basset – character

The Gascon Basset Hound is a dog with a very calm and balanced disposition. At the same time he is very active, agile and persistent during hunting. It is a dog that quickly gets attached to people in its immediate environment and is very devoted to them. It is patient, gentle and friendly, which makes it a perfect family companion. As it is a hunting dog with a brilliant sense of smell, it needs a daily dose of physical and mental activity to fulfill its needs and show its full potential

Basset hound training

As every dog, the Gascon Basset Hound also needs training, which will allow him to safely move within the dog-human world. Unfortunately it is not easy and definitely requires knowledge and experience. It is a pet characterized by a large dose of independence. It is very intelligent and sometimes stubborn. The guardian of this dog should show a lot of empathy and patience and simply understand that a basset hound, being an independent dog, will not submit itself completely

Gascon Basset Hound – Health

Dogs of this breed are relatively healthy and long-lived – they can live up to 12 years. Due to their specific build, they may have problems with joints and spine. It is very important to feed the Basset Hound properly, because it is a dog which tends to be overweight. Excessive kilograms will put additional strain on the joints, thus leading to the development of dangerous diseases. It is necessary to regularly check the condition of the eyes and ears. Sagging ears are prone to infections.

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Gascon Basset Hound – grooming

The care of the coat of the Gascon Basset Hound is simple. It is enough to comb it once every few days. You can refresh the coat by rubbing it (in the direction of hair growth!) with a damp towel. Bathing if necessary. It is standard practice for a Basset to change its coat twice a year. In addition, ears should be cleaned (only by means intended for this purpose) and the condition of eyes, teeth (possibility of tartar development) and claws should be checked (if a dog does not rub them off sufficiently, it may be necessary to trim them every few weeks)

Gascon Basset – breeding

You will easily find a good basset hound kennel in Poland. Price for a puppy of this breed ranges from 2000 to 4000 PLN. However, before you decide to buy one, check the kennel thoroughly, talk to the owner and ask any questions you may have. Remember that you are buying a dog that will accompany you for the next several years!

A Gascon Basset will certainly steal everyone’s heart, but… unfortunately, not everyone should be his guardian. It is not the most suitable candidate for a first dog. His sense of independence and stubbornness may cause problems for inexperienced people. Nevertheless, it is a brilliant, intelligent pet with a fantastic sense of smell, which is an irreplaceable aid to any hunter!

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