Bukovina Sheepdog – history and description of the breed

Want a big dog to defend your property? The Bukovina Shepherd Dog is courageous, loyal, and easy to handle! Where did this breed originate from? What is its standard? Find out the answers now!
Pies pasterski z Bukowiny

The Bukovina Shepherd Dog is a very old breed originating from mountainous areas. However, it will also work well as a companion for people living in lowland areas. What is worth knowing about this dog breed? Check the most important information!

Shepherd Dog from Bukowina – breed standard

The ShepherdDog from Bukowina is large, strong and muscular.

  1. Its height at the withers ranges from 64 to 78 cm and its weight varies from 68 to 80 kg.
  2. Length of body is greater than the height at the withers.
  3. Back is massive, head slightly arched.
  4. Muzzle equal to the length of the skull, blunt and slightly tapering towards the nose.
  5. Jaws strong, teeth well set in scissor bite.

Coat and colour

A dog’s coat varies in length depending on the place where it is found. On the trunk it is longer and denser (6-9 cm) straight, rough and clinging, while on the head and front legs it is shorter. Uniform (white, dark ash, black), as well as beige-white and patched coats are acceptable. Dogs with grey, black or black with russet patches are considered most suitable for dog shows. The undercoat is a dense and soft undercoat.

Character of large shepherd dogs

The Bukovina Shepherd Dog is a balanced, calm and devoted guardian. It is gentle and affectionate with children, and allows them to do a lot while playing. He attacks predators quickly and efficiently for his size. It is very alert and its voice is low and loud, so it will alert you to an intruder spotted on the property at any time of the day or night. A dog of this breed is extremely easy to train. Even without special training, it will be obedient and will quickly understand what its owner expects from it. Therefore, it is also suitable as a companion for inexperienced people.

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A dog of this breed will be a great choice for people who do not like to spend time actively. It does not require long walks. However, it is worth taking care of its early socialization in order to raise an independent and courageous pet.

History of the breed originating from the Carpathians

The Bukovina Shepherd Dog is one of the old, original breeds that originated in the Carpathian Mountains in Romania and Serbia and in some areas of Bulgaria (south of the Danube River). Shepherd dogs have been grazing sheep in these areas since time immemorial. They protected herds from wolves, lynxes and even bears! It is also known that breeders from northeastern Romania (Bucovina region) and Serbia made a special contribution to the development of the breed. A sheepdog from Bucovina is a descendant of such breeds as Bulgarian Sheepdog (Karakachan), Akbash or Anatolian Sheepdog. Tornjak blood also flows in his veins.

Care of the Bukovina Shepherd Dog

Grooming a dog of this breed is not complicated and time-consuming. Its thick, dense coat needs only regular brushing (e.g. once a week). Every time you go for a walk, you should also check the hair for sticks, leaves and other elements that could irritate the dog’s skin. When grooming and combing your dog’s ears, it is also always a good idea to check his ears. Floppy and hairy ones often become a source of skin infections.

Health of one of the best house guards

Shepherd dogs from Bukowina are healthy and hardy. However, it is worth watching out for puppies. They shouldn’t have too much movement, so as not to strain their rapidly growing bones. Among representatives of this breed there were also cases of hip dysplasia, an affliction that affects most dogs of large breeds.

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Bukowina Shepherd Dog is a brave defender of the house, which signals with low voice all disturbing situations and the presence of intruders on its territory. Its long coat makes it very hardy and weather resistant. The dog is also easy to lead, so it is suitable as a companion even for inexperienced guardians.

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