The little Anglo-French Gentian – an exceptional hunting dog that impresses with its appearance and character!

The Anglo-French Mountain Dog is a relatively young breed of hunting dog, which, however, has already managed to gain great recognition. It is rarely found in Poland. Where does it come from and what is its character like? Get to know the perfect small game dog right now!
Mały gończy anglo-francuski

The small Anglo-French hound belongs to the group of hounds, posokowers and related breeds. It is classified as a medium-sized mongrel dog. This breed is not very well known outside of hunting circles and in contrast to, for example, the Gasconian or the Polish Hunting Dog is rather not found as a domestic dog. It feels best in a pack, in a group of dogs of the same breed. What else do you need to know about him? Read this!

The English-French Great Dane – a bit of history

The history of the breed is relatively short, as it begins only in the middle of the last century. In 1957, a distinction was made between the French and Anglo-French Gentlemen. The origin of this small mongrel dog is not entirely clear. However, it is assumed that such breeds as beagle or/and beagle harrier, porcelaine and poitevin took part in its creation. It is therefore, as the name suggests, a cross between French and English hounds. The first breed standard was drawn up in 1978 and it was then that the breed was recognized by the International Kennel Federation (FCI)

Great Dane – appearance

The Anglo-French Gentian is a medium-sized dog. Although strongly built, it does not appear heavy. Height at the withers, without distinction between males and females, ranges from 48 to 56 cm (with a tolerance of up to 2 cm). In posture very similar to other French Mennonets. His head is elongated, not very wide, with a faint occipital bump. This dog is characterized by a slightly elongated muzzle with a straight or slightly arched back of the nose, twisted, hanging ears and a thin tail of medium length. The eyes of this unique quadruped are large, brown in color and have a gentle expression.

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Anglo-French Mountain Dog – character

Dogs of this breed work well in a pack and have an innate ability to skillfully communicate with other members of their species. They are very intelligent, versatile and balanced. They are a great help for a hunter when hunting small game such as rabbits, pheasants and wild boars. They are unlikely to be used as companion dogs, although due to their friendly, gentle nature they would certainly find their way there without difficulty. They are sometimes used as guard dogs. The Anglo-French Moose remains mistrustful of strangers, so it really is a good guardian of the house


The Anglo-French Gentian is a relatively obedient and attentive dog. It has a balanced, gentle character but is not suitable as a companion for inexperienced people. Dogs of this breed will find themselves primarily at the side of people interested in hunting, which will provide them with the opportunity to fulfill their natural needs and develop their innate talents

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