Romanian Mioritic Sheepdog – discover a unique breed with great looks and character!

The Romanian Mioritic Sheepdog, like the Romanian Raven and Carpathian Sheepdog, is native to Romania. It is a fencing and guard dog that is captivating in appearance and delightful in character. Learn more about his history, his disposition, his health and his grooming!
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The Romanian Mioritic Sheepdog, according to the FCI (International Kennel Federation) classification, belongs to group 1. of shepherd and herding dogs, to the section of shepherd dogs that do not require working trials. This breed is wonderfully suited not only as a shepherd and guard dog, but also as a family companion, even with smaller children. What else do you need to know? Get to know this unique dog!

Carpathian Sheepdog – origin and history

The Mioritic, or Ciobanesc romanesc, is a dog native to the Romanian Carpathians. It is a very old breed that was created primarily to guard the herd from dangerous predators such as wolves, lynx or bears, among others. Its standard, developed by the Romanian Kennel Club, was created in 1981. Some changes, aimed at adapting the breed to FCI requirements, were then introduced in 2002. The current standard was published in 2005

Ciobanesc romanesc – popularity

The discussed dog breed is not particularly popular in Poland, although it is slowly gaining more and more interest among pet lovers. Currently, we can observe not only an increased curiosity of people who plan to buy a dog, but the emergence of new kennels. These dogs are most popular in their country of origin, Romania. Nowadays, they play the role of family dogs

Romanian Carpathian Sheepdog – appearance

The Romanian Sheepdog Mioritic is a powerful dog, but without being heavy or slow. There is a clear sexual dimorphism – dogs have a bigger and stronger build than bitches. Dogs should not reach a height at the withers of less than 70 cm – the ideal situation is when they are 75 cm. Bitches should not be lower than 65 cm and ideally should be 70 cm withers. According to the standard, the weight should be proportional to the height, which in practice means that these dogs weigh on average from 50 to even 65 kg

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Carpathian Sheepdog – other important characteristics of appearance

This powerful dog is characterized by a slightly arched, moderately wide skull with a pronounced occipital cusp. The stop is poorly defined. The strong mioritic muzzle is shorter than the skull, tapering but must not be pointed. The broad nose should be intensely black. Overhanging high-set ears are V-shaped. Cutting them is not allowed. Oval eyes, covered by a dense coat, are of medium size and have a gentle, intelligent expression. They come in various shades of brown. The tail is set high, gently curved in movement, but never curled

Ciobanesc romanesc – coat and colouring

A characteristic feature of this breed is luxuriant, long coat, which makes them look exceptionally impressive. On the head and trunk the coat is straight, hard to touch and abundant. It should be no less than 10 cm long. The undercoat, which protects the dog from unfavorable conditions, is much lighter and finer, equally dense. These dogs come in solid and patched coats. In the solid coat grey and pure white are allowed. In the patched coat the basic coat is white and the patches, grey or black, are clearly defined

Mioritic Sheepdog – character

This dog is a calm and balanced pet. It’s a great watchdog, which can be not only the defender of the property, but first of all the best, devoted friend. He strongly attaches to his family. He is sociable and affectionate towards children. Although it is characterized by patience and gentleness, due to its huge size, it is not recommended for homes with very young children. Moreover, he is a brave dog who will not hesitate to stand up for those closest to him. Towards strangers, he is distrustful and keeps his distance

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Romanian dog – health and grooming

Dogs of this breed are healthy and – as for giants – live to an impressive age, even 12-14 years. It is necessary to control their body weight, so that they don’t have problems with joints, and their ears (if they hang down, they are prone to infections). Despite appearances, grooming their coat is not difficult or time-consuming. It is enough to comb them once a week and bathe them if necessary. These Sheepdogs need moderate, regular exercise and mental activity. While they remain calm at home, they can be very energetic outside

Romanian Sheepdog puppies

The growing interest in the breed means that there are more and more kennels. So you can easily find puppies according to the breed standard. Remember, however, to always thoroughly check the breeding before you finally decide to buy a dog.

Romanian Shepherd Dog price

According to information about the breed, the price for a puppy is at the level of 3000-4000 zloty. Remember that a much lower price should always raise your doubts. Professional dog breeding, where animals receive proper care, is a costly venture, so the puppy must have its price!


The Romanian Shepherd is an extremely interesting breed that deserves your attention. It is a sociable, friendly and extremely balanced pet. He is a gentle giant that you are sure to love!

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