Beagle Harrier – a dog that active and patient people will love

Are you looking for a dog to go for a morning jog and an afternoon walk with? If you are patient and consistent with it, perhaps your companion will be a beagle harrier! Learn more about this rare breed!
beagle harrier

TheBeagle harrier is a dog that has always been used for hunting. So, like most other hunting breeds, it is alert, fast, intelligent and independent. What else is worth knowing about it? Check it out!

Beagle harrier – breed standard and colouring

Beagle-harrier is a dog harmoniously built, very elegant and proportional. The head is of medium size, the muzzle is medium – neither pointed nor limp. The skull is moderately broad. The dog reaches up to 50 cm in height at the withers and weighs a maximum of 25 kg. These dogs usually live from 12 to 14 years.

The beagle harrier was recognized by the FCI in 1974, and its standard was being developed until 1987. Despite its many advantages, the beagle harrier is a very rare dog, bred almost exclusively in France. There is probably no representative of this breed living in Poland at the moment. The dog ‘s coat is usually tricolored – red with a black cap and white markings. The coat is short and thick and thanks to it the dog tolerates well changing weather conditions.

Character of the beagle harrier

The Beagle Harrier is an agile, very lovable dog, gentle and patient with children. He will be friendly towards guests, eager to play and pet together. He will also enjoy the warmth and comfort of home. If you already have other pets at home, the Beagle Harrier will certainly find a common language with them!

However, these dogs do not like being alone. Therefore, they are not suitable for people who work long hours and only come home in the mornings and evenings. Moreover, as this breed was bred as a hunting dog, it has a very strong hunting instinct. So if he lives in a house with a garden, he can dig up the land considerably! He will also require frequent and long walks! During these walks, the beagle will be able to explore further terrain and sniff, which is the dog’s favorite activity!

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The Beagle Harrier can also be independent and stubborn. It is also very intelligent, so it is a good idea to train it from an early age. It should be remembered that dogs of this breed get bored quickly and then they become disobedient. That is why during training it is necessary to use varied forms of learning and to interweave tasks offered to the dog.

Beagle harris are also very sensitive dogs. They need to be guided consistently but gently. Guardians who use too hard methods may meet with resistance on the part of the dog or make it timid and closed off. At the same time, it is worth remembering that the beagle harris will never become an absolutely obedient dog. So if you are anxious to get a dog with this kind of character, do not decide on this beagle!

History and interesting facts about the beagle harrier breed

Although the breeds from which the beagle harrier is derived (beagle and harrier) are English dogs, the beagle harrier itself was bred in France in the 19th century. It was Baron Gérard de Arengosse who first attempted to cross the two breeds, as it is said that he wanted to obtain a mating dog suitable for the aristocracy. He liked the instinct and character of the beagle, but this breed in the eyes of the baron disqualified too short paws. As a result of cross-breeding a breed suitable for hunters was obtained – a dog with sufficiently long limbs and great character. Beagle harrier started to be used for hunting hares and foxes, but also bigger animals such as roe deer and wild boar. From the beginning, beagles were bred in packs – and this is still the case today. Dogs are very pack oriented and they don’t like loneliness, so living in a pack is very suitable for them.

Dog health and the most common diseases

Due to its special characteristics and use, the beagle harrier is a very healthy breed. However, dogs do suffer from eye disease or hip dysplasia. The beagle harrier also needs to be carefully examined every time after a long walk (especially swimming) in order to quickly detect possible parasites.

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Beagle harrier care

The beagle harrier dog does not require much grooming. In fact, an occasional combing of its coat is enough. It is best to do it especially during the moulting period. At this time it is also worth bathing the dog to remove dead skin and hair. During the rest of the year (except for the moulting period), the beagle harrier can be bathed only when it is actually dirty.

Feeding the beagle harrier

The beagle harrier is a gluttonous dog. He will eagerly devour everything in his bowl (and more). It can be fed on a BARF diet (so very naturally), but it won’t refuse dry or wet food either. For your dog, especially in the beginning, it’s best to give him what the breeder fed him. With time, you can gradually switch to a different, chosen model of feeding. But it should be done in stages, slowly, so as not to cause stomach problems in your pet.

Beagle harrier is a friendly, cheerful dog, but it needs to be trained. Beagle harriers are energetic and require a lot of physical activity. They master basic commands quickly and get bored with learning just as quickly! However, they are very trusting and gentle. So if you can devote a lot of time to your dog, are not afraid of long walks and are able to accept your pet’s individualism, the beagle harrier may turn out to be a great companion for you!

Main photo: Grzes1966 via Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0

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